Has Holla Forums ever tried a penis pump?

Has Holla Forums ever tried a penis pump?

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wtf did I just watch.

That fucking open mouth licking motion is so gay.
Gay Community.

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But do they charge crystals?

that's uhhh a very wholesome set for this kind of video

The girl sucking him off at the end there is erica boyer.

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It's not mine, baby! That sort of thing isn't my bag!

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You meant "was", apparently she died on 2009.
She died in a pedestrian accident on New Year's Eve, 2009, aged 53.[2][12] At the time she was married and had a son.[1] She reportedly died instantly when she was struck by an individual driving a 2001 4-door Hyundai.

But isn't the effect just temporary? And doesn't this shit give you erectile dysfunction?

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oh lawdy lawd


I didn't even know these things were real until now. Thought it was just a Austin Powers gag.

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Have some more efukt kino.
This one's a bit sad, though.

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omg it's my sister

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He fucking banged her without condoms, omfg, even with a condom and paid I would have said no.

she could be someone's sister, so why not /ourfagit/'s?

That happens if you misuse or overuse them. Too many people do it multiple times a day during an erection which is flat out stated not how it's supposed to be used. People also rely on the pump solely instead of mixing it with stretching and muscle exercises.
Imagine putting your arm in a vacuum and expecting it to make your muscles bigger. Same shit.

Also don't use one that's any more than 150% the size of your dick at a full erection. That's just asking for torn ligaments.

pro tip: the chance of the man getting infected from unprotected vaginal intercourse with an HIV-positive woman is only like 20%

Isn't Jelquing and stretchingg equally meme-tier and dangerous?

is this guy serious lol.

Only because retards misused the technique and gave a bad reputation. For every 1 person who actually does this stuff the way you're supposed to there's 60 niggers fucking it up.

still safer than scrotal infusion

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Infection chance for the inserting person is actually only like 0.23%, the penetrated person however…
t. the gay community

that's anal. vaginal is different


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that asshole is hella black

You are right, it's even lower.

There are still plenty of reasons not to.

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Except HPV, nothing a 500 baht package of antibiotics couldn't fix.
And that shit only makes you to the bringer of cancer for women.

interesting. brb, going to the red light district

Haha benis bump

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oh dog

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