Holla Forums blown the fuck out

Holla Forums blown the fuck out

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these Fucking cucks might as well be grabbing each other's dicks at this point.

If the personality thread is any indication, we got at least 3 soys in the last batch from reddit. All sperging about toxic masculinity.

just one shot from a high power tactical rifle could save us from a soy overdose


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what is the exact sauce of that gif?


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T.J Miller did nothing wrong.

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can't make this shit up

imagine being so insecure as to not have your bro's hand rest comfortably in your pocket

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It's not surprising. There's no evolutionary reason to be a big strong tough guy any longer. People are getting smarter and women are too. It's why our human is so black now, it's because we've grown up. Now we just laugh at the darkness and don't need to be Ugg and Ogg.

1st would be worse. You don't even get to stick your hand in anything.

That whole show is about constantly being treated like shit and screwed over despite having revolutionary technology. It shows the exact opposite of beta male triumph. I mean 4 seasons in and the only people who have anything to show for their efforts are Bighead and the loud idiot.

10/10 you didn't use any memes and it seems like something a leftist might actually say

i'm sorry i couldn't hear you over the sound of my our bridge collapsing

no, in fact dysgenic breeding patterns are only accelerating

Anyone ever hear Thomas Middleditch's improv on Comedy Bang Bang? I'm convinced he's an undercover shitlord hiding his power level, much of his comedy is highly un-PC.