What's the purpose of Holla Forums ?

What's the purpose of Holla Forums ?

Nobody talk about movie…

To post Maisies!

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Yeah but It's boring. It's like posting jav kino

And Blisses!

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Have you tried posting Maisies?

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That too

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Hold up: I thought you guys didn't spam. What's going on here?

A conversation?

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Its Maisiefags birthday.

it's not spam. OP asked a question, we answered it

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No. Only Veela music.

Shoo! Gays not welcome!

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So you're spamming then.

We are having a conversation with our waifus attached.

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AKA: spam

But user, we are on an imageboard. Attaching pics to your posts is kinda what this is all about?

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Daily reminder

So you're a dishonest hypocrite in addition to being a spammer. Got it.

Waifufags are like little brothers who don't understand that a joke doesn't get funnier with repetition.

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You have no argument.

she has ugly face

My argument is that we are not repeating text or pictures, we are talking with reaction images. Just the images are in my case, all depicting Maisie Williams. How is this spamming? But you came in and ruined the conversation. Why don't you add your 2 cents about what Holla Forums's purpose is, instead of hating on us?

You have missing word.

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You have no argument about Mre video.

I won't waste 16 minutes on that shit.

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i used to think zach was an enemy, but gahoole wants to destroy anything that is funny or beautiful.
like yourself i come here to mingle with fellow mentally ill retards and discuss porno kino, but el potato wants take even that away from us.


so what, bigot?


Why do ppl ask rhetorical questions? 🤔

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posting niggers

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Holla Forums is where people who hate tv and movies to come bitch about how much they hate tv and movies

That along with "cabbage patch kids" are really hilarious! Sorry based ModMan!

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What a little chimp.

We are talking about television, but television in the first place was talking about us.

Very deep.

It's Holla Forums for people too sophisticated for Holla Forums.

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How I see thanks.

Holy fuck kill yourselfes and stay in your fucking containment threads.

nigga you don't understand

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To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their waifus!

It was a high ball, had to slap it

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Please slap both your balls so you never reproduce.

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clearly he is. he made a whole separate thread about how mad he is

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I hope some Maisies will relax him. They always relax me.

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Not everyone who disagrees with you is the same person.