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He's right.


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He's probably a liberal twat who's right by accident, but he's not exactly wrong.

Yes, goy, those are good-goy thoughts. I expect you will be in support of the 99% shekel tax for our generous usury? We need to build more high-trust, multicultural (((communities))) for you.

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are we sure his last name isn't howerberg

Yeah I do. Donald Trump has fucked hundred or even thousands of supermodels and probably underage kids on Epstein's plane and pedophile island alongside Bill Clinton too. He can fart and have the entire media talk about it for the next week. He's rich because his dad was rich and he was able to ride inflation for 30 years. He has at least tens of millions of people who think he's awesome, and he lives rent free inside the heads of his enemies so much they obsess over his genitals. He's got millions of Jewish connections and is furthering their cause everyday. He's having the best time of his life and its hilarious to watch soyim bend over backwards to convince themselves he's miserable because they watched Citizen Kane one time and think that must be Drumpf.

sometimes i think he's not worthy to play Dennis
he doesn't really understand Dennis

Okay, Avi. You made your point.


This is why we need a national ethos.

Yeah, it’s called “give me mine and fuck you.” I’m not sacrificing shit for diversityland. Let Putin nuke the shithole after I get mine and get out of here for all I care.

And how rich is this fucker here?

How wonderfully altruistic of him. So how many of his fucking millions has he donated to help "build communites". Oh? Fucking none? What a shocker. What's so damn funny to me is that Trump has probably given and raised more for charity than this faggot and all his friends combined.
Don't have to look so far up. Dennis is Glenn Howerton having failed.

This is satire right? I don't know anything else about this guy but that pic and that text is exactly like something Sam Hyde would do.

i thought about it, but i think the picutre might just be in relation to the AP Bio show itself, not really accociated with the words in a meaningful way

He ironically seems quite obsessed with money.

unless it's him saying what a stuck up liberal professor would say about Donald Trump, then I could buy it


He's holding grapes like a greek god for fucks sake. I refuse to believe a writer for It's Always Sunny is this far up his own ass. Unless he's method acting as Dennis or some gay shit

Daily reminder that the 1% is mostly jews. who got in power through usury and cartels.

To be a leftist is to ignore this basic fact in every possible way, for the sole reason they're also the ideologues and funders of your group. Just like Iran had its islamic revolution, the west underwent a jewish revolution.

The photo seems satrical

He's literally clutching sour grapes in the image.

My sides, gone. He is right about crass materialism destroying people. A more succinct way of stating it instead of that wall of tryhard is:

that 80s show reunion when? that shit was kino IYKWIM

That '80s Show is a good example of potential being squandered. They tried to ride the wave of That '70s Show even though it had already peaked and declined massively. What they needed to do was wait say five, ten years and then bring out That '80s Show. Enough time for reruns of '70s to garner plenty of good will and let the audience recover from the late season burnout. The '80s revival we've experienced in the last few years could've really helped out too. What a shame that greedy, unimaginative producers decided to rush it out when it was clear the original show hadn't been liked for ages.

Also, whoever wrote for That 80s' Show obviously didn't have much love for the actual decade.

Is he wrong? No.
Is he pompous? Arguably but that may be because of those he surrounds himself with. When considering the human psyche we must think of ourselves like tofu in a pot absorbing all the flavor of those around us and ensuring we take on their properties even to the slightest of degrees for example if one were to join a club of altright they may soon find themself parroting the language, if one was to join a group of communists they may soon parrot their language too. This is seen in almost every undercover operation known to date and every infiltration, people adapt to those around them and so too has Dennis's actor. He has tasted the high life but he has enough cognition to fully understand what is going on that is to say he is fully able to really understand that their is an inequality and imbalance. He could have selected a better phrasing, forming and lucid way of saying so by explaining like explaining to the common man but unfortunately he has become a bourgeois tofu…

Is he wrong? No.
Has he lost his way? No.
He's simply adapted and evolved into his surroundings like a mighty tortoise on those isles of the ancient world…

How is Dennis a failure when he ended up being a man and leaving the crew to take care of his kid and wife? Dennis succeeded, he found his responsibility and something to live for. I don't understand.

Delete this disgusting anti-antisemitism right now!

Dennis is too profound for even his actor to fully understand. Which speaks to the deepness of his character.

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