50s kino

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America was dead, the moment when the first generation of communists was rised by the kikes imported before WW2. You reap what you sow.



In the 50s you wouldn't have eaten so much soy and turned out to be the beta faggot you are today.

kind of this
even the loseriest losers had some girl after him

oh sweetie…. 😏

You could, they taught it in school

No, it would you homos and commies who would be kicked out of town in the 50s. :^)
Isn't that the source of your hate for fifties, after all? Your sugar daddies getting booted by good christians wherever they tried to set up shop.

It's always the jews: all other forces you listed are directly funded by israeli interest groups. If you believed in what the left says, you would be against them too: but what you really believe, is that someone good and normal must pay for the fact you're a vicious freak.


LMAO!!! I'll take my 50s bitch to a movie starring a real man instead.

You don't know who McCarthy is, do you? By the way,
is improper English. It stops the sentence midway and sounds awkward.

John Wayne?

Holy shit this

Whats your favorite John Wayne film?

This helped me out a lot. This stuff still works on modern girls, right?

The best one is the Searchers, followed by the Quiet Man.

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But women don't need men anymore.

Jerry Lewis?

Fucking boomers sucked this nation dry and then expected their children and grandchildren to slave away and support their continuing decadence.

Traitor generation raised to be perfect shabos goyim.

50s gen werent boomers, that was the 60s.

Jews begat:
Brainwashed Boomers(hippies)

It's always been the jews, and until we kill the very last one it will always be the jews.

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