Is Sons of Anarchy worth watching?? I just finished Better Call Saul and i'm all out of shit to watch

is Sons of Anarchy worth watching?? I just finished Better Call Saul and i'm all out of shit to watch.

i'm undecided between this and Westworld. any better sugestions?

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If you're a soyboy, and need to feel somehow man again, yes, SoA is a good show for the purpose.

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Gets boring after a few episodes.

Watch Goliath if you liked Better Call Saul.

is it a soyboy show or isn't it?

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Not OP, but thanks for this recommendation. I'll be checking this out later.

It's okay. Breaking Bad is better as Sons of Anarchy seems to depict a world in which the common man is corrupt when it is the reverse. Art should hold a mirror to society, when all this is is a telescope that is disguised as a mirror. If people knew that this was as so they would gaze through the telescope to see the real enemy…

What did he mean by this?

Hi Zach

I've only seen a few random episodes of it, but at one point one of the club members seems to be in a relationship with a man in drag. Make of that what you will.

Only if you enjoy trainwrecks and really ugly trannies.

So if you're a Holla Forums user you'll like it. Noted.

The threads we had for it here when it was running were pretty entertaining.

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How did you get leaf symbols in the file name?

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with the emoji keyboard

Where do I buy one?

First season is pretty interesting, second already has a downhill spiral, third starts off fucking stupid and I dropped it entirely after about two episodes in.
It's got pretty much the same quality curve as GoT.

At your local emoji shop.

thanks, from what i gather this is pretty much the consensus.

I'm thinking if watching Shameless now instead? either that or Westworld. have you watched either?

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Haven't seen either, but I've considered giving Westworld a try, though I've heard mixed reviews about it, most of which pertain to it starting off okay and then quickly devolving into typical modern day poz shit.
But if I pirate it and watch it for free then there's no harm done.
I have honestly never even heard of Shameless until you just brought it up, but judging from that picture alone I'm assuming it's just more political garbage.

I like shameless, its very degenerate and tries to "humanize" poverty but what the show actually does is show how being poor is a result of your own degeneracy and how you are the one keeping yourself down, not the man, not the people around you, you are ultimately responsible for the shit life you are living.

Every single time they get a chance at "life" they fuck it up by either not having the discipline, celebrating prematurely, giving into substance abuse, casual sex etc.

All and all one of the most degenerate shows I have watched but it feels authentic and does not succeed in it's propaganda and achieves the direct opposite.

Very slow and boring at times.

7/10 This user

I wouldn't watch it at all judging from that description tbh.
Doesn't matter if the propaganda fails, it's the fact they're trying to push an agenda at all that bothers me.
Whether or not it falls flat doesn't make the general tone better as far as I'm concerned.

Everything is Agenda pushing tbh and I like doing boring work like loading data into excel while something plays in the background so my only solution is not to pay for it.

Don't know what else to do.

I'm not ridiculing you for it, especially if you didn't actually shell money out to the faggots (btw keep not giving any of these faggots money pls).
I'm just saying I personally refuse to support blatant agenda pushing in any manner at all, even including muh piracy views.


Shameless first season is ok. It gets worse with each season then. Faggotry out of check, trannies, racemixing, muh indepedent womyn..

Westworld is decent. Could have been better.

For someone with your taste, absolutely.

i stopped watching after dudes baby got kidnapped by Chinese people or whoever

fiona getting absolutely BTFO for being a whore was fantastic

SoA is the definition of marry sue.

The show becomes very repetitive with your "oh shit" moments sprinkled about. The crew always pull some shit in the end and they win and get away with it.

Westworld starts off good then devolves into my stronk independent womyn and niggress. I'm not even going to bother with the new season.


That's beautiful.