Hi Patrick

Hi Patrick

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Hi Zach.

t. amerimutt

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t. Patrick

I don't blame him. A lot of people liked those cucks back then. I did around 10 years ago.

Nice try patrick but 2012 wasn't 10 years ago, you can't fool me.


Stop being a tease Patrick, dump all the photos or yourself or GTFO

only in america

I meant 2008 dipshit. The year Spoony started sucking ass.


None of them were ever good. You were just young and particularly tasteless. Never post again.

Should be made into a banner.

That may be true, but Spoony's quantifiably worse now. Also get fucked faggot.

I still like the FFVIII review

I'm younger than him and have been tangentially aware of all TGWTG happenings since before the first year anniversary, and even I never watched any of them seriously besides Spoony. Doug's 5 second trailers might have been passable back then, but NC was always awful.

Spoony was genuinely good. If you go back and watch any of his videos with short hair they hold up perfectly, which is rare for any old youtube video trends. Even his videos when he was clearly descending into mental illness were good, I distinctly remember it getting bad after 3 or 4 Counter Monkeys when it became obvious he wasn't just going to recount a couple nostalgic campaigns and leave it be. I haven't even watched his movie reviews since, he's just a sad person to look at now.

is that our mod, ghoul?

holy shit la creatura

I'm going to stop now. He's ruined this board for me but I thought he was a failed normalfag, starting to think he's legitimately a shut-in and life ruined.

No, please keep going. This is funny unlike his videos.

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literally this kid + extra ton of lard

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its pretty normal to celebrate a birthday with your family then on another day with your friends. I mean you don't actually invite your friends to a birthday party at your house in your 20s+ lmfao

Kill all amerifats and the board will improve greatly.

Dont stop, the scumbag deserves it.

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No, it wasn't about it being funny for me, I just wanted him off the board because he's made the board shit. But seeing more of him just makes me feel bad. Let him keep Holla Forums and turn it into an anime Holla Forumslite personal youtube channel board, I don't care any more. He's been completely untouchable forever and I wanted him gone, and now I have all his family members and thousands of ways I can personally embarrass and ruin him but I just want to leave this place.

At least dump everything you can before you leave so we can carry on where you left off.

You can always tell when some butts have been hurt when people put in the effort to dig through social media to find dox.

Ghoul's buttbuddy detected

Leave him alone, I found it funny at first too, but he really doesn't deserve this.

According to jav guy on /cow/ he's not even a mod, just playing a character.

Do it.

incrrdibl threda im gib upboat adn bump lol

You can see IDs in his videos, he must be a vol.


How out of touch can you be?

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i‘m new to board drama, but i stand with gahoole

He's a lying scoundrel who wants to turn this board into his personal reddit.

I like Gahoole, but I can't pass on this joke.

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He's a sperg, but the only people who genuinely dislike him are Zack and Margcuck.


t. patrick


t. /bestemma/ BO

Yeah? Well, obviously the guy who is crying for about a year now about the BO, the mods, the board logs and all this irrelevant shit wants to do the same. Call him sudo or marg, he is the one who wants to own Holla Forums, and he wants to ruin everyone's fun who doesn't agree with him.

no, this is Patrick

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I for one am looking forward to watching his fight against the blissfag

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Me too

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times yp

made me chuckle

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Good to see you lads in a Zach thread. Reminder, you have the responsibility to defend against Margposting and Zachposting. They're here to defame your waifus and ruin the board. You can't let them do it. You are our only hope.

Death to all waifufags
make Holla Forums great again

I'm ready. Did you noticed how cool yesterday was? Both of them were banned.

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>Both of them were banned.
For real? Sounds awesome

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Yeah, but as you can see, now they are back. At least the margfag is, he makes all tehse threads about /ourguy/

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BUT THEY'LL BE BACK. Stay vigilant, princess. With the dark wizard Zach joining forces with the Marghydra, the chances for a spam assault have never been higher. Bans mean nothing. Only bantz. Remember the bantz.

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best tagline ever

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The guy missed the duckface memo, it seems

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that's Curt Hawkins. he's way too serious to do a duckface

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So the cat's out of the bag then. THE BO WAS JENNAYCUCK ALL ALONG.


I highly suspected it, considering how much of a free pass waifuposters/offtopic posting usually have on this board.
At least we can put a face to the person responsible for ruining the board now.

