Why'd you have to go and make threads so complicated? I see the way you're posting like you're somebody else...

why'd you have to go and make threads so complicated? I see the way you're posting like you're somebody else, gets me frustrated.

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Fuck you for that OP.


Surely lies and slander. Whats the difference between person and personage?


Whats the point if you're mocking me anyway?

when it is 10 minyoots and ribbon has 0 kills and you can feel her sexual frustration and the incoming desperate flash plays

he's very meticulous with his word choice.

Well the rain fucked that nicely.

To accentuate the derision.

That windslash was pitiful.

Did it take it from behind, maybe give them a nice ass massage beforehand?

can you buy me a wukong skin


it's league of legends.
every action one could or would take in the game is pitiful.

No, I already wasted $10.

You could do it more efficiently.

I'm so wet.


What's the point of mocking me in the first place? What if I actually get upset with you?


teemo is pretty fun

but that doesn't have anything to do with me.

I am the most efficient league player. I don't even install the game. this makes me a winner, tied with everyone else who does not play.

think more...inflated sense of ego exacerbated by a good lexicon.


I would feel a combination of ire and remorse over causing you emotional turmoil that would eventuate in my departure from your life to avoid its inexorable recurrence.

Neither does my generosity~

You are far from a winner in any sense.

at least I don't play league of legends.

But you play Team Fortress 2.

I play overwatch, which has one pretty big difference.

I don't completely suck at it.

I feel like you owe me

your point is not invalid, though.

I have doubts about you departing for some reason. Why now?

One comes with the other I assume.


far better than league of legends.

I will take your word for it.

I believe that would make you a whore.


yes. you're good at taking things from me.

Like your bitching about how hard life is.

it's the one game I can't play.

Perhaps we should depart together. Within the next hour or so.

You cannot win anyway.

at least I got to meet you.


Darwin give me an emote kiss

Why? What will happen within the next hour?

See what I said about not winning?

maybe it's worth not winning sometimes.

I refrain from further remarks on the matter.


You'll go to bed.


are you scared of something?

Yeah, who wants to be student body president anyway?


That was a strange request coming from you.

A botched vasectomy.

nice desu ne

Had I not said anything then you most likely would've. Now you might stay up just to prove me wrong.

Would I be so petty and determined?

in elementary school there was a super popular kid named forest who ran with "run forest run" on the posters. looking back it's pretty amusing because I doubt very many elementary school age children would have seen forest gump, as this was still back when parents gave the slightest hint of a crap.

Those are like your two most defining attributes.

I still have not seen it, as it happens.

I would say pettiness and laziness, not determination.

STDs are like Pokemon gotta catch em all

Some say that not buying me a skin to make up for mental scarring is about the same as getting a botched vasectomy

It does not even make sense because his name is FORREST Gump, not forest.

tsuchi seems to have gone to bed so I'll do this for him

and cupcake already has.

What mental scarring even?

so was the kid I'm talking about, probably. it was a long time ago, forrest is not the correct way to spell forest so it didn't even occur to me.

You can be determined about things. I've seen that plenty from you as it happens. It's rarely in my favor though.

It comes and goes.


the only thing I've ever seen darwin be truly determined about is being an ass.

just seems like the type of comment tsuchi would make and I'm the only one around right now he'd be likely to use in the joke.

But he was named after one of the early leaders of the KKK.

About what things?

no idea who the kid I'm remembering was named after. but I'm going to guess not that.

He can be nice.

Important things.


never once have I said he couldn't be. he's quite nice to me, all things considered.

I am pure as the driven snow.

eat my dick

You ruined a couple prime years of my life, along with my body.

that sounds a bit unappetizing.

sounds like you should be the one buying him things, not the other way around.


Oh yeah probably

I pity that child.

maybe emily now that he's here.

better than being named some mlp pony related thing.

I don't doubt it.


we named the dog twilight sparkle

Maybe it helps her husband is half-japanese tho

better than naming your kid that.

thats not the usual response.

marry me?

it's too early for sluttery right now.

I meant Tom Hanks in the movie.

Name them.

Your body was ruined before I even got here.


We named the monkey Jack.

