Holla Forums, what would you do with friends if you have no real hobbies or any joy at all?

Holla Forums, what would you do with friends if you have no real hobbies or any joy at all?
Going out and drinking always leaves me feeling like shit the next day, but what else is there to do?
Watching shitty flicks, playing the same boring games over and over again? I used to love reading, but I'm just feeling too tired all the time to seriously interact with anything mentally stimulating, I guess that's why I'm here.

The Internet seems to just be repeating itself at this point, sometimes I look at reddit's frontpage just to see what normal people are up to.
Dog gifs, stupid puns, cookie cutter virtue signalling, I read a few comments, a whole chain if I really want to suffer and close the tab after a few seconds. I've read it all before.
The same with any kind of news coverage, I just avoid it in order to feel less sickened by it.
What I'd really like to do is have a stroll through the park, play some sportsball, laugh with people about life, talk openly without wearing a mask and cuddle with a nice girl.
But no one will talk to me. They don't have time, I don't fit in, I don't have the right opinions, the only ones I get along with are delusional autists, and they're not even awake before it's dark.
And so I come here and basically talk to myself, while listening to some silly YouTubers like Styx or Warski just to drown out the silence, even though I know everything they'll say beforehand.

Any movies for this feel?
I wanted to watch The Boost for some classic 80s kino with prime Sean Young, but there are no seeders.

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but nobody cared who you were until you put on the mask.

OP is a fag

I know that feel.

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You gotta just make friends and smoke someweed

I'd suggest first start small. Find a niche. Read a book. Do something. Start watching more documentaries and stop watching Holla Forums-tier propaganda. The fact that you have to type "Holla Forums approved X or Y" is a good indicator that it's a conspiracy theory so start listening to teachers, intellectuals and actual PHD holders.

Next, realise that the one constant in all your life's mistakes is you and you must grow and change from this. You must become outside of your body and reach the third view. You'll be able to lookoutside of yourself and see how stupid it is to regret, to want, to desire and instead learn to be. Seek the truth in everything you do, look for the truth in the lies, look for the truth but also look for your truth some things ARE subjective some things ARE up to you and sometimes you ARE your own god. Sometimes you've got to be yourself. Sometimes you've got to rage against the storm and sometimes you've got to join the mob frenzy. Go explore the world. Do what you need to do to be yourself entirely.

drink and/or do drugs

Start a new hobby/activity/sport. Stick with it until you become capable at it, then keep going.
Make sure it is a social one, with a mixed bunch of people.
Try something for at least 3-4 months before you decide whether you like it, as becoming good at something increases enjoyment greatly.
Less time on the internet, less time in front of tv.

Play chess or something mentally stimulating.

Second paragraph is good, but Holla Forums often makes sense.
People indoctrinated in education systems shouldn't be listened to any more than other indoctrinated people, cult leaders, alien believers or numerologists.
Better to make your own decisions about things, and not fall for anything that isn't fact and logic based.

Try to find a few good friends who share some of your values and interests.
Try to find something that gives you enjoyment or intellectual stimulation.
Go hiking, get out in nature, get away from media and urban noise. Exercise. See if you can identify what's important to you and what you want out of life.

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Yes, close your eyes goy, forget about how that was a term coined by the cia to discredit rational thinkers investigating dubious events.

Reported for thought crime.

Exercise more OP. It's the only thing that really works

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this is true, especially in america. 100% dumb fucks. it's hard to break out but some of us get lucky. just like my little sister yesterday telling me the retard kids at school thought a veterinarian was a soldier(because i keep telling her vets will always be in demand and she loves animals). shit has got worse since the early 2000's.

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Holla Forums is an institution of indoctrination at this point.

Blast. If only I watched another episode of how its made and tried to fit in with the dead, degenerate life of current year+3 western life. I could have been a hollow husk for a few decades more before ahmed jihaded me.

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maybe 8/pol/

And that's not true in the slightest. Education is not a cult. Education is what matters. People are not going to look at your sweet 15 minute youtube video on why Hitler was a good guy, they'll care about how many degrees you have.