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Guys, if he is the board owner, why are all the waifufags still online? He wants to kick them out of here. If he is the BO, he dictates the rules, but he can also change them any time he wants. Why isn't he changing the rules? Why is he letting people who ruin his board stay on his board? Seems pretty unreasonable…

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…

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He's not the BO he's just a janitor who does it for free

Oh no, while he is just a janitor he charges an exorbitant amount for his services.

Looks that way. Silly bastard went and got himself doxxxxxed.


Even with your irl hanging right there like so much low hanging fruit - the proverbial dick in the lion’s mouth as it were - even then your first reaction is to spout lies while summoning the support of your axis of cancer. Sad!

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Can’t speak for the other Margbrothers but I just got here, patrick.
t. user you b& several times just for posting an eceleb

This is the robertsfag? The one who spams Zach stuff?

No, you retard. Lurk moar faggot.

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Oh boy, everyone's here for the party.

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Not BO, he's a mod, just like the Blissfag


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No. Robertsfag(s) are halfchan refugees.

pretty sure it is the nazi mod who banned me several times for btfoing cumskins

its hilarious how racists always look like goofy subhumans like patrick

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Cry moar faggot.

Wrong, sorta. I came here from 4chan in 2014.

Oh look, it's Zach

imagine being non-white lmao

Oh, my bad, Patrick is the guy you bond with over mediocre horror and lesbian movies.

Gahoole, we need a public declaration of surrender and full insight into your Holla Forums privileges, otherwise the doxxing will continue!

You mean "I"

I don’t know what kind of films or TV shows GaHoole2 enjoys – I have never had any contact with him, unless I’ve spoken to him when he posts anonymously.

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You‘re messing with my bad-ass vibes, bruh

Now-now, you should know, that if you are not a margposter, you are Gahoole's gay lover automatically

Pretty sure there's only one Margposter.

Well then, all of us are his gay lovers, except the marg-guy and Zach.

Could we also get maisiefag banned? Only think I ever had against ghoul was when he stopped doing his job.

Why would you ban the best poster on this wretched board?

Because he is jelly, that my waifu is allowed and his is not.

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Watsonposter (Zach)
Robertsposters (dyke + wannabe dyke)
Blissposter (mod)
Jennyposter/Gahoole/Patrick (mod)
Zerosugar (BO)

Did I forget anybody?

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How can you dox a dude when his job, place of residence, and home are all easily found? Like he makes no effort to hide it.

Shitpost King

The sudo-guy/Anime Pro

Oh you sweet summer gypsy

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Like I said

Also if that is all I am known for I have not been working hard enough. I can still make Holla Forums worse, and I will. It is my solemn promise to you that I will bring back the glory days of unrestrained autism and 24/7 shitposting of /int/.

Put on your avatar, Margfag!

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That's too vague. Who do you mean?

Oh yeah. Well, anime pro lost his vol position, I think. And I've never been convinced that sudo came back after his big flipout a couple years ago.

Why is that good for anyone?

You can always tell it is the Margcuck because of his weird filenames: - - - etc., etc.


And he is the one who calls me a gypsy, because he loves to go personal, and that's his only Maisie pic saved.

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Stonefag(tourist from cuckchan)
Harvey Weinstein poster(/cow/boy)

The Weinstein poster is definitely one of the Robertsfags

I would not be surprised if he is the fag who spams the interracial porn either.

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Cobieposter, Millieposter

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Those niggers are irrelevant.

Instead of trying to be funny with greentext shit, could you explain the reason behind the odd filenames you use?

According to /cow/, that is supposed to be Zach.

Identifying you without your avatar is damage control? How? And why are you afraid of posting your shitbag? Can't risk more bans? You think if we can identify you, Gahoole can't?

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I wonder if smiley, phantasm and foky from /4chon/ post on this board too.

Please see

We had someone called Phantasmagorickwock or something like this. Haven't seen him in a long time.

Is Gahoole also the Blissfag?

File names are randomly generated you inbred saab driving munter spamming dildo. Did I post this


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According to his Facebook, his favorite show is Hellbenders. I'm pretty sure that's a YouTube series.

Whatever happened to Shake and the Carmenposter?

Shake was the jennyfag

He’s blissfag2.

I don't speak about the filenames. I recognize your posting style, the content of your text and the word "gypsy". But the filename you've showed is radically different from the one you've attached to your post. Notice how Norton punching has no letters in it, yours are full of letters and -s too.

