Wait a minute. She's famous now?

Wait a minute. She's famous now?

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literally have no idea who any of these people are

Left one is the original hobbit, right one is some porn whore

Spider man with Sacha grey.

will they ever learn?

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Two mainstream Jews.

famous for taking it up the ass

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that's an "I used to jerk off to her asshole getting pounded" look if ever I saw one


Her face is bloated, she needs someone to slap it back into shape ASAP.

More like the "I jerked off to her licking the rim of a toilet seat" look


he might as well have selfied himself hugging a toilet. at least toilets can be cleaned

no surprise

And the woman?

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she keeps trying to make people think shes important or some sort of role model. anyone else remember when she went around to do photo shoots of her reading to kindergartners or that she used to post selfies with philosophy books? shes fucking delusional if she thinks she can be filmed to lick toilets and then be anything other than a trashy whore.

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She's still a looker…

lel, love it how he shifts his head away from hers

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I would unironically marry Sasha.
I know i may sound like an edgelord, but complete shamelesss, toilet seat licking cumdumpsters turn me on and would what could be better than having one for a wife?

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Never came to any of her movies, she is boring as fuck. Less soul than a realdoll.

Being a wizard and having anyone else for your wife are up there on the list.

I guess if you don't want kids it would be alright, she's not the stupidest pornstar around. Girlfriend would be better. Can you imagine the jokes if she was your wife? Everyone would immediately be able to roast you on sight.

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Stop slutshaming her!

She's a pretentious third-wave feminist who thinks she's an intellectual and an artist. She'd be insufferable.

I'd tame her with my dick.

She's been fucked by professionals with huge dicks, and you think you're gonna be the one to tame her?


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Half jewish. Everybody know this now.

Imagine a lifetime of sexual frustration released all at once.

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No borner because of the woman smell.

Daniel Radcliffe and Sasha Grey?

your children would grow up to murder you

Shes probably those type of sluts that get married and only want to do it missionary once a month after taking miles of cock.

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Seriously, elijah wood made a mistake not keeping the curly hair look from LOTR.

He looks fucking creepy everywhere else.

Yeah without his curly hair he looks like shit.


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They are going to get the diseases.

Considering how many people use the internet for porn she is probably more famous than Hobbit guy. She just isn't the good kind of famous like him.

I think her porn is disgusting. She's an interesting person, however, in that she is able to completely disassociate herself from the depraved things she did for money. She's either a sociopath, or just a business savvy woman who knows how the world works, and made some big cash while she was young. I think it's the latter.

She seems pretty cool here. I'd love to go to one of her bbqs and bullshit about music and film.


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you may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like

Like the chick who thinks she can be the town bicycle for a few years and then go back to being a respectable lady like the other women.

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Better when she wasn't a whale who walks like a woman.

No, she's perfect now, famalam. If all women had that peak performance slutty body western birthrates would shoot through the roof.

She is fat burger trash. You are almost certainly a nigger.

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Nigger confirmed.

What's her best video from her prime though?

I don't know why but that name is very suspicious…

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If liking thick girls makes you a nigger then I'm 100% an aryan nigger.

No. You are 100% African nigger.

Who is the best thicc white pornstar as of 2018 lads?

Aryans are black, so yes, you're an Aryan nigger.


This was going to be my answer too but you just beat me to it.

Exquisite taste, user, even including the disappointment that I share in her getting dindu'd.

I still watch her scenes, it just irks me afterwards.
She reminds me of someone I know, and I can never remember who. I'm talking face and body, even the upper class bogan accent.

No thanks, I'll stick with Sasha and not some degenerate whore trash.

I remember an user saying he went to the same HS as her and that she was a huge stoner slut who fucked everything with a pulse.
Pretty sure she knows on some level that doing porn isn't acceptable in combination with a "respectable" media career, nevermind that those people fuck children and have rape rooms in their offices.

Why did elijah woods career die after lord of the rings? Typecast as a hobbit?

