Margaret Thread

It’s been a while

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No gypsies or ghouls allowed.

That's a name I haven't heard in a while…

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Be a darling and fetch me another shitbag, will you, user. This one's all full

If I pull that shitbag off, will you die?

It would be extremely messy.

not even our feminist mods?

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Nice work! Milo banter taken out of context but still nice to see you showing effort!

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Samefagging ghouls not allowed. Don’t you have a baby to be kidnapping or something?

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But samefagging faggots are allowed?

Especially not “him”

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Samefagging is replying to yourself, ghoul. But you already knew that.

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Speaking of samefagging… We can see the odd filenames you use, nigger. Why don't you go complain directly to GaHoole2 instead of shitting up this already pretty shitt board with your shitbag waifu.

Your shillfu is weak ghoul.

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Posting Margaret's milkers because she is always "ironically" showing them off and talking about them.

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Where did you get that top one?

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those are some nice shitbags

I would cut off a toe to see them.


Best gif coming through

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From a Twitter post. Can't find it right now but here's the other photo that was posted alongside it.

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Her twitterfeed still looks like it’s 2015

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/television/ doesn’t allow waifuposting ghoul

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Poo goes on

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Do you have a reading comprehension problem?

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God I wish that was my cock.

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Uh, you can't even see her cock in that pic.

OH I GET IT by repeating the same thing like a sperg you hope to simulate concensus on the matter right? Start then by posting a cap proving you didn’t samefag 30 seconds later here

and we’ll go from there. Reminder: deleting the thread won’t do any good since this isn’t reddit :^)

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Wrong! There will be one shitty thread less taking up space.

smh tbh

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Oh boy, I sure love to post pictures of this ugly cunt and complain about the moderation, get my thread deleted, then make another one

No u

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Still waiting for proof you didn’t samefag ghoul. What’s it going to be?

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Listen, mate. If we all stop responding to his shitty thread we will either be forced to samefag (more than he already does) or give up bumping his thread to the front page all the time. You down with that plan?

How retarded are you exactly? Serious question. Did they ever give you a number or anything?

What did he mean by this?

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Mods and pedos call her hag
Ask why does she wear the bag
Triggered worse than ghetto spooks
If she was napalm they’d be gooks
So she is outlawed just because
She is the chemo to their poz
They ban and pray she’ll go away
But are true Queen is here to stay

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Why does she look so unnatural

Because she’s so beautiful? In a world where ugly is pushed as the norm beauty looks out of place.

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