Describe one (1) likable thing about each of these characters

Describe one (1) likable thing about each of these characters.

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That robot looks cool

Krennic was awesome though. Not in your pic. You probably didn't even watched the movie.

They all died.

Krennic was more useless then Boba Fett, a literal cuck.


Krennig was just Hux. He was everyone’s butt monkey.

In order:

The girl is a qt

from left to right
The robot has a somewhat humorous entrance
the chink is blind and disabilities are funny
the stronk female main character dies like a bitch
main(?) guy dies like a bitch
literally who
other guy is kinda funny when he's being tentacle raped

the second guy did Ip man

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K2-SO had amazing comedic timing and one liners. He was also a new model of droid that had not been seen in EU or cannon before.

Chirrut was a highly skilled martial artist with an interesting past that again introduced us to new content as a member of The Order of the Whills

Jyn showed depth of character in her love for her father and an undeniable tenacity that lead to, while both phyrric and tragic, a victory for the fledgling Alliance.

Cassian was a quick thinker and was willing to do anything for the Alliance, even kill. Again, showing us fresh content that had never been shown on screen before.

Baze had memorable interactions with Chirrut and his crackshot ability with the blaster was proven multiple times, showing he earned his status on the team.

Bodhi was a funny, likeable guy that despite being characterized as mainly a coward, was able to overcome his fears and aid his friends. A far better arc than the coward arc they have for Finn in the main trilogy.

How does it feel being wrong

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The Robbit was cool. That's all I've got.

There was literally nothing wrong with #iRebel

Eh. I still would tbpfhiykwim ;)

I know I saw this movie but I remember almost nothing about it. I think Vader was in it and there was a tropical island planet.

I want her to crush my balls.

This is what starfags actually consider a compelling premise.

As long as she wears copious amounts of makeup, keeps a neutral expression and a fishmouth, she looks 9/10

When it was the first level of Dark Forces and Kyle Katarn was the guy who got the plans, there was no fucking priblem.

I'll never forgive them for removing Kyle Katarn from the SW universe

Robot was funni

The robot is cool and sexy

your mom is cool and sexy

She's neither of these things unfortunately.

No. I like the robot.
Ning Nong's accent made me laugh.

I see you shitposting all over Holla Forums and Holla Forums
stop it

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They didn't remove Kyle, they just turned him into a spic and made his space asian qtpatoot waifu into the hero :^)
Jan Ors Jyn Erso origenal charecter donut stel

This movie saved us from an ISIS attack

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well at least I feel better about saying stupid shit on the internet knowing this guys' out there

Fuck off and go make some videos, E;R

open this image to die instantly

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Thank you.

And the ultimate fate of poor Kyle Katarn, having his thunder stolen by a cunt and being portrayed by an effeminate wetback.

Where's the Saudi film industry?

Too busy shoving fishes up the assholes of instagram whores and filming them while they fuck a dog.

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That sounds very specific.

There was an article about it. How these rich mudshits invite women from instagram to "model" in Dubai, Qatar and the like and it's basically a surefire sign they were fucked every way imaginable. There's descriptions of them getting gangbanged, fucked by animals as everyone watches, the usual piss and scat "play", to pop the cherry of the younger men, etc. Basically, if she said she went on a job to Saudi Arabia you know she's sucked mudshit cock and likely fucked a dog in the process.

>Yes this ** is real, I know a guy who is a "model recruiter" who gets paid to find girls who are basically willing to whore themselves out to rich Saudis with oil money. The Saudis pay anywhere from $10,000 to as much as $50,000 per girl for each trip which last anywhere from a weekend up to 2 weeks and they basically the out of the girls multiple times a day with with just about every fetish you could imagine including ** and pooping/peeing on the girls. The Saudis take pride in pooping/peeing on the girls and more often than not they make personal bets and hold contests to see who can get the most liquidy poop to drop on the girls faces, the winner gets to choose the next vacation spot and gets to pick his girls first.

why is everything blue?

That last part just sounds them desperately trying to cover their asses.

If you're bringing girls from all around the world to shit on their faces and watch them fuck dogs, then you want a solid paper trail to show how legitimate your activities are.

To this day i haven't watched a single nuSW movie and i am proven right in choice all the time.

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they all die

I can't, they're from reddit wars

Everything's blue in this world.

I thought it was the Bothans who got the plans for the death star? I've never seen a reason to watch this movie because the OT retcons it.

Robot is different from other robots in the franchise because he is actually built for combat and is kind of a villain.

Asian dude is a good character in terms of showing people who "have some of the force" in the universe, it was never actually shown before.

She is cute and her relation to the character after her and how it is what moved the whole op is actually a better character concept than fucking Rey.

He had a big stick and a machinegun. It was nice to see someone use a blunt weapon without gay shit in it, but a bit too contrasting for the universe I think.

Ok, I don't remember that fag.

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Kill Bot 5000 had the most personality at of all of them.
Ip man made a great Master of Teräs Käsi.
Not Jan Ors wasn't Jan Ors so I could enjoy her failure and death.
Not Kyle Katarn wasn't Kyle Katarn so I could enjoy his failure and death.
Heavy Weapons Asian guy got shit done, Guan Yu would have been proud.

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some lines i liked and the design is interesting, despite not fitting in at all with the era, looks like IG-88 and EV-9D9 had a lovechild and dropped it a few times
i like donnie yen in general, and his kung fu nonsense at least made the fighting fun to watch
in this new phase of ugly women being massively dolled up and praised as beautiful, she's at least a step above marey sue, but that isn't saying much as both of them are the worst written characters in their movies despite being the leads
they at least gave him some form of backstory as to why he's the only character with any brains
his interaction with donnie
literally nothing tbh, i felt bad for him dying because it seemed out of place, he was just an autistic pilot who wanted to do what he felt was right