8ch now supports Hooktube embed thumbnails as per

8ch now supports Hooktube embed thumbnails as per



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yes pls

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Wrong thread?

Nope. I was simply celebrating the new hooktube embed functionality with oink posting.

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Your excuse for not eating pork?

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Can you link to times in YT videos yet?

Are you Mexican?

Are you ethnic Albanian?

It's never the wrong thread for pigposting. Nice quads.

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nice reddit meme friend, upboated


cute piggers

Are sea oinkers allowed too?

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Still can't click a button to go to the Hooktube page and see views and such stats, nor get the title if I wish to save the URL instead of downloading the entire video, say to use in another thread or give to someone.

7/10, almost beats YouTube, but you're still giving views to the kike that owns HookTube and puts ads on the sidebar in the same location as Jewgle.

I don't see the resemblance to pigs, but otters are cute af so go for it


Found this on the first page of hooktube. Interesting.

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That's based on your search history. I hope to god you practice opsec.

wtf i love hooktube now

It's over, Jimason will nuke its shit, Holla Forums is finished


What is this?

It's Wicca for the internet.