Sup reddit bros

sup reddit bros
the new Deadpool trailer just dropped
ebin with some based black Domino for progressive points



>caring about (((filmmaking)))

>caring about (((((((((((filmmaking)))))))))))))))
good fucking goy

is deadpool 1 worth watching?

It has its moments

So deep. So progressive.


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Isn't that the dog man from Spaceballs?

It's better than most capeshit. It is a fairly decent movie, but not something worth seeing more than once.

Memepool is kino tbpfh.

It's pretty damn funny and actually kind of sweet.

This is highly unfortunate.

what if they throw us a curveball and she turns white at the end

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Why is Domino a nigger?

They at least made her an uneducated nigger. Come on, goys, they're meeting us halfway here at least, right?

Stop talking like a nigger.

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If you are a bugman obssesed with pop culture, yes. The appeal of the movie is making the audience feels nerdy and smart

I want to have sex with Morena Baccarin and Brianna Hildebrand tbh**

Now her name doesn't even make sense. Domino blocks aren't black with white dots, could've just renamed her "The reverse 50% coon" or something.

Deadpool was a pretty conventional superhero film except for the rating. And the 4th wall moments weren't that funny.

They get old fast. No comedic timing or punch, just something that makes the audience feels "nerdy"

us nerds amiright?

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Is this serious?

Can't wait for the joke about deadpool letting domino fuck his girlfriend

I'm ok with this

Oh its real.

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Is that all he does, film himself hyping up advertisement with that dumb fucking soyface? That shit looks terrible all the time.

Why is Deadpool such a pussy-whipped bitch in these movies? I didn't read too many of the comics but from what I remember, he usually has a "fuck with me and you're dead" type mindset. Unlike here, where he comes across as everyone's doormat. Maybe the character has changed recently but it's clearly not for the better. I mean for fuck sake, why would you show your "badass" anti-hero getting pegged in the first half of the first film.

Depends from the writer. Some write Deadpool as a complete psychopath that only pretends to be a meme sprouting goofball and will fuck you up if you drop your guard, while others take his redditor personality at face value and use his a meme vomiting device in lieu of actually writing an interesting story.

Best version of the character was, surprisingly enough, in that shitpile of a cartoon called Ultimate Spiderman. They nailed the fact that Deadpool is batshit insane and scary perfectly.

Because classic Deadpool had too much toxic masculinity in him. He's pansexual and nerdy now.

it's like having sight in the land of the blind

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she is not ugly but she is not domino or anything for sure.

They'll keep pushing the fantasy that "nigger women are attractive" until we gas them.

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Because it was funny. He and Vanessa are perverse freaks having holiday-themed sex, so on International Womens' Day, she fucks him in the ass, which is what feminism is all about.


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Oh hey it's my favorite [insert video game] character
Glad to see she's branching out into new mediums

I really hope the writers understand what a joke this is

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Didn't some stuntbitch die because the stuntcasting forced them to use someone who didn't have any real stunt training?

Leftists are incapable of humor.

at first movie be like
but then movie be like

Yeah, that's literally something capeshit doesn't do

The biggest problem the movie has is that the writers think "FUCK FUCK SHIT FUCKING SHITFUCKER" is a replacement for actual comedy

whats with nigresses and fucking afros?
even dreadlocks look better than that shit
it's not enough they put a monkey the just have to make it look as ugly as possible

Crank is Deadpool done right.

It's basically niggers giving upon ever having human-looking hair without application of chemicals and machinery

user, there is no force in the universe that can make a nigger female look attractive.

there will never be and atractive nigress
but at least they could make them less disgusting
even a turd wont bother you as much if it doesn't smell

You realize afro's are their natural hair, right?


Dreadlocks are objectively the ugliest hairstyle on this earth.

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Smelliest too, but I guess it's hard to tell with niggers considering they smell anyway.

soyboy as fuck

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there is truly a place for everyone in this world

I hope this happens.

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People actually make expressions when they watch shit? I don't look at my friends when we watch shit together and I certainly don't I might smile but that is it.

Verbally laughing or snorting excluded

Seems like the movie will have openly lesbian characters. +2 points for diversity, even if the lesbians are there to appeal to male nerds.

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Lesbianism is basically part of alpha male mate selection process at this point.

Youtube reaction videos can be thought of as a resurgence of silent movie style acting. There's no way even the most soy-laden consumer paypig varies that severely in emotions just based on what's on-screen. A stoic-faced (minus a moment or two) video of a trailer and a person watching it would appeal to no one, so they have to ham up their reactions to everything to convey whether they like something or don't (and they almost never don't).

As for the appeal of it, fuck if I know. I think it's mostly for autists so they can feel like they can recognize some emotion.

yeah you could say she was an inclusion rider

she is donald glovers new pet and he is part of the team creating the new deadpool cartoon so its fair to assume he pushed her for the role

Domino will be black in the new cartoon then?

no idea but probably if it wants to follow the movie franchise


Spoilers leaked a while back.

The X-Force except for Domino all die parachuting out of that aircraft. I guess Fox have given up on the idea of making an X-Force movie so they're just a bad gag in Deadpool 2.

Vanessa dies at the start of the movie but at the end Deadpool uses time travel to bring her back.

Deadpool is forced to wear some collar that takes away his powers and gets shot and killed by Cable at the end trying to defend the kid that would become the evil mutant that kills Cable's family in the future but then Cable uses his time travel to stop Deadpool from being killed and the kid decides not to become evil.

There is a very brief joke cameo from the X-Men Apocalypse cast.

They're doing a bunch of reshoots because all this garbage tested poorly.

clearly they meant Anna Diop as DiversityHire

Sounds really bad

sorry but cornrows on anything other than blacks is ugliest hairstyle

Dems are the real racists tbh

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this just gets worse and worse doesn't it?

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i just rewatch the part where he hits the guy in the face with the cement block
i love the momentum and follow-through

if anything they should have casted a qt pi anime voice actor gril

Stop thinking about making something you and other people would enjoy.

There can only be…

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user what the fuck
pls stop


Fake and gay.

A shiggy diggy.

I don't hate that Domino is black with a white eyepatch but that lifeless afro has to go.

I would laugh if the director had the balls to do that…

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Was Domino being a chink not "diverse" enough for them? Are the kikes taking the honorary aryan meme seriously and aiming to destroy the gooks too?

Isn't that the dude from Lethal Weapon? When did he become young?


Its probably more that they are trying to avoid shipping Asian women and white men, because that doesn't degenerate society despite what the white natsoc crowd thinks.

While I hate all that shit, what I heard tested poorly was all the Social Justice shit.

-Rusty Collins is a fatass now. This is the new thing they're doing, Whizzer was re-written as a fatass in Jessica Jones. All the white guys will either be skinny soyboys or fatass doughboys. In the comics he's usually paired with his girlfriend Skids who had the power to create a force field around her body that let her slide along surfaces like her whole body was a skateboard and deflect damage.
-Negasonic is a lesbian now. She has an asian girlfriend with electric whip powers. Also she's a super genius as she repairs the time machine.
-One line they've already changed, in the original cut Deadpool announces his team is the X-Force because "X-Men is a sexist name, this is more inclusive." This tested poorly so they changed it to a joke about X-Force being derivative.
-Juggernaut is in it, he's defeated by having an electric cable shoved up his ass by Colossus and then being pushed into the water and being electrocuted.

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He was good in Community, I'll admit that.

Look at all these Drumpf Cucks getting mad/ BTFO about PoC. Makes me happy when cuckservatives are put in their place

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Looks like he breed with a Puli

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