Reminder the middle body type is the best for an actress and actor

Reminder the middle body type is the best for an actress and actor

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Those are legit the only body types there are

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Endomorph master race.
Mesomorphlets and ectomorphlets on suicide watch!

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Reminder that this image is an inaccurate generalization that's based on literally fucking nothing and is intended to teach secondary school kids that your body type can vary, not that a body type is inherantly "ectomorphic" "mesomorphic" or "endomorphic" but it can have traits from every category.

Endo means "within" so what the fuck is an endomorph? Remember this isn't fat distribution this is skeletal/muscle structure.
Ecto means outsideโ€ฆ so what? slim people have their bones outside of their body?
And mesoโ€ฆ Middle? Middle morph? What's there to be a middle of? In order to define a mesomorph you would have also had to define what an ecto and endo morph is before you've even discovered the "mid point" between the two, which doesn't fucking exist.

These aren't actually scientific names they're made up bullshit used to quickly describe to children aspects about human bone structure and how people can inherently have a mix of structural qualities unrelated to fat.
The only place where this has any type of validity is when looking at Phenotypes and how they generalise but even then it can still vary.

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t. fatty

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You can be a "ectomorph" and still be a fat ass



t. fatty

t. skinny


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When their shoulders are wider than their hips, you're doing it wrong.

This is the ideal make body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

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this is the ideal male body

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What about Movie STARS though?

Mel Gibson is definitely on the right. Sly Stallone too. Tom Cruise likely fits into that type.
Harrison Ford is closer to the right. Jeff Goldblum on the left. Same with Clint Eastwood.
When Arnie isn't super-pumped he's closer to the right side build.
I'd put Willis on the right too in his earlier career, and more middle when he lost all that weight suddenly in the late 90s/early 00s.

Also, having a proportionally big head is a repeating Movie Star trait.

Middle build is more Chris Evans and Bale. The "chameleon" types.
Middle build is probably best for "shapeshifting" roles. DeNiro fits that?

Peak female performance.

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