Reddit hates Last Week Tonight with Current Year Man now

Reddit hates Last Week Tonight with Current Year Man now.

Looks like I'm tuning in next week, officially /ourguy/ now.

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literally a reverse shill psy-op thread by reddit
fuk off OP


Reddit has always been secretly conservative and those that are on the left aren't easily swayed by the media. Something people (Holla Forums, altrighters etc) often forget is that on the left we don't buy into everything, we're not media junkies like you all think but rather we have a nice mixture of what and who we believe. For instance, I'm partial to Sam Harris, Stirner, Hamilton, Gnome Chomsky and a few others but do not support people like Stalin or Marx. Because of this common confusion people often believe we applaud Oliver.


We instead pick and choose our heroes and this is where the humor derives from when examing people who worship Hitler because "anybody on the right" (he was on the left) must be right. It's not true. You don't have to support Trump. You don't have to support George W Bush. I don't have to like Stalin. I don't have to like Emma Watson. Instead, I pick and choose much like you do.

Once you realise this your discussions will make more sense.


You're my least favorite type of leftist. At least Stalin had some balls.

A website is a website. This isn't a secret club.

Stalin was a mass murderer. I'm a modern hippy basically.

Your beliefs don't mean shit unless you're willing to kill for them.

This is the infamous altright, I presume?

this tbh. something the left always had over us.


When they talk about politics mirroring Reddit they dont mean the posters, they mean the organisation that owns reddit, Conde Nast which is about as up its own arse into loony left wing bullshit as it gets.

They are supposed to be running as an independent wing of Conde Nast but they arent. The whole bullshit nigger hugging transvestite lovin lesbo ethos behind reddit comes directly ordered by Conde Nast

I'm just saying that all leftists are not coloured hair wearing fools that get blinded so easily. I'm a literal communist, a true communist anyway, and these people make me cringe. They don't understand what it means to actually care about others.

I'm not a liberal and Emma Watson is based. Im conservative and independent

Who is pols leader?


He signed a bill committing to no wall and tried to trick the 4D chesscucks into thinking it was being built. That's why Holla Forums's pph has crashed, the (((mods))) banning all the users that bring it up.

Jews and literal cucks lol.
You are what you eat I guess

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When do we finally overtake them?

Go easy on the poor boy. We were all 20 once.

Hey, I was a NatSoc at 14

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No, Tom and Dave are names, cuck and jew are descriptors.
You think I'm about to sit here and break down why they're all brainlets and it's common knowledge stirner was a literal cuck which is to be expected if someone as deconstructive as he is practices what he preaches.

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Cuck and jew are meaningless labels for people you don't like. Of course you're not going to care about the things Stirner failed at, like the milk shop, but about those things which even in intent go against your preconceptions of what he should do.

What did he mean by this?

He means that he went to college to get educated in repeating professor Goldstein’s opinion about the filthy goyim.


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Old school 4chan trolls were already liberals though. Remember exploding van?

Isn't venezuela on the northern tip of south america? What did he mean by this?

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Old school 4chan trolls were already liberals though
What the fuck are you on about?

So you're a stupid commie faggot even when you're sober?

Fuck off back to your cesspit, jew. This is a natsoc board.

= Israel

People in general I know are hating LWT now, thank fuck. That show is so manipulative.

The redditor's defence to something he sees that he can't argue against is "lol you post on [xyx] so your opinion is invalid".

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Sam harris is a jew, stirner's wife was a whore and he approved of it, chomsky is a mega kike. They're all limp wristed beta males on top of that too and it is reflected in their subversive philosophy that only appeals to the weak.
Face it, you're a faggot and should probably kill yourself.
Do you think I even know what you're rambling about you loser? You may as well start talking about which tranny's dick you want to suck the most and the pros anc cons of it.

>ACKSHALLY it covers serious topics too and has (((common sense))) coverage of the news

You can’t criticize it as news because it’s a comedy show, but you also can’t dismiss it as a comedy show because it’s a realistic presentation of the news too. Liberal doublethink in action.

He did nothing wrong tho

Considering that image uses reddit as a negative i'm guessing that guy isn't a regular redditor

What if your beliefs are not killing someone? Do I not believe it unless I kill someone in order to not kill

that is, if you ignore every time reality conflicts with your viewpoint
That's just to name a few obvious examples. All of this shit is easily searchable and provable too.

You know that you can be left wing and still know and accept those things?

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I assumed from context they were talking about neo-leftism/liberalism (i.e. what the MSM refers to as "left-leaning") and not ACTUAL "leftism".

I usually think that the far right attacks the far left most of the time and not the ones that aren't too leftist.

Yes but sadly 90% of lefties don't.
I'd get on a lot better with lefties if they weren't all mostly liberals.

It really depends on your definition of leftism. I think the guys on both /trannypol/ and /reddipol/ aren't that much different, to be honest. Too bad both are horribly subverted.
In all honesty this "political spectrum" meme needs to die. You can't apply an nth dimensional analogy to multifaceted real-life ideas. It just gets confusing and blurs the lines between different groups of activists.

That's so woke and not at all basicbitch

Wow I love jews now.

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Begone, Reddit nigger.

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I have the edit somewhere

What is actually real doesn't matter to these people, user. It's all posturing. The narrative that is being put forward by all the media is that leftist thought is reality and fact based, so to be able to fit in with in what they perceive to be the upper crust of society, they repeat obvious nonsense that they've heard from their favorite authority figure. They think it makes them part of the intelligentsia and above the Trump rabble. They couldn't care less about they truthfulness of what they're saying.

Kill yourself, commie.

Stewart was a naked propagandist. That speech really cemented that fact.

Where do you think the meme comes from?

This. It's why Hitler fucking sucks since he didn't actually kill the 6 gorillion

He actually said "You don't own nothing" after all of that. For some reason it isn't in the quote there. If you watch the video, the "goyim" part is very heavily implied.

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Don't make me fuck you, you little slut

The one he's talking to are the neocon cuckservatives though.

You are just a pawn to the Elite.
You don't have the balls to stand up for any principle and the few "lefty" principles you have are what makes you approve the Elites and their agenda, so they can continue what they are doing without any interference from you.

You don't even have the balls to be decisively pro Elite. You are just a sheep. Cattle. Human livestock.