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Watching YuruYuri in the first place.

t. Himawari





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Watching cuckime unironically and enjoying it

Only fapping to cuckime, posting cuckime reaction images, playing jap games and being an ironic weeb

Never watching cuckime, posting >cuckime in every cuckime thread, not even understanding basics of cuckime or what a 'moe' is because cuckime is for losers

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Better than having unironically shit taste

what did buffjewman-kun mean by this?


You can't just head-pat yourself!

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Sometimes, I pat my head so hard I rip the skin

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Watching moe shit

Not watching moe shit

Not watching anime

Mai waifu has the best braps

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My Daddy taught me how not to use the skin by using someone elses hand, instead of your own.

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*Rip the skin

Yuru Yuri
Azumangah Daioh


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I'd give cummies to at least 6 of the women in that pic

Holla Forums is the cartoon board, yo

ftfy fag



Anime is for big guys.

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anime is literally normie shit

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>>>Holla Forums

the man-bat


cartoons go on Holla Forums fam

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watching soynime

fuck gooktoons

two bombs weren't enough

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All of the girls are special. Except for China, who is a shit.
Seriously, what were they thinking?

Too many males to count as true moeshit though.

You can also see it like this: people watch anime as a protest vote, because anything american is simply too shit. It's not our fault if america cannot win in a competition when it's not rigged in their favor.

I can here to Sosunser you, dude.

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Fuck this thread.

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literally who
if there are no memes from it it's not worth watching

There are memes, but they're second-hand memes.

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Daily reminder that Akarin is best girl.


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All these patricians with superior taste.

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Was the Akarin as the protagonist in season two the best episode? Desu, it's probably the most funny episode of anime I've ever watched.

Why are so many weebtoons about little girls?

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