Hey user if you give up your guns you can use my mouth and ass anyway you want

Wat do

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Gaylord detected

I've got a gun for you baby

*unzips pants*

Sodomites should be burnt to the stake tbqhwyf


t-thats a strange picture for such a young man to be taking

How is that soy latte?


not but fucking a girls shitter is objectively worse than fucking her puss

no soy only almond milk and poppers

it is an abomination




Hey, if I keep my gun I can put it against your head and still use you anyway I want.

No gracias el goblino

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brown pride!!

Pinches gringos contaminando nuestro board. A la verga con trump y putos gringos !!

English or German please

Thats objectively false and you are a submissive fag

If you do not learn the language of the 56% I will be forced to report you for hate speech


It's soykaf you fool.

Oh who am I kidding, I only know the language of Cockinmymouf.



report me


Shutup, you fake.

so, you're acknowledging that I know what irony is? Ok.

Humans have sex to procreate, the only objective advantage to anal is that you get similar pleasure as vaginal, but without a risk of a child you may not be prepared for. However, fucking a girl's butthole, is both disgusting, and unnecessary to avoid impregnation. Your the sub if you can't get your gf to go on birth control, and you have to compromise by sticking your dick in a shit cavity.

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Sure thing kike Muslim Paki Lesbian

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Are you a girl?

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Now you're just being rude. I'd love to troll you more, but my Dom is here and he's already lubed up. Toodles

>>>Holla Forums


Ehy do they all lock retarded

Kinky =^_^=

>>>Holla Forums


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sad, why there is never a Naomi Kyle here ;_; ?

What happened to her anyway?

Not really compromise when you want to do it. Also have u heard of enemas?

Don't have to enema your pussi.

still kicking, such a wonderful woman, if Holla Forums had taste she would be the Queen

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No thx el goblino but enjoy your new name tag and clear backpack. Hope you are able to find a good way to obscure the tampons and birth control in that clear backpack.

Your giving the girl power over you bu fucking her pussy. Besides pussy only feels good if its virgin or still tight

t. r/MGTOW

Vaginas are always tight. Not even octuplets can loosen a pussy.


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Okay. I don't live in Murrica, I have no guns


What's she gonna do about it? She doesn't have any guns.

No joke, I was in a 6 year relationship with a girl and she asked me to fuck her in the ass for Christmas. This sounds like some NEET fag fantasy but I'm 100% serious. I'd fingered it before during shower sex but that's it. I told her no because that shit is gross. Shit comes out of the ass, dicks don't go in. Sure you can clean it, fast for two days prior, hit it with enemas to clean out shit traces, but it's still fucking gross. She was pissed about it and we broke up soon after. Quite a disappointment.

Why not use condoms then?

shes not unfuckable but she's not really hot and she wont age well

KEK, saved

Because it's still fucking gross. I'm 100% convinced this whole "eating ass" craze is pushed by 10% kikes, 85% desperate virgins, and 5% actual degenerates that are open to scat porn.

Who the fuck cares? Why is this even an arguement? Do you choose who you find hot by looking at them and thinking "hmm, she will look good in 25 years"?

Yeah, if you're looking for a long term relationship and maybe starting a family, that's absolutely a worthy concern.

Its not a conspiracy. You just dont like it. Iam sure yiu have your own fetish or sexual preference. My first sexual thoughts were in 6th grade and fapped in the shower thinking of a girls ass in my class and puting my dick between her buttcheeks. The thought of pussy never even crossed my mind until teenage years when i saw a vagina in porn. I was fucking disgusted by it. I have always like ass. Its completely natural for me. i am borderline a scatfag but i tried fapping to scat porn and it grossed me out. But sodomy is just nothing better.

Opinion discarded. I'm a huge ass fetishist, the bigger the better. I love giant asses. But anal is fucking gross, there's no two ways around it. I have absolutely zero interest in getting shit on my dick.

ur just afraid of the nra

i know u really wanna ban guns fam

Desperate virgins always get these weird fetishes in their minds because they're obsessed with female contact, they idolize even the most minor or gross parts of the whole deal. So from there you get scat fags, armpit fetishists, BRAAAAP degenerates, and so on. But when any of these guys actually get laid for the first time, very few of them actually maintain that fetish afterward. Because they've learned that the female body is a nice thing, but nothing to worship or idolize like they previously believed thanks to their own idealization of it.

Makes no sense to me but to each his own i guess. Iam not really a scatfag. Unless its a really cute girl taking a shit or a milf farting ;)

Again, fuck off. I like big bouncy asses. I don't like stinky shits. It's a pretty simple distinction to make.

Bro believe me i have thought of this myself being a kissless virgin."its all my head" but that does not discount the fact i liked ass since i was a child. Actually my first sexual thought was seeing a hot girl that lived my be in high heels. Ever since iv also been a feetfag. I dont believe in worshipping women iam just attracted to this body parts and always have been. Like for instance boobs do nothing for me. Its just sexual preferences. Some girls like anal you know?

