Disney removed Han's blaster from the posters

Because guns are bad, m'kay?

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Both posters look like shit but the one with the gun looks objectively better. The empty space just kills it.

Not the first time Han was able to properly defend himself.

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He looks like such a retard.

Just like all Americans in a few years. (((Private companies))) are starting to refuse to deal with guns in any shape and form, from internet discussion being outlawed, to using the mail system to move guns around.

Where there is a demand, there is a suppler.

Was it lucas' incompetence or was it on purpose?

disney is involved in brainwashing

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I wish they'd remove his soy face.

Why does the laser bounce? Is that wall made of mirrors?

Least surprising thing I've heard this decade.

He's married to a jew, and always misdirects about the jewish question. A philosopher doesn't ignore that the frankfurt school was made of jews. Obviously, the latter could be just a strategic move not to burn out with normalfags: but unless his jewess is a race traitor, the marriage is damning

But the best is yet to come. If Peterson is controlled opposition, what's the deal with him? I don't think they're crafting him into a leader, as they usually go for young handsome guys to get the female vote, like Trudeau and Macron. Either he's part of a new anti-feminist thing by the kikes (first you damage the west with feminism, then present yourself as saviour to fix it), or he just exists as a 'maintenance guy' to ensure whites don't stop functioning properly, up until they're vanquished.

It is influenced by the planet's magnetic field.

You're throwing the baby out with the bathwater. You don't have to love Peterson, but don't complain about him when he's doing something right.

You don't know that. He might as well be Sheev helping solve a situation that HIS GROUP CREATES.

Getting the word out to people about the things Disney and Youtube do is doing something right.

No surprise. To them we are cattle and nobody has the balls to go in and stop them.

Continue the ignore the fact that receiving help from your secret attacker means getting manipulated.

'Thanks for saving me, jews'

If you watch his bible lectures it's full of weird pantheistic shit. If I was interested enough I would check to see if he was getting his ideas from freemasonry which might lead down some rabbit holes, but he's probably just a quack milking the shekels of boys without fathers while he can. I don't get what his cult is so excited about.

I joke, he's obviously an MKULTRA drone

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We're manipulating him. Every day he's bringing more people around to our way of seeing things, while desperately begging them not listen to those Collectivists over there. He's the useful idiot. There's a reason Liberals are losing their shit over this guy. They see what he's opening the door to, even if he doesn't. Same with Sargon. Same with all of them.


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Han shouldn't have shot at all

Han should protest against gun ownership on Tatooine, tbh.

Highly unlikely and a reason no source is shown. Hmm…something is up here and it's not what Dwayne Johnson is cookin' rather it is the smell of an altrighter trying to raise the flag of black and red whilst wearing garb of an imperial…

take your meds

He has already said his main goal is to stop white men from forming an identity bloc based on the advancement of their interests and protection of their race, as he sees this as dangerously close to nazism. He wants them to remain endependant and solely into it for themselves.

Not everything is a conspiracy…Open your eyes to the real truth that this world, the world of flesh is naught but an illusion, that everything around you isn't worth the fight if it's able to be broken. What cannot be broken is the mind and ideals, what can is fundamentally flawed to fight for. All turns to dust. You and I won't be but we can fight for that above ourselves. White and black. Male and Female. Trump or Hillary.


These are illusions, distractions, you're don quixote fighting windmills. Grow and change, grow and change and be the weaving sunflower that towers above the garden small. For if you block your eyes with flesh and tithings of dead gods you are naught but dust that declares itself king.

Cowards run to the idea of only the inside matters when the innocent daughters of your home are being abused and your children violated. Your rights stripped away, your heritage and history being forcefully crumbled to dust. Shitposter or not, your words are those of a coward, who wants to fight an imaginary battle, as the real one terrifies him.

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Isn't this obvious?

In the end, what he wants doesn't really matter. Sargon will talk endlessly about how much he opposes the alt-right, and yet he's been their greatest asset. He's converted more people than any actual alt-righters.

What is a daughter but an artificial construct that can be destroyed? Imagine a cup. Imagine that cup destroyed. Was there ever a cup? Rights, rules, restrictions…these are all invented by society and can be defined again and again for all of time.

