Japanese women are beaut-

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She doesn't even look japanese. Why was yoko ono so fucking ugly and twice as dumb. This is why europe is finished, they feel so bad for ugly stupid non-whites they give everything away to them.

BTW pic related is a real japanese female. Even without makeup and plastic surgery the real japanese female does not look as hideous as yoko ono, not beautiful but definitely not as bad.

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She is a leftist.


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If the end result is the most beautiful women on Earth, who cares how they get there.

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Japanese women are the best, you won't change my opinion
have a great day




Elvish beady-eyed goblin people tbh

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POWERFUL jaw for chewing through bolts. Aryan genes.

Jesus, they're trying so hard to look white.


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I suspect Yoko Ono is part Japanese macaque, but I wouldn't rule out that she is entirely.

related vid, which was posted here, really cured me of my yellow fever

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Asians have worse teeth than the british

I'm supposed to be disgusted by this?

If you have to ask then you're either a hapa or to far gone. In any case tell the abyss I said hello.

First one is still cute. Second one is terrifying

Daily reminder that you can divorce a woman in bugland if she gives you ugly children.

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I'd wish I had been chink if I were white if you know what I mean :^)

"Oh haiu Marku"

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Reminder that the asian face is a result of intense inbreeding, which caused chronical disfigurement that simply can't be cured anymore. Asians no longer look human, but rejects from Innsmouth.

anyone got that old photo of that Asian woman from side on view where her face is pretty much flat?

What eastern sorcery is this?

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I noticed that Japanese women tend either to be very pretty, or absolutely garbage looking. It's either 1/10 or 8+/10.

Drugs are not great for your skin.

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