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The maisiefag is the one who most needs doxing.

There were multiple jennyfags, though. At least 5.

No way. No waifu has that many people dedicated to shitposting.

I'm an a-Maisie-ng person

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It is; I had to look it up. Too bad he doesn’t appear to enjoy some sapphic kino.

No, you're a sad faggot, even by imageboard standards.

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How about now?

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I wouldn't mind playing some vidya with Patrick tbh
That OKC profile tho

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Still the same naming format


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Last year was a very different time. Almost every waifu had multiple people pushing them. They were something to rally behind, not something to be used a personal identifier. There were even multiple Maisiefags at one point.


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I'm quite a happy faggot. Happy as a little clam in a little Arya's hand

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His real name is stated in the upper left corner…

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Well, would you look at that

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Being a permavirgin means having lots of money for toys. :)


Speaking from experience, user? I had a 23 months relationship with lots of sex:1

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You can't get laid without one

OkCupid employee detected

Your hand doesn't count, babe.

Fuckin' saved archive.is/OpmwU

Daily reminder jennay lost

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It does, I can count my fingers with it. You can't count your fingers?

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If you have one pls post his profile.

You're almost bad enough at bantz to be the robertsfag



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Oh the ironing

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Is this the alt you use to stalk Jenny, Patrick?

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (521x1008 322.67 KB, 286.62K)

Fuck off, Zach. Your idea of "bantz" is hurdling kindergarten-tier insults at people. Sad!

Attached: Look everyone, a faggot.png (1440x1440, 2.78M)

This is almost certainly a joke account.

God, this is embarrassing to read

At least we know who kept pushing for that Star Wars and Jennay bullshit last year. A shame we had to find out this way, though.

Gahoole confirmed for Blissfag

Sad indeed.

I respond in tone. No point in wasting time writing something when all you get in return is bound to be memey and sad.

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It certainly appears so. Just look at his alt.

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The pieces keep falling into place

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Attached: SOMEBODY.jpg (423x759, 114.73K)

Two more accounts.

I like him, to be honest

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Please stop posting him his face scares me.

So do I. He doesn't have the same autism tinged voice that everyone else on Holla Forums has.


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imagine being a cumskin lmao

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His sister doesn't look too bad.

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I see a pattern here

oh sweet summer child…

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Not sure how this makes me feel.

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You, are a failure.

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men don't get pregnant user, holy shit read a book



Hounding Jenny like that is not healthy. I kinda feel bad for her now.

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Okay.. whatever you say nigger

What's this?

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (618x456 22.01 KB, 298.61K)

Man she has got some thiccness to her.. got any younger pics?

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He isn't wrong tbh

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Attached: jav.jpg (598x678, 42K)

Just a alternate persona of an already listed sperg.

More like

Watsonposter (Zach)
Robertsposters (dyke + wannabe dyke)
Blissposter/Jennayposter/Gahoole/Patrick (mod)
Zerosugar (BO)

Where does implying that faggot?

I don't give a shit, he's Holla Forums's Tyler Durden.
He needs to take over his useless host.

It was him, all along.

Attached: tRScwJJR7TN.mp4 (204x360, 238.96K)

That's a nice video tbh
I like Patrick's sense of humor

Sudocuck and Anime Pro are the same person as well as being the sweetie poster and JAV autist. What part of all me do you niggers think is a joke? Literally all me. Hell there is a thread in the catalog, right now where the first 40 or so posts are me responding to myself in the guise of six or seven different namefags linking to my pidgin celebrity gossip blog that I use to shitpost on Nairaland.

I am the shitposting singularity. Across space and time decades of shitposts. I have become one with the shitpost. Truly all me.

Because I haven't learned how to hate people to death yet.

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I never liked Penny Arcade.

The entertainment he has provided is enough for me to not hate him, but yeah he's alright.

That was on Holla Forums long before penny arcade started using it.

Like I care. I was always too good for Holla Forums.


[email protected] git memed on


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everyone knows there is only one hermionie poster tbh

times up

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>everyone knows to the Robertsnigger there is only one hermionie poster tbh

Attached: 1462787259518.jpg (550x953, 339.63K)

tbh i used to hermionepost aswell, but i stopped once Zach was doxed and i figured zachposting was way funnier