Once you look inward to yourself you'll see that there are those who can teach you to exist outside your fear and human nature to repel at the site of that which you don't understand. 'Heritage' could have been different if my ancestor had sex with another being or was born on another place. History too. All is in flux, all is ever changing.

These coils of flesh that we call 'race' are naught but a spook, a ghost that is unable to be truly grasped. The battle of the imaginary and of the mentality is the only one that truly matters. The real battle lays there.

When you identify the important from the unimportant. The constructed spook from the real tangible truth, the ethereal from the corporeal then and only then you will grow and thrive in your new world. This earth…it is but twisted terra and we are but the dreamers. What more shall a dreamer do but dream? We should be soul-diers not soldiers.


Okay, but we're here now. We'll be here for a while. I want to suffer as few beheadings in that time as is absolutely possible.

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they'll turn it into a walkie talkie next.

Are we? How do you know?
To quote a great man "The people is dead! Good-day, Self!"

I do believe we are to fight for our freedom…but I feel that freedom in itself is a subjective view.

If I am a figment of a dream, I am a figment of a dream who doesn't want to be clubbed to death by barbarian hordes. This is not going to change, no matter how I look at the question of existence. Pain hurt. Ow.

but did it hurt or was that another windmill?
If you look inward, walking through the shadows of reality and waving fondly to the spooks you once called real you may find that even pain no longer phases you for you will have moved to the third view point. the view point where you are not you and I am not me and you are not I and I am not we but rather we are a collective, a community that creates one living entity, we are the people and yet we are individual. which is true? is pain bliss and bliss pain in the mind of a sadist and a masochist or is it one in the same with different labels? I've wandered for a year or two to explore the tales of time about how to better form myself and i've come to realise this dust is naught but that. I fight for my community, I fight for a future, but I care not for flesh and bone but rather the ethos of humanity - collective humanity - the rising pheonix of community that unites us all and lest that be a horror to some well so be they formed into the fold for it will be a beautiful nightmare

*kicks you in the dick

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Violence isn't the answer.

is violence the question?

The question is whether to follow the white rabbit that is the spiral of humanity or to embrace that we aren't able to be selfish individuals any longer but rather we must grow to become the united.

These are it, really. They go after the reasonable people and try to push anyone remaining as far into the extreme as possible. There's a reason they nuked Baked Alaska's Sargon vs Anglin debate and banned his channel for it. in it, Sargon came off as a stammering fool, begging Anglin to admit he wanted to gas people, when Anglin admitted his articles and website in general were largely tongue-in-cheek. The same reason they went after Jared Taylor's Twitter, but left the clownworld LARPers. They want the right to look like the caricatures in their Hollywood films, that they've cultivated for decades.

You call me the unhuman," it might say to him, "and so I really am—for you; but I am so only because you bring me into opposition to the human, and I could despise myself only so long as I let myself be hypnotized into this opposition. I was contemptible because I sought my 'better self' outside me; I was the unhuman because I dreamed of the 'human'; I resembled the pious who hunger for their 'true self' and always remain 'poor sinners'; I thought of myself only in comparison to another; enough, I was not all in all, was not—unique.[102] But now I cease to appear to myself as the unhuman, cease to measure myself and let myself be measured by man, cease to recognize anything above me: consequently—adieu, humane critic! I only have been the unhuman, am it now no longer, but am the unique, yes, to your loathing, the egoistic; yet not the egoistic as it lets itself be measured by the human, humane, and unselfish, but the egoistic as the—unique.

Oh, so you don't want to get kicked in the dick?

I will explain it slowly and surely, I don't know if it would happen or if I should react to something that has or has not happened. I cannot weep tears of joy as france is won from it's tyrant king as I cannot feel the loss of a child for they are not my memory but I can instead view them as a film and that is where I stand, at a third view, away from the space of the action. The action may transpire, the nerves may hit my brain but I must also realise that my brain may so too be but a dream and a dream is not more than a lie and a lie is merely a thing waiting to be unveiled with the truth. The truth is the ultimate thing to strive for, to reach for and to grasp at, to forever seek and live towards but just like a warm from the earths core always trying to reach the surface I may not know which way I turn at all times and spend some of my days wandering in the dirt but the journey to the sun is well worth that writhing in the muck as I have done for these recent years. I spend my time to swell and grow in hopes of seeing that bright light and that bright light will so too show that those that may be illusions are not more than shades made of mist created by a machine running on the souls of men and the churning of gold.

