What the fuck was her problem?

What the fuck was her problem?
I remember hating her attitude even as a little boy

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What do you expect, she's a woman.

Why did we genocide the Indians instead of breeding them to capacity?

And she's smarter than you. What does that say?

but wendy is perfect

Have you ever seen a real native as cute as that one?

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>>>Holla Forums

Holla Forums is even more autistic than this board

If it is, it still has better moderation.

That's not saying much.

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pretty close desu ^_^

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They were bred into captivity, fairly early on. That's why there aren't more of them left and why the average American has 1-2% Native American genes.

who dat?
her skin don't look so dark

It's called conquest: you fight a war and you win the loser's territory. That's what happened in South America, as well as North: the whites were stronger and won, while the inferior races got mauled.
Genocide only ever happened when communists and muslims caused famines as punishment for countries that resisted indoctrination. It does not involve fighting, and is mostly done through the police.

muh word politics

killing is still killing, stop trying to sugarcoat your crimes. be a man.

Fuck off hapa

fuck off, white devil

I'm pretty sure she's Nambé Puebloan

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Kinda like what's happening today in the west? lmfao, when it's happening to others, they're like "it's just conquest, stop complaining", when it's happening to them you hear "REEEEEEEEEEEEEE WHITE GENOCIDE".

One thing I hate as much as kikes are hypocrites and hypocrisy.

There was no bear and bird for her to use her transform magic on

unless you can find some wild west pics of injun womyn holding a "white devil's wellcome" sign or a manlet with rainbow feathers sperging toward their fellow injuns cus "you're a fucking red male!"
i doubt you could claim the rapefugee crisis is anything like the conquest of old
at least back then both sides were openly hostile to each other
now a days only the mudslime side is the openly hostile one while the west seems to be apex cuck Traudo's advice on how to attain victory over your enemies

No, it really doesn't.

They were. The more violent tribes died out, the more docile ones didn't

He wasn't alive back then. Even if he were, there was no country in the land, there were no borders. Entering was perfectly legal and, consequently, not a crime.

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First season was kino tbh

I don't like what's happening in our countries right now, but conquest is conquest, there are no rules here, you either fight or you and your people die. Crying like a little bitch that things are somehow unfair isn't going to change anything, there's no such thing as "unfair" in war, but if you're going to cry then you might as well cry for the Indians too.

No one like a whiny bitch. Fight back or die quietly.

d-did she die

what are sins of the father?

this is what happens when a redditor finds Holla Forums and is never put in place