I mean I'm sure he's fine but he definitely need not be leading a film with sasha grey.


I would recommend the American version of a show called Wilfred which he starred in. Also he did a movie called Creep which is solid.

Do remember that he is one in a million. A child actor who went on to lead a massive film franchise and to the public is seen as a really nice normal guy.

this. she used to be a near-perfect lookalike for Kari Byron. now she's just fat.

Fat is better though.

None of them have a grain of purity left in them, user.

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would you rather watch illegal porno?

pick one

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Tbh, if you could get paid big bux to fuck women, wouldn't you do it?

She can suck cock so good the kikewood producers have to give her token fame.

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No, absolutely not. They're not making a lot maybe a few thousand dollars per film, and most of them lose the money very quickly anyway.
I realize some of them aren't smart enough to have a job that pays more than being a cashier, but it's hardly a sound decision to go into porn even then.
Do you think a lawyer will marry a woman that was filmed tonguing a niggers' anus?
She's on her own with her pornbux, isolated from any kind of respectable future career, having a normal family life or simply fitting in with regular people.

It's not worth it.

You've got to understand that when people say you're disgusting, there's no kike trick involved where they magically don't mean it.

Fucking a whore turns you into trash. like a jew.


when i see a pic like my dick is diamonds, but i don't actually want stick my dick into a public toilet like that irl.
it's just a fantasy

Once you watch Sasha Grey porn, all other porn girls become useless

Sasha is the patrician porn girl, there will never be anybody as good as her again.

She's annoying as fuck and got no thighs tbh.

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Ignore these plebs, Proxy is the superior anal whore. A chubby shameless tattooed dyed hair mess of a woman. If you want to see a desirable, attractive, educated woman that you could bring home to your parents get fucked on camera, congratulations - you are Ernest Cline, nerd porn auteur.

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Spoiler that shit.

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Truer words have never been posted tbh. Especially hit the mark with that Cline part. Proxy Paige is a pure physical manifestation of the metaphysical whore archetype, she even has dragon dildos.

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literally perfect

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I miss her so much :(

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that's the least of her problems

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post blacked

Go away, Zach.

t. virgin

agreed. Roastie worshipping is over


Knowing that you aren't in a romantic relationship with a woman that took miles of cock on film for money because she's a shallow AIDS infested whore that aspires to be nothing more than a used up heap of meat in a fleshbag?

>Oh Honey I didn't really enjoy those things I only did it for the artistic value. You don't expect me to do THAT again? Sex once a month is more special and makes me feel closer to you if we wait a bit between making love. Oh can I get some money I need some new clothes?

This is why you should just become a rich Saudi and just shop straight from the Victoria Secret fashion shows. Then become suicidal when you realise the """""""""""girls""""""""""" were actually dudes and MrE was right all along.

Mr. E is a meme.

If you don't want that women just aren't for you, not anymore anyhow.

so that's why WWE is planning a show in Saudi Arabia

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Not saying that at all but a literal PORN whore will ruin your life. Buying into a fantasy is just sad and pathetic. Very little woman are worth while, don't marry most of them but NOT ALL of them are absolute shit. I pity you Americans though your selection of woman seems shit though.

If I was a rich Saudi I'd buy a thousand boyholes for my harem. I want to lie on a bed of fat twink asses with the occasional cock.

I want to marry a fat mean bitch with an ugly face and lots of unkempt body hair but that's not a slut. I want a sadist with a big heart and a massive ass. Can you imagine having that unattainably high standards? I will never find anyone like that.

Some people have to settle for sluts, some for sticclets and the most cucked for porn whores.

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Your posts are painful to read. Cease and desist posting.

Am I going to face trial? I just wanted to make a point about settling and not expecting the world to give you what you want, officer.

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Your satire screams low IQ but your imagination says boring.

orrrr she could just be a whore?

Let's not jump to conclusions.

She's an indie starlet who happens to have experience as a sexpert.

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Still hate this whore for being involved with C93 tbh

You have to go back