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increfible thad, op, habe an bumpe xf

best thread on Holla Forums tbh

Are sneks for seks?

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Sneks are not for lewds! Sneks are for physical removal of commies only!!!

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Just reminds me of the xcom2 shilling on Holla Forums tbh

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Snek has been around much longer than X-COM 2, anons simply used snek because it was funny. Those threads weren't even shilling, anons just wanted to dump snake porn.

reminder that there were extended tv cuts of all the harry potter movies but only the first two got released on bluray

what a load of bullshit

Thank you Zach, but why are you telling us this?

boycott blu-rays, is all I'm saying

What if I never bought them?

>tfw /xen/ is barely alive

Tits or GTFO, robertsdyke

send nasty emails to the blu ray makers

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there's a thread on /xen/ for lewd sneks if you perverted fucks want to look at it

Superior reptile cumming through.

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even by snek boipussy standards you are shit

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You seem to be an expert on boipucci. Show us yours, fagit.

The very last s is silent.

have a fag snek sucking dick tho

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Best snake coming through!

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Only this one.

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That's a good one, though the snek should be bigger and more dominating.

The appearance is 10/10 though. Not too ugly, but too moe anime or some shit. Those monster girls are the worst.

Why do you hate Miia user?

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So how does this work? Does she still have a human vagina down there or some kind of weird snake hole? Just curious.

i got you

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From what I've seen from the show, she does have a human pussy down there but the end of her tail is also an erogenous zone.

what a retard

He came close one episode where she was molting.


Because she's SHIT.


is there more?

because the word monstergirl implies there's actually a monster, not some moe chick with horns glued to her head

What stops a wizard from using the curses and being a god beside their own self moralized restrictions?

i got lots of big snek waifus

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Shitty adpotive muggle parents or muggle parents in general. If the magical blooded person is forced to supress his magic by himself he will become ridden with a parasitical curse known as an obscurus and his body will disappear into an egg cloud.

Of course most wizards and witches can't perform wandless magic at such a young age. Harry could because he has voldemorts soul inside him and amped up magical powers. Tom riddle is the heir of Slytherin and could do wandless magic as a kid. Not only why he can speak to snakes but why his wand chooses him and why he can make the glass disappear when he's angry.

If tom had not gone to hogwarts he could have died an obscurus.

The department of magical law enforcement and aurors (dark wizard catchers) work against wizards with massive god delusions and evil in general. Harry becomes one later on.

The extended cuts are up to the director. Columbus is the only one who worked on extended cuts. It's that simple. Cuaron and Newell put their directors cut in theaters. Yates has never commented nor been asked about doing them but could. Order of the Phoenix, his debut film, was originally a three hour film according to him .

Reminder the blurays for 1 and 2 are legit obsolete now due to the 4Ks which are from a 4KDI. The print looks a million times better toned and rich.

The 4Ks for 3 4 5 and 6 are also huge improvements over their bluray counterpart.

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this thread is far gone from that now

Fags detected!

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you say i'm a fag because i hate your waifu but not because i posted a gay snek

You don't have to be gay to be a fag.

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I would unironically have sex with her.

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Never reply to me again.

Unless the 4K are the extended cuts, I don't give a flying fuck

This thread is fucking typical of imageboard culture.
A shitty thread about one line from a shitty movie based on a shitty book from a shitlib author delves into full on porn in around 15-20 posts from OP.
We can't have anything nice here.

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This is how we do things here on nu/tv/. Deal with it white boi

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that was already posted you FUCKING UNORIGINAL FAGGOT

No it wasn't you dumb cunt, I threw it together from the dude's post further up.

Neck yourself you blind bastard.

How does someone ironically have sex?

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For instance: if I fuck a trap ironically I'm just pretending to love smashing that boipucci and seeing that little feminine penis wobble, while in reality I know that traps are gay.
Do you see now?

I see that all sodomites should be burned alive, yes.

I'm shaking fam


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go all in or go home faggot

No, me staying here is

then you best buckle the fuck up for the next train to sodom because i ain't having monstershit in this household

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fuck off with that weebshit

are you all 16?

I never got why they gave that snake girl weird pointy ears. doesn't seem very snakelike

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Well fuck me then

Because Japs are terrible character designers.

Any good designs like Link or Solid Snake are ripped off from western stuff

I remember I said somebody about 'Jap music' in a restaurant awhile ago and some old Japanese dude started sperging the fuck out at me.
I had to inform him that I was English, we abbreviate things a lot, and that Jap hasn't been commonly used as a racial slur since the 50's.

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The Japanese seem to believe that 'Jap' is used in a derogatory way because of WW2 even though the term predates WW2 by about 60 years.
All they know are those propaganda posters that say things like "ALASKA - THE JAP DEATH TRAP" and now they've all gotten it into their heads it's a racial slur. I guess David Bowie must have been racist as fuck considering he used the term all the time, even in some of his songs.

and that's why gaijins have been ripping the living shit out off everything japanese since the 60s?
Give me a fucking break, westaboofag.

I had a Vietnamese (barely-he's an Americanized, screeching, bitch) guy at work, sperg out on me about a David Bowie cd I was playing. The song was "Running Gun Blues", which is a song mocking the Vietnam war and the US. He just couldn't put it together and was upset over the the word, "gook", even after explaining the context and meaning of the song lyrics. Fuck that cunt. God bless Bowie.

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Why were you playing Bowie at work?

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How is that edgy?

It was when I worked in a bar/wine house, and we listened to music while at work.

What is it with east Asian immigrants and being really uppity? I always hear how polite they are in their home countries but they certainly aren't like that here.

That was just one person. Most east Asian immigrants are bros. I think a lot of Americans (including immigrants), especially during the past 20 years, have started to think their lives and opinions are more important than they actually are. Social media has inflated this.

Where do you live? Go to any city with a large Chinese population like New York and you'll rethink your stance.

I'm sure you're right. This was Seattle.

the gooks started it long before that