why do these types of photos exist and can i have more please?

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It's the interview pre porn shoot.

Follow the watermarks.


porn stars are human too?

Exactly. Also 2 out of the 3 pics are what user says here:

wtf i wan't to take a mentally ill venereal diseased woman to lunch now

that's a thing?

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Why would you feed them before sticking random objects up their ass?

For me? It's gotta be crabs legs.

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no one cared who I was before I started feeding them

You are a big fetishist

lol no they aren't

for jews

models seem less normal in these pics

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Bobbi Starr on the left, with her siblings and mom.

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pornstars are so wholesome!

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courtesy you fucking troglodyte

what about courtesy to the fucking minimum wage spics that have to give her enemas before her ass too ass scene?

they can go back to Mexico and settle for the country's minimum wage if they don't like it

Wait, she was married to a guy and he let himself get cucked?
fuck this retarded world, tbh

From a glance it looks like he was a producer and pimped her out, but I don't know how the marriage benefited her, might all be connected to her suicide.

Friendly reminder that Mia Khalifa is disgusting and her vagoo smells bad.

t. retarded frenchman that ruins every video he's in with his autistic moaning and sex talk

My dick.


She's pretty classy. She used to be an oboe teacher.

Jessie is so cute. She has this vid where she watches an amateur fuck a pornstar and she is naked and the camera guy discovers that she created this giant puddle of liquid, she laughs and says "I got so wet watching them fuck so passionately"


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Hey Mia, how's irrelevancy treating you? Or you still taking black dicks hoping for another 15 minutes of fame?



Gianna was such a cute before the industry did it's damage.

I know that ISIS threatening her helped make her really popular, but she only did porn for like a few months and her videos aren’t really good. It’s not like she’s Kami Kari, you know like only did porn for a bit but was incredibly hot and did good shit, so what gives? I don’t get why she’s like the #1 still

Don’t shit talk Manuel Ferrera. Nice digits though

Provide source pls

Some porn scenes do it as part of the set up. Sometimes it's a time-eating interview where he asks her questions she's supposed to give sexy answers to. Her measurements, the wildest things she's ever done, what she enjoys about the specific acts they're going to do, etc.

Other times it's an exhibition thing and she flashes her tits or cunt while they're eating in public. Other times as with BangBros part of the schtick is "This isn't a porn scene, this is a real girl we just picked up off the street and seduced into fucking on camera."

You think any porn stars would fuck you, Holla Forums? I know I could fuck Lexi Belle because she has daddy issues and is a little, and I have extensive experience with littles and attract them to a disgusting degree. I'm pretty sure I could get something going with Bobbi Starr too because she legitimately loves video games and giving head and I have a huge collection of retro games and have a dick.

Shame I'd rather be able to fuck one of the bustier ones, but I wouldn't pass up either of 'em. Actually, I probably wouldn't make it to fuck either of 'em. I mean to begin with I doubt my girlfriend would just overlook it, but even if I was single while I wouldn't overtly be a dick with them my disdain for their profession would be too hard for me to conceal, and I'd probably make it clear right away I could never take either of them seriously for dating which would I'm sure offend them both enough they wouldn't want to fuck.

Wish I could get more dirt on porn stars. I'd love to know if more of 'em are littles.

What does he mean by this?

I have a few hundred bucks, yes.

I think they would need at least four digits to lower themselves to your level.

Ever seen that video of Lexi where she says she wants to fuck "all the daddies"? Ever seen that cringy video of that girl singing a song about how she wants "cummies"? That's a little. Google ddlg, or check the lgdd board right here on 8ch, or even google adult baby or abdl.

Mostly girls who want to remain children and have severe daddy issues. Some dress like little kids, some like to wear diapers and act like children, they may claim to "regress" to a specific age, pacifiers, stuffed animals, etc.

If you can get passed the initial cringe, a deep voice, a beard and some fatherly concern is really all you need. Easiest fetish community, frankly.

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I now know what you meant by that, Thanks.

I’d love to fuck up a porn shoot at one of these things by sneaking in the background with a sign on Jewish influence in porn or just a pic of Varg’s face, make them redo the video or keep it in.

You really think they even know who Varg is?

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Didn't Varg himself get filmed in a porno? Or was that a sex tape with his wife?

It’s for the Varg fans, to remind those still watching porn to stop.

Speaking about pornstars who are also gamers, there's Roxy Raye and Lily Cade.

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Dunno why she went for porn. She can easy find some rich faggot and be a trophy wife.

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Jesus blacked really fucked her up, holy shit. It really isn't just a meme is it?

haha yes

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Friendly reminder that Stoya got her ex-boyfriend, James Deen, fired from by alleging, after they broke up, that he sexually abused her.

good. fuck that kike.

That's quite a rare Maisie you posted there


Doesn't she have AIDS and gave it to Charlie Sheen?

male or female?

She was one of the hottest, now her face is fucked. What the hell did they do to her?

A scene for Blacked.


I like how Gianna's tits rest on the table
I think this is my new fetish

The fug?

what search tags do i use to find more?
been using 'instagram food (name)'

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I guess I have to delete a few photos of my collection. They were supposed to be normal girls, just face pictures from wherever.
But I guess some of them were pornstars. Fuck this world.

Pornstars are so fucking gross.

i miss not knowing pornstars by name

why can't I find a qt traditional pornstar to date and marry, Holla Forums?


You are acting like you know every pornstar.
The only one I know is pinky, because years ago I saw one of her videos and that stupid name just stuck with me. No idea what her real name is though and I don't see why anyone should care that much about some whore.


I only like 15 pornstars by names.

When I used to watch regular porn videos I would just use search term to find what I want and then carry on with my life after I blew my load.
I treat pornstars like cheap whores. I do not waste a single thought on them, other then when I am fapping. And even then I always prefered amateur stuff.

porn is poison

I agree. That's why I mostly just jerk off to just modest pictures of womens' faces now.

This. That's why I fap to pictures of dogs and rats and other animals.


What? Oh like you've never done it.

I saw a few videos of that, but I never fapped to it.

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Porn whores are the perfect girls for channers.

Jessie Andrews a cute. I want to feed her then hatefuck her until she passes out.


Really? So it's really easy to get laid that way?

This thread made me think!