Telling people not to go to school is very telling of the state of the altright especially as each one is now outed as a blood sports supporter or worse. It's almost like basing your assumptions on minute long videos is a negative thing. Better to make your own decisions, yes, but better to be informed too.

I don't get what that picture is.

Go to school. Learn. You'll be able to see what the difference between a youtuber and an intellectual is. I'm posting some of my favourites here. Educate yourself.

Don't get it.

C'mon user, don't you know you're supposed to be listening to peterson talk about the evils of white men, and the fine professors of the frankfurt school, not those silly Conspiracy Theorists talking about the shit happening in your country.

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>but for god's sake! listen to these degree holders!

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It's almost like you're an idiot who thinks you need to go to school to read a book and learn. That couldn't be though, right?

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Oh yes, and of course, the obvious reddit spacing. You stick out like a sore fucking thumb.

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It's a simple concept. You are God but so are they. We are builders. Like little beautiful ants. We all come from the same source like a big egg. An egg that holds many parts that are used to construct something amazing and wonderful. We are, by all sense of the word, one. We are united. We are not a single god but a pantheon and often a pantheon can disagree.


Would Zeus ask Apollo on his taste of wine? No. Would he ask Athena what path to take? No, he would ask Hermes. He would ask the SPECIALIST in the area. This is what it means to be a 'God' in this sense but so too we must realise that this is not all there is on this finite plain for we are still trapped in coils of flesh.

That is literally what you need to do. I'm guessing you're not in school any longer? I'm doing political science and have been great. Can't wait to be your president in the future so I can literally throw it in the dirt go full Kingdom of Heaven and make everyone President. You should have stayed in school.

How about reading shit for yourself and making your own mind about it instead of listening to some commie fag teacher or cia nigger on youtube?

What is "reddit spacing" do you mean making my arguments segmented so they can be read more easily?

Also, not an argument. You're just calling me names.

And how do you know you're not listening to a discredited antiintellectual who won't teach you anything but their own hatred or daddy/mommy issues?

That makes no sense as a response to what I said.

"How about reading shit for yourself and making your own mind up"

- How do you know you're not listening to a discredited antintellectual.

"Instead of listening to some commie"

Communism isn't just stalin.

"fag teacher"

Wow, top of the class.

"or cia nigger on youtube"


user, he's in political fucking science kek. He's about as intelligent as a social sciences or gender equality student.

Thanks for proving my point, "future president".

Kek. Enjoy at the very best being some small time governors bottom bitch, before your useless degree hampers your job prospects to mcdonalds.

Either he's shitposting or his entire worldview is shaped by opinions formed by appeals to authority rather than objective evidence. Hes dismissed your ability to learn alone entirely, because you don't have an accredited authority figure to tell you what you're thinking is right or not.

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I pity you. I really do. One day I hope you see the truth of what the world is. It's just sad to see people so easily dismissed. When facing an opinion different than being a literal nazi you post smug anime pictures. Is that what I have to do to show you other view points? Create nice pictures and comcis that summarise it? that show you what you are doing isn't actually engaging and growing but being compacent and happy within your complacency? yes I strive to be president but only so I can then destroy that and share it with everybody because that's what we need to DO as a community not just sit around smug that we failed school and can't do anything right. Wow you're so smug and you have an anime picture let me go ahead and grab one.

So let's evaluate your points. They are "kek" they are "lol I look down on you for your degree" a degree mind you that will actually help people not hinder them like othes I can mention. Being smug isn't a PhD you can't get a PhD in smug anime girls, imageboards or being snarky you have to actually STUDY and WORK HARD.


and. then. you have the audacity to throw away an entire field of study "heh social sciences, nice kid get on my level. my Holla Forums infographs and comics will show you" wow yeah that dismantles thousands of years of teaching and building on those teachings. max stirner has nothing on a smug anime girl, adam smith has no chance against a snarky teen who failed highschool and calls people fag, wow man that's so cool of course.