No shit. And some people are into cannibalism, or literally eating shit. Doesn't mean it's right or that you or I should entertain that garbage for them. My gf asked me for anal as a Christmas gift and I said no because that shit is gross. I honestly believe that such widespread exposure to porn from such an early age has convinced people that a bunch of weird shit is hot when they never would have thought such things otherwise. Sure some shit may just be pathological, like your foot fetish or dudes liking dicks in the ass, and that sucks. But it just ain't right to want to fuck a girl's ass when her pussy is right there.

You should have fucked her in the ass. My last girlfriend was the first girl I had ever fucked in the ass but she liked getting it in the ass about as much as pussy. I was nervous at first but not about getting dirty because I wore condoms but she was always clean anyway. I like pussy but if a girl wants it in the ass its great. Sometimes even better.

out of the 5 kids, 4 of them are jews?

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You said she only wanted to be fucked in the ass, not to eat her ass out, there's a big difference so don't build a strawass argument.

I'm sure she would have enjoyed it, and it probably would have felt good for me too. But that doesn't mean it was a good idea. Maybe she'd have enjoyed getting fucked by a dog and I'd have enjoyed fucking a sex robot. Doesn't mean that shit is part of a healthy relationship. honestly though my biggest regret was that she had a cuckquean fetish and was fine with me fucking other girls as long as I told her about it. Don't know if I'll find another girl like that again

Not a strawman, my original points hold on their own. That post was just about this (((modern craze))) you see today about eating ass like groceries and other nasty shit like that.

Yeah but i measure wether something is natural or not besaed on its prevalence in nature. Cannibalism is not prevalent in hunan behavior its rare and so is eating shit. But anal sex has always been prevalent among humans. Its not anything new. Other animals also instinctively lick each others ass. We are animals after all
This is the old argument that objective creates subjective. Videogames cause violence etc. I look at as in this things exist(porn,violent media) because its already an intrinsic part of our psyche or behavior. If u like weird shir your gunba be turned on by weird shit. Ive seen girls getting fucked by dogs and sucking horse cock but it does nothing for me. Because iam simply not a zoophile. its that simple
If anal sex was so bad then it wouldent feel pleasurable for both parties

This has to be bait.

And you let her go for what? Holla Forums will make fun of you for sticking it in the wrong hole. You know if you really cared that much doing it on a holiday might mean you will only do it again when that holiday comes around.

Goodness gracious if its not too late you should try contacting her tbh.

But what if I'm Holla Forums and I like to put it in the wrong hole.

Shooting up heroin feels great but you probably shouldn't do it.

Yeah no shit it feels good. Animals also practice necrophilia, rape and eat infants, etc. It's not a good idea to take inspiration from the lesser creatures, generally.

Not bait. The argument over fucking her in the ass was only part of why we broke up. Blogpost: in the end she broke up with me for my inability to control my drinking. I've got it under control for the most part now, but she's moved far away from me since then. I haven't talked to her since days before she left. Honestly though, I'm mostly over missing her, but what really hurts is that she took our dog too, a beautiful Irish Wolfhound that we got as a puppy

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Not to worry. Whattya think Uncle Addy never gave Eva the ole lubricated bratwurst.

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Those are really cool dogs.

Hitler raped his neice. Fact

Yeah they're fucking awesome. Intelligent, loyal, good family dogs, yet they can rip wolves to shreds. And people should they prove a threat. They're not good guard dogs, they won't stop a burglar. But if there's a murderer or a rapist on hand, that fucker is dead.

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shutup moshe its the weekend, you shouldn't even be here

Ok back on topic lads. Which hole would you fuck emna in first?

How do they make a distinction between crimes?

Between how the people they trust react.

Basically, if your house is empty and a burglar comes to it, chances are an Irish Wolfhound will be friendly to him. But if you're in your house and somebody with bad intentions comes in, the dog will rip him to shreds if it sees you're afraid of him or angry at him. They're very intelligent dogs and very aware of human emotions and attitudes.

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dogs are incredibly good at reading body language, certainly better than we can. its uncanny how good doggos are at reading people. unfortunately most people are very very bad at reading dogs body language which is the cause of most bite victims ect. the dog can generally tell when a person had less than good intentions. this depends on breed and the individual dog though a Shepard breed will be more protective than say a half retarded lab or something.
also dogs will read how its people respond to things. this is why people complain about police dogs because their handlers tend to be more tense the higher the melanin content.

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If a dog starts panting heavily for no reason, or starts wagging its tail rapidly in about 1/4 of its full motion, its stressed out. Give it a break, leave it alone for a while.

Weird old vid of some Irish Wolfhounds taking care of wolves threatening a flock of sheep.



Just pure coincidence.

Why isn't she wearing shoes?