Who was in the wrong here?

Who was in the wrong here?

America is truly a wondrous country. Also, can't you get arrested for insulting an officer in the USA? Doesn't saying someone has a small penis because he's Asian count as an insult?

Not if it's a fact.

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He was a cool dude during the election. Just remembered him after a year and he seems to have gotten a little more eccentric.

lmfao I live in New Lenox and I see psychos like this everywhere

The guy who wouldn't ID himself. If someone looks suspicious I'd like to know that the cops would check it out and make sure it wasn't some felon nigger up to no good. Not like say the britbong police who'd just roll up in their cuckmobile to say hi and wish him luck in his jihad or whatever.

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America is autism incarnate.

Libertarianism is the ideology of autism.

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checks out, your entire existence is being a beta bitch submissive to higher powers, you're not a man you're a bitch made vagina

What religion do you prefer?

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I'm actually a police officer. I always enjoy using unnecessary force on autistic fedoras like you.

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No. You can insult anyone you want, including politicians, police, your neighbor, etc. We don't really have "hate speech" laws here yet

Most of the times cops are just doing their jobs and trying to get through their fucking day, but these guys are trying to show people that they have certain rights and the cop-state will come down on you if you try to realize those rights. It's hard to tell who's right or wrong.

I respect cops but not nazis, I hope someone kicks the shit out of you

Guy's an autistic faggot, but cops who can't tell the difference between a bulletproof vest and an article of clothing are retards.

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I'd like them to try.

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How so?

All he had to do was allow them to simply feel the fabric of his clothing. Literally a 3 second feeling of his jacket and him showing them his shirt would get him off the hook.

Instead, he flares up his autism and acts like a complete fucking idiot while they do their job. He didn't need to do any of the shit he did and turns a 20 second issue into 10 minutes so he can claim the establishment is fucking him over.

I'm very confused as to what people think cops do. Both sides of politics think they're unfairly harassed by police, but the truth is these people are confrontational and try to get the cops in trouble despite no wrongdoing on their part. If you simply comply with a basic identification and threat assessment, they have no reason to hold you. If you don't want to, which almost all first-world law systems make mandatory, then they will assume you have something to hide and will pursue it further.

The problem here is that they're going about this all wrong. They should stop the lunatic walking around in a face shroud. But you only need to do that once and let everyone know that you have a weird guy who looks suspicious but most likely isn't. If this guy has already dealt with this and caused trouble by LARPing outside then it shouldn't have taken 4 officers to integrate him for no real reason. It's also obvious that they were fucking with him. My problem with cops is that they do this very fake banter with you and its just infuriating to deal with, and you can tell they like pissing people off too. Obviously this lunatic gets agitated by police and they all chose to fuck with him as if he's under suspicion for terrorism or some shit instead of just talking to the guy like a normal human. Cops should either be hardened professionals or talk to you like a human. This shitty banter they do causes so many problems.

Or, as the guy mentions at the start, he's known to police and they frequently stop him because he's out in public doing weird shit.
If they have to see this guy dressed up in various outfits every week, every cop is going to get sick of it and they won't want to go to the call, so they'll keep sending cops who really don't want to be talking to the local nutjob and are visibly sick and tired of it.

The guy filming the scene vertically, no doubt


i dont believe its up for debate. they act like the constitution should be played with. they forget that they are terrorists



Did you ever shoot some nigger

It always bugs me that people don't just get some rubber and craft their own slightly human looking masks to wear just daily or to evade spying. If a cop tries anything while you're wearing vid related there's absolutely no way he'd question you.



Yeah, but only to incapacitate. Never killed anyone.