To add to this actually, I'm just going to put this out there but if any of you have even a bone in your body that wants to BETTER yourself maybe you should actually start watching lectures. If you think political science is just something to sneer at then here actually listen to a lecture and you might see what you're missing out on (read: what you can't understand).

Have you read any book outside of the approved list? Have you listened to anyone? Have you even tried to reach outside yourself? John Green? Anyone? or just the approved reading list?

I honestly feel like making a bunch of infographs to (actually) redpill you.

Isn't that the cuck who compared sluts to cereal?

95% of people are morons that will believe whatever they are told to believe and live entirely by copying others.
If 'people' don't listen unless someone has a degree in that field, it really isn't relevant.
Education as a concept is not a cult, education in the past was not a cult. Education in the west is a growing cult. People exit parroting the same ideas and beliefs.
History taught in schools 25 years ago involved facts delivered without opinion.
The Roman conquests of Europe, an event in history which led to improved technologies in various places.
Modern 'history' involves wailing and self flaggelating at how primitive and barbaric our ancient ancestors were, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 years ago.
That curriculum is designed to cause emotional responses, it is taught with a theme behind it, the facts are unimportant.
This level of poison has entered almost every subject now, at all levels of schooling, starting in kindergarten even.
Children are being fed the current perverted set of anti-morals, instead of raw fact and information.
ABC isn't enough, now they have to tell them it is wrong and evil to say men and women are men and women.
You are either severely out of touch or have yourself been brainwashed without stopping to realise it.
Things have changed very recently.
I saw it change from my time to ten years after.
All the old stuff was thrown out, when those facts had been fine since they occurred, yet suddenly all that mattered was emotion, agenda and narrative.

True knowledge, information, fact, logic, science is the most important thing after basic survival.
Modern education is not about truth or fact, it is a manipulation tool.

Kike detected.
Fuck off back where you came from juden.

rat-faced jew video.
Listen to (((professors)))!!!

I have no interest in hearing your ramblings.


According to whom?

You speak for yourself and have already placed your mind bare on a tessellated board. In short I want nothing to do with your way of thinking. You're stuck using black and white to paint excuses for people often just straight up psychopaths whose real motivations you will never know.
To answer your question about Zeus: he would do many things. He would probably take a particularly bright young boy and have him parade around everyone, including his pissed wife now why would she be upset?, as his "cup-barer". He might even be so taken that he immortalizes this love for his fellow man/boy as a constellation. Dedicating a system above to be emulated again and again below. even more so now that we got sweet triple dubs on 11/11/11 and entered the age of aquarius
Zeus/Jupiter is not something/someone I want to be like.

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Sapolsky is a great professor, the Zebras book is kino.


This fag might not understand that some of us have already been through the indoctrination camps and seen all of their bullshit first-hand for a useless piece of paper that continually loses value the more they hand out gibs to let illegals and retards get free degrees and constantly push for undermining education and culture through their virulent cultural-marxist attacks.

Fuck all that shit. I’d rather be drinking and shitposting with OP when I’m not stuck at a job I hate surrounded by mindless bullshit and the brainless fucks who push it instead of injesting more poison like the movies made nowadays.

We know, feathernigger.


go outside. hike. camp. fish. swim. kayak. rock climb.

have people over and cook a big meal for dinner. play board games and smoke weed.


Been around long enough to know and see the difference, millenial.

Clean your room and get a job, you bum.


You really have no idea why that little piece of parchment or sheepskin (whose skin is it off your back if people have to suffer so you can sponge up "correct" ways of thinking?) you place so much value in is even called a degree do you?

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I know what you're talking about but what is the picture of?

You sound like a boomer. I don‘t want to be your pension paypig after you swine plundered society and left us the shambles.

I‘m in uni and will probably end up in some meaningless professional position, but my life already feels hollow. Why the fucking effort? So I can shitpost in a bigger appartement on a newer laptop being addicted to expensive booze? Fuck that.

