Intersectionality is indeed the war of all against all.
Beloved author and outspoken Twitter user J.K. Rowling found herself in the middle of a social media flare-up on Wednesday after she accidentally liked a tweet that some users called "transphobic."

The tweet in question was meant to highlight the struggles women have long endured in parliament, but its reference to "men in dresses" was interpreted by some to be offensive to trans women.
In a statement to Newsweek, Rowling's spokesperson said the author swiped the like button on accident.

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wtf i like harry potter and emma watson now

JK just does not give a fuck. Unstoppable /ourqueen/!

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She isn't wrong. Why do you think she picked Emma Watson.


biggest laugh tonight, love the OP image choices

After some research the tweet that started the outrage by queer_queenie a self described trans woman (see picture attached)
So apparently Rowling is a TERF
Had to search for the definition Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist.
Basically not including transwomen in feminism is itself radical.

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More like the war of the weak against the strong, the stupid against the smart, the failures against the successful.

In a word, communism.

I love living in CY3

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There are several different types of feminists and there's nothing funnier than seeing them go at each other.

pretty much (((it)))

thx immediately thought to this Nazi shop.

totally righteous

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Faster, Millenial! Kill! Kill! [DiscoSpider]
Faster, Millenial! Kill! Kill! [DiscoSpider]
Replying to @mikeythelittle and @queer_queenie
Yes, how dare people that admired her work be immensely disappointed that she's transphobic. How dare they.

Roni 🌹💗💜💙🌹
Replying to @Sorenzo4, @queer_queenie, and @IPM_Tweets
It's super common with second wave feminists. Almost every famous white middle aged feminist is or has been a TERF. Gloria Steinem, Germaine Greer, Roseanne, etc.

I think the implication is that they're a radical feminist that's also trans-exclusionary, rather than the dislike of trannies being the radical part. I mean, i'm not an expert on this gay shit, but that's the meaning i took from the phrase any time i've encountered it.

They all oughtta go ahead and gas themselves though.

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your mom is a radical feminist

Reasonably sure she isn't. My mother is a nice woman.

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How's her milk taste?

What kind of shit person do you have to be to not love traps?

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Better than dad's.

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Was she a good mommy?


I'd say so. Probably a bit overprotective.

I mean, I know what you're trying to do, but i'm not insecure enough to give a shit :^)

While not wrong, this is her burning the bridge from both ends. I will just laugh as she plummets from fame, and I do expect accusations of plagarism or theft depending on how far she falls.

I remember there was a guy on Holla Forums who said his mother breastfed him until 7 or 9 because she had issues over having several miscarriages before him.

it was me ^_^

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like honey

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My sister had a miscarriage.
I can confirm it really fucks women up mentally, she was not the same person after that. It didn't help her husband is a complete asshole who used to make jokes about it.

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Please tell us some of these jokes

They weren't even good jokes. I can't remember many of them, but one that stuck with me was when I was down there on Christmas. He told me "blood comes out of there all the time, you'd think she'd be used to it!".

Sounds like a period joke tbh

/ourgirl/ JK is #WOKE

Holy shit

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Period joke dude, not that deep as her haunted vagina

Got my money on him pushing your sis down the stairs or something kek


Emma's not gonna like this, she stated that "gender is a spectrum" in her famous UN speech

Zach Braff on miscarriage

Never mind outrage, will she go on trial for "illegal tweet-liking"?

what about transgender men?

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Obviously Emma never read JK Rowling "My Struggle"

The left-wing trannies are the worst. Their obnoxious narcissism turned me from a SJW feminist to a right-wing.

I went from a liberal to borderline NatSoc because other liberals wrote dozens of articles calling me a bad person for liking video games.

lel, you're the living embodiment of the "Why did you make me do this? I just wanted to play video games" meme with Pepe and the pink haired SJW landwhale


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Do you have female breasts?

I feel you bro.

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For the record, she misread it as "dis dress", as in "this dress".

Why do you think that meme exists? It happened to thousands of us. We only ever wanted to be left alone. To live and let live. That was denied us.

So I guess the ginger kid will be trans next time. Or Harry himself. Or Hagrid. Or Doubledoor.

Comedic talent right there.

All of them.

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lmfao men in dresses is a term saying that women who succeed in politics in the UK do so by acting like men and not rocking the boat so to speak. Jesus fuck has society devolved if no one is capable of even understanding context

She's already black, shitlord!

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heavy twitter users lose the part of the brain that understands context. the site removed the 140 character limit now that their users are properly trained in duckspeak

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No it is real, she said she has a nazi uniform fetish

I went to highschool with a girl who's had three miscarriages now. Maybe God's trying to tell you something

And like clockwork, the left eats itself.
Too late Tavistock Twat, your the CIA's characters will be played by trans actors and you will ENJOY it.

This is one of those situations that, no matter who loses, we win.

I didn't want to see a bagina till marraige

Heh they will forget it in no time. Rowling is a far too powerful ally to shun away, they will give it a rest for a while and then slowly shill her back when it's convenient

they're all neutered in the end, look at the minecraft guy

He was never a voice about anything. He rose to fame after copycatting Infiniminer and selling it for an obscene amount and that's it, he never used whatever fame he has to push anything

snowflake vs snowflake

Uh, that's hardly enough, user. She must be a proud, independent black transwoman. I mean, it is the current year for crying out loud!

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Oh, so that's why Earth is such a complete shithole.

Totally not child abuse.

Why's his dick so tiny? Is he a Happa?

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harry potter has always been kino, people who insult it are shareblue shill degenerate kikes

a straight person

Whole generation grew up with Harry Potter, and the one character they all choose to emulate most is Dolores Fucking Umbridge.

This shit happened to me.
I still have goddamn problems.

I dumped that crazy bitch mother of mine in a madhouse a few months ago.

I still feel like a bastard.

uhhh guy?

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Like what, your faggotry? I'd have given her the dick instead of throwing her in an asylum like an ungrateful faggot.

Pic didn't get posted for some reason but it was Gosling in "Only God Forgives"

sadly, this man gets it

2016 wants its meme back.

2016 wants its meme back.

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brb buying all the books and movies to support her

Men’s asses are disasters. Doesn’t even rate to a woman’s tbqh.

Traps only work from the front, and then if they avoid being near a woman.

Umm, sweetie.

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She doesn't even have consistency on what she says, I think she's officially lost it.

imagine being this wrong

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get on my level

what's the name of the third girl?

I unironically need to see a big black dick drill that ass bareback. Maybe Holla Forums was right about us jews.

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we get it already you hate emma watson

she is literally based

Reported dor shilling


You know who has less consistency? Holla Forums