Now that Aliens may go down the same path as Marvel… what will the quips be like?

Now that Aliens may go down the same path as Marvel… what will the quips be like?

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I have no idea and i'm never going to have an idea.
Im never watching another reboot/sequel ever again, i'm not buying the next fucking skyrim, im not buying SHIT anymore until i have a real person who i know recommend it to me or i get to play/watch/read it before i pay for it.

I'm so fucking sick of watching everything i grew up with be cannibalized for money; so im just not going to see it anymore.

Fuck the kikes.
Fuck Americans.

But most of what you liked growing up was American user. Just leave it at kikes, they aren't even Western.





You know it's gonna be like this

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Is that Aids Skrillex?

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So what is the answer to the mystery?!

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Scientists found human DNA in the thing, thus the normalfags can go back into their shells reassured that everything is fine. No other possibilities exist and this human just had a weird disease, is all.



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All aliens has is a decent art style. Everything else is overrated and overblown by the shitty fanbase.

At least they are not breeding

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You think they are doing this for money?

Very similar to the case of Aleshenka from the 1990s:

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I'm starting to understand that EVERYTHING "culture" wise spreads from America. All the cancer and all the bullshit comes from it. I should think the Roman Empire had the same problem, with shitty pleb culture in Rome spreading from Britannia to the Canaan, erasing whatever previously existed. I'm now of the opinion that Rome had to be destroyed, and so America has to be. Its influences stretches from Japan, to the Baltics and into the rest of Europe, into West and Central Africa and South America. I should think those that complain about the "global elite" would advocate for the absolute destruction of America and all its properties, wealth and probably its people as well.


One of your better efforts, Chaim.

looks like a normal russian child tbh

cut the head off and the body falls, meaning: get rid of israel, then america is fucked. then we can let the chinks or the russians or the south americans take care of them


i guess in the end, Beavis really DID score

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Alien impregnates Newt and Ripley scene.
Sorry it is only PG13. It is Disney you know.
If only it was NC17 or X….

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The only positive thing about this will be more xenomorph porn.

That's a pretty good edit.


god i wish that were me

it never will be. your bloodline dies with you.

What… what? Is this from a movie?

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God I wish that were me.

God I wish that were me.