Waifuist appreciation thread

Waifuist appreciation thread.
Who's your favorite waifu poster?

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Thank you!

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I second this

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Interesting question but do you mean the poster or the waifu

why not both?

Watson is the only one who looks good and she isn't spammed as much, so anyone who posts her wins by default. The rest should have all of their images spoilered.

zach is the only answer, at least his spergouts are funny

Why is /waifuist/ filled with pedoshit?



Please post more BLISS, So that i can build my folder :)

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It's logic.

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Stop misusing the term "waifu."

Bliss is the best waifu and Maise poster is probably best poster. But bliss poster is a close second for best poster

waifus are the pedo version of a beard
sure dude

Because men who obsess about women they have never met on the internet are unhinged weirdos

She's a goober who is deeply imbeded in the highly dysfunctional leftist culture of modernity and over the next few years will likely develope a drug addiction sleep around with a bunch of dirt bags and get blacked then have a mental breakdown shave her head and flee from fame

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More Bliss!

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Thank you too

I know the real answer for that.

Thank you three

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Short or long answer?

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Why do they orbit such ugly girls?
Roberts: D+
Bliss: D
Maisie: F
Watson: C

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For for Fantastic

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No, F for Fugly Failure

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only in the sense of "What I'd give her all day everyday"

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waifuposting should be a lifetime bannable offense tbh. keep your pathetic sycophancy to your hard drives and stop the constant fucking thot spam

At least she is board related, unlike that I -don't-know-who on your pics.

On second thought, I'm a bit afraid, that you would screencap the post and use it for something. Maybe I would be mocked for it. I wish I could contact you in speech form.

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Emmafag is my favourite ever since you losers organised into a gossip girl clique and stopped roasting the shit out of eachothers waifus.

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This is what a waifu looks like. Pay special notice to the fact that she is 2D and also not a pig disgusting roastie.

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Ewww get the fuck out cuckime roach. Transdimensional relationships are frowned upon on Holla Forums so back to /a/ you go

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Nigger, there's like four Emmas - be specific!

I am pretty ciritcal of Maisie, just read my posts and filenames sometimes!

Also that's not real.

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ITT: All too old.

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Get a nose job, anikike.

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I want to spend my days orally pleasing Bliss :(

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Genuinely would love to.

I mean Zach. He's the only one starting fights, which is the only reason I like waifu threads, the meaner the better. Jennyfag and Margcuck used to be so disparaging slinging 'sloth' and 'shitbag' back and forth, it always made me laugh.

Also I have wigger taste in jerk material and Emma Watson has a fat ass. If your waifu has a nicer ass I will probably switch immediately because muh dik.

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Samples for you

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I already knew Maisie has a great ass but still hot damn, SOLD.

I think we can all agree that Ser Maisiefag is the best waifuposter - easily and by far.

Happy birthday, man!

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Thank you!

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Eh, I want to spend my days anally pleasing Bliss?

W-why would you post that in response to me? I want to make sweet love to Alexa. Shouldn't she like that gesture?

Zach is a spook and Emma Watson has no ass.

I want to ejaculate in Emma Watson's "non-ass".

Not even Z*ch here btw

Gotta say maiseposter she is like one of the most average looking English girls I have ever seen

What's below average? A literal fucking pug.

Honestly yeah. English women are the worst looking European women

Even Maisie is near the top for British women, just on count of not being a fat fucking slag.

I call bullshit on that

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Second one is really not in her place there.

That's not at all the norm and if you are English you are lying and we both know it. English girls tend to be shorter then mainland euro counterparts and a bit heavier set and have kind of puffy fat faces. they also are deeply embedded in American bix nood muh nigga culture. These are all very average looking English girls

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What are these, chavettes for ants?

C'mon lad why are you picking club skanks and telling the yanks that's what they all look like? Also our bix nood """"""""culture"""""""" is a completely seperate bix nood that comes out of South London shitholes not America and it's literally called 'grime' as in dirt and grime in the shower.

Have some Holly as a pallette cleanser.

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Her face is pretty to me

Are you posting from a washing machine? 200x240?
Nothing wrong with that.
I'm okay with this.
That could be alright?
Just like almost every teen in other places?

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That lass has a goofy face but a right fine bum on her

Keira Knightley is gorgeous, shut up.

Trips confirm

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I like that you went to the effort of using the English terms, so have some more.

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This. Nice dubs.

Watson is great and Zach did nothing wrong

Oi, she's a right cheeky one, innit? She could sit on me gabber anytime.

Holly willloby fuck yes my dude you have impeccable taste