Jeez, man, it was just a joke. You sound depressed.

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You should probably kill yourself. Not even memeing, it isn't going to get any better.

Well, it might get better, but it really comes down to how much bullshit you can put up with/ignore.

just kidding, the picture is a defaced statue in a torn down old temple and school. a taste of things to come? ;)

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Oh, I was hoping it was some obscure secret society.

I am sort of in your position. I immigrated to US some time ago thinking "wow this is the American life with girls and shit" and tried being "cool" to people in my HS just to get friends and live the life. Then I got redpilled. Now I just say hi and bye to classmates in my HS.I thought it's best for me to leave America and go back to my own country.

I will miss the old times, sure. But being redpilled really opens up the world

Yeah, I'm sure you're very "red pill"

You need a goal; something to aim for. It can take a while to figure out what it is. Drugs and the internet are just easy ways to get dopamine, so unless you have something beyond just getting through life, you'll keep coming back to them and end up sitting in a retirement home with nothing to show for your life, where the most interesting thing in your life is bingo because you get a little rush when they call out those numbers.

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The disappointing fact is that the secret society isn't really obscure anywhere in the world, it's all pretty obvious when you know what to look for.
That particular statue is important in that it's pulling back the veil in an amusing double-sided way. Not only showing what it's all about, but also what happens to rivals and those who don't "know how to hold their tongue"

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Well the leftist way would be to fuck each other in the ass, until one is so damaged he starts getting hormones and finally suicides. That certainly lives up the group dynamics.

Fuck, that hit way too close to home.

Man up, faggot.

I used to be a lot like you. this comic helped me a great deal

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Therein lies the problem you absolute fucking mongoloid. It's not apparent what you can actually achieve and exactly how much effort you have to put in it to do so. People all over the world work tirelessly towards their goals, and some of them will make it and others not. It is impossible to know if your efforts are in vain. Some have defied all odds and gotten what they wanted, and some had every single advantage and still came short.

Did you not get that job because you didn't try hard enough, or because it was guaranteed to someone else to begin with? If you did something different, would you have gotten the girl, or was there never any chance? Would she have stayed with you if you had improved yourself just a bit more, or was it doomed to fail anyway? Should you keep looking to make friends, or is there truly not a single person out there that would genuinely like to spend time with you? Maybe the next hobby you try will give you some feeling of fulfillment, or is sitting around consuming media in apathy the absolute best you can do?

You can not know. All you can do is toil and hope. Until you run out of hope.

t. triggered poorcucks

Take up a constructive hobby. Try writing. Try building something. Try programming something. Fulfillment comes from how different you've made the world when you leave it then what it was when you've entered it. Nobody is going to feel fulfilled being a cog in the machine of some shitty job, or by going home and partaking in mindless hedonism and indulgence. You don't like the way things are now? Leave your own mark by changing them. And not with dumbass internet slacktivism. Look at yourself, and think "what have I done to make the world better?" It could be something as simple as starting a family, or something crazy like figuring out cold fusion. The point is to contribute, to be constructive and feel like your presence in the world is actually worth something. That's the only way you'll be properly happy.

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shoot up a school probably

you can do the first by yourself, you can sign up to the 2nd without any friends

truly the best slave race

I dunno. Haven't had friends since I was 16.

t. judeo peterson patron

Tesla gave the world AC electricity, tried to give the world free wifi (and many other things) and died alone in a hotel surrounded by imaginary pigeons. but you just gotta (((contribute))) am I right?


It isn't about how society rewards you. It's about how YOU feel about it. Tesla obviously had a passion for all the things he did, or he wouldn't have done so much. And people still know who he is to this day, despite how little material wealth he acquired in life (he might have had friends at his side as well, if he wasn't such an autist.)

Also, fuck Peterson. The guy's just a dad simulator for unloved frustrated bastard children.

nowhere in the comic does it say that

it's a survivorship biased comic that reads like it was printed off a motivational speech from silicon valley