Do you hear the people sing? That is the song of the dead, the fake, the 'real' the illusion, the tangible, this is all just what you make it. spoiler alert you're a blood cell in the body of the community but do you go and power that body or do you mutate into a cancer?

*gives you a wedgie

I'm guessing you're not going to understand…
read this:


then get back to me.

Have you tried this pitch at your local synagogue?

Just say you want it to stop, and I'll let you down. Balls hurt?

Do you think that this works?

Why do you think I'm of the jewish faith?

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He has a gun, normalfags just can't see it.

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I think if faced by never ending wedgies, you would protest.

Holy shit. For years, I thought that quote originated with Michael Moynihan.


Blood Axis dude?

Yeah. I thought he wrote the lyrics to the Electric Hellfire Club's "The Abbatoir Eternal," which is basically that text plus a little more.

(((Han))) should have just gotten shot repeatedly. That faggot was the worst part of the OT and even his actor knew it.

Why don't they meme removing guns from all movie posters, then? Han looks worried when they removed that gun from him. Did we really need to go back in time to when guns were replaced with walkie-talkies in E.T.? Surprisingly, Kathleen Kennedy was the producer at the time of E.T.

Why don't women understand guns?

They're really pushing the anti-gun shit, aren't they?
Between this, Reddit banning some gun subreddits and YouTube banning gun channels, they're setting themselves up to be put in a Self-Defence Situation™.

I hope this means they remove all guns from the upcoming movies and retroactively remove guns from the previous movies. If it saves even one life, after all.

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No guns. No toxic masculinity. Everyone getting along with everyone. Except with those fucking white males. I can't wait until someone shoots up a theater full of "old school" star wars fans to hasten the turnover of the fan base.

This movie will be a trainwreck beyond anyone's wildest imagination.

I don't know mate. I've got a pretty good imagination.

Only thing I can agree with tbh

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All hail the Breaker of Chairs, the Unfed, the true Queen of Westeros!

As leader of the muttposters, I would like to clarify something. I see champagne leftists trying to ride the meme with their obnoxious anti-white, anti-self rage: you will be the first against the wall. Latinos don't care for your life, spending a few years on the state's tab is perfectly OK as long as you have a large family outside.

The gringo needs to be taken down a few steps, because up there he's getting intoxicated on his own farts. But when he's woke, when he knows what getting his face dirtied is like, then he will be ready to do what's necessary.

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Government isn't an issue at this point, it's the corporations who enforce draconian laws. We need to stop consuming them.

Not possible, the "old school" fans aren't buying into soy wars.

Wouldn't a gun make you safer? I mean, you don't shoot at someone who might shoot you back.

Literally everyone on Earth could stop giving them money and they'd still keep it up because they are protected by financial leaders.

Zach, could you please give it a rest for once? We get it, you're terrified to fight in the ring against Gahoole, whatever, all this sniping is old.

shut up nazi

what did it mean by this?

It's essentially what they do to people during school.

A real fan stands by his wife or movie.

Damn straight, user.

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Like it makes a difference, guns in star wars never hit shit.

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The US has been socially engineering the west since the 1950's. Everything from gay right to desegregation was forced on to populations.

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This post is a really great example of overintellectualized bullshit from a nihilistic individual who has tried to deconstruct any sort of set meaning in life to recreate the world in his own bizarre image. Bunch of leftist bullshit

is that where the pisswater stole it from?

Shut up Jew. It was you.

He's pulling out his gun dumbass.

In light of recent events, I refuse to watch any Star Wars film that features any protagonist carrying, let alone using a weapon.
This isn't the dark ages anymore, Violence is never the answer.

How do we stop it?


Solo: A Star Wars Story has been delayed due to last-minute editing. All guns have been digitally replaced with fidget spinners, and any time the words "laser" "gun" or "weapon" is said, it's replaced with Chewie randomly grunting for comedic effect.