FOSTA was passed! How does that make you feel, Holla Forums?

FOSTA was passed! How does that make you feel, Holla Forums?

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B-based emprah

Like fuck all will happen and Reddit will end up with egg on it's face again

Does it effect posting here in any way?

I'm not American so I don't care.

It can - since now (((Jim Watkins))) is legally actionable for any faux pas of the anonymous users of this site. He has to tighten the hotpocketry to delete any content deemed "problematic" globally, or else Holla Forums's servers could be seized and him arrested if he ever leaves the Filipines.

This is going to stop one of the most heinous crimes there is and you faggots are actually going to make it about you?

That's bad news. I guess the word nigger will be bannable offense soon

I don't give a shit about no one but me

Possibly, but all they'd have to do is move the servers to another country.

You're making a lot of assumptions there, buddy.

Just end it, send the meteor

>It can - since now (((Jim Watkins))) is legally actionable for any faux pas of the anonymous users of this site.
Is that so…

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Fucking kikes…

Stop being Antisemitic

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No it won't. Sex trafficking is bigger now than at any point in history. It's literally too big to stop. It would take decades of large scale military action to even put a dent in it. Doesn't help that most of the world's elite are in on it.



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take your meds and look at this image of two copyrighted characters fucking

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thanks doc

Thanks Doc.

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thanks doc

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Which asks the question, how much is nu/pol/ celebrating this? Has Trump completed another master stroke in his 1488 dimensional chess game? Do I make my donations to Israel now or for his 2020 campaign? FUCKING GOD DAMN I LOVE ISRAEL. Is it possible to get another circumcision, because I want to be as fashy as nu/pol/ as possible. pls advise

They're trying their best to ignore it.

How does that lower gun work?
Does it store shells in the tube magazine as well or just the box magazine?

At the time of the announcement it was a gigantic shitstorm and everbody was fucking mad. They've left now or got banned for wrongthink. Only /r/The_Donald and the muh shareblue spammer are left.

Just the box magazine.



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Also there's some retard from >>>/qresearch/ grasping at straws trying to make that trash look good and claiming 666d niggerdick snorkling.

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QAnon was right guys, it's time to commit mass suicide. This is Trump's masterstroke, he's gonna take us to the Evolutionary Level Above Human! Just drink this tasty juice and put a plastic bag on your head fellow MAGApedes!

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3 down 47 to go countdown to mass funeral

By having the new BO delete any mention of it

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I wonder if they'll still be cheering on the ZOG Emprah after Holla Forums gets shut down over this.

If that happens I will be very sad. Hopefully, it won't effect us and we're worried over nothin.

They finally got rid of Impkampfy?

at there's moderation, the new mod is way too fucking overzealous but it's better than there being 20+ hour gaps where nobody was online and everybody started spamming the board

no, they got a new mod

oh, lol, i was about to be extremely surprised. But nevermind.

Board owner was always an awful trumpnigger


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Damn it. I still don't know if I want to buy a bump stock yet. I guess I better decide fast. I wonder how long the comment period will be?

Y live

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What did he mean by this?

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do it

what a nigger, bump thread


Donald "Gun Grabbin Gronald" Trump
Donald "The Bump Stock Bandit" Trump
Donald "Two Scoops No Guns" Trump
Donald "Fuck My Base, I Am Based" Trump
Donald "/k/ommando /k/hoking /k/hampion" Trump
Donald "Bump Stock Baster" Trump
Donald "Build the Fence" Trump
Donald "Wailing Wall" Trump

Fucking end yourself /leftyfag/


I didn't say I support the president, I said you should fucking die.

Donald "Pirate Punisher" Trump
Donald "Fill the Swamp" Trump
Donald "And They're Cowards" Trump
Donald "Make America Safe Again" Trump
Donald "8 Hours of FOX, No Bump Stocks" Trump
Donald "The Dreidel" Trump
Donald "DACA Don" Trump
Donald "Dreamer Teamer" Trump

t. anti-american scum

At last we will reveal ourselves. At last we will have revenge.

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Why is Bill Hicks so angry?

fucking based #MAGA!
This is 1488D chess

I think the cuck and board volunteer from >>>/1825/ ( the girl on the right ) reported me.

Tax breaks for the rich.
Internet protections gone.
Money for the warmongers.
Thank you, unified Republican government!

they banned the entirety of /k/

also everyone else, but hey, who cares about the truth when there's a narrative to push

Don't you remember about the sunshine database Holla Forums has?

in other words, the fate of Holla Forums's destruction is the joy of its rebirth – without pigjim and cripplefaggot.


99% of leftists should cut 99% of their "balls" off

This. I got a $75 raise every paycheck thanks to Trump's tax reform.


wtf Im left handed