Never mind then, you're allowed to give a one fourth Japanese kid a Japanese name.

yes, I knew that. my response remains the same.

It sounds like that? Cuz I don't have have a corny joke about hearing to illustrate how wrong you are

I'm aboard om a ferry and bored. Also testing your obedience~

I'd rather not think about tsuchi at all

most people would pay anything to have darwin ruin their body.

s a v a g e

Where are you heading to?

it's never too early. just look at what you're posting, you clearly want to suck some men dry

Then you are still dumb for misremembering the name.

most of the time, yes.

I am dumb for many reasons. this one is one I can live with quite easily.

This is not the time and place for that.

slap yourself in the face a few times like it's my dick. you have work to do soon

I don't think I have anything small enough to stimulate being slapped by that.


Freudian slip


It's actually fantastic now, if your memory serves.
Aside from that, I'm still recovering from what you did to my head

Maybe some worthless man with daddy issues, but my issues lie solely with my sister, fortunately.

What's up with you?


how do you mean?

I feel like we are going to be arguing about stuff we have belabored.

My apologies for that have already been extended.

its big enough to make you moan. idgaf

I don't know. I'm a bit of a size queen.

Like what's going on?

Family trip. Just around in Denmark

oh, I read the tone wrong.

nothing really. I went to bed too early and didn't get much sleep so I'm here to pass the time until work.

youre just trying to get me to show you -it- again

Totes fam

And your affection remains retracted, conversely.
I'm hungry.

have I ever seen yours, user?

When do you work?

randers regnskov

my ride will likely be here in 4-5 hours.

only once or twice, you usually don't look at it and just let me throat fuck you

I had no intentions of doing so. The determination I've seen from you haven't been inherently negative.

that does sound like me, actually.

My last stab at affection had no favorable consequences for me recently, so I am not in a state of mind to do that for some time.

I will just have to trust you.

the next time i see you i'm just going to say "knees". okay?

I thought consequences are always negative

a greeting I am used to.


I'm the most trustworthy person I know, so that should be easy.


consequences are merely the results of actions taken, they are not inherently good or bad.

You always tempt me with that ass of yours but I know how you love to keep your mouth occupied, makes me want to share you or get you a ball gag.

I already own a ball gag.



Yes, it has always been easy.

That is my favorite conversation ender.

So you're already used to it. You'll enjoy two in you at once anyways.

It's true, he "Oh."-ed me just earlier.

two of what? I doubt I could open my mouth wide enough for two ball gags.

I should have said love. Oh well he knows.

Not quite. I'm going to a brewery later though

I wonder what Mordin's O face looks like

two cocks, silly boy.

oh, of course. yes, that would be quite nice.

I'm learning and it's not even breakfast time.

Then you should have let it do its job

Don't tell anyone, okay?

Now who do we get to fuck your throat just like I do? I'm looking around here and only see two people fit for the job.

oh, I'm sorry. learning is the worst.

who exactly would I tell?

give it a few more hours and maybe more choices will come along.

When accompanied by a reply like that, it makes me think you're being indecent.

It seems sexual when you say it.

I used it earlier. You will not anticipate when I will cease this one.


They won't be as good.

see the first reply of


you seem to know me well enough to know that my standards are not exactly high for this.

You know...HIM....

That was not the context this time around.

And it was not even my intention for it to look that way!

oh, of course. I won't tell him.

Well, yes, but you have a remarkable knack for turning innocuous comments into licentious ones.

Phew...I feel so relieved~

That may be true but I don't want a complete random to be fucking you with me, even though you would love that.

You say that but just look at that picture you posted. We can all tell how bad you want it

I want the new game to come out.

not sure why you'd care very much.

That's not Gamenerd is it?


I'm innocent. It's just your perverted mind filling the contextual holes.

What is it that I want exactly?

I bet it's tsuchi

Yus! Some new lets play material to watch during this semester at uni. I could watch it now, but I don't wanna turn on annotations to read the Japanese words.

watch? I play the games, I've played all five so far. they are some of my favorites.

You'll see~

probably 's dick

I suppose I will.

I like learning about other people, sometimes.

I don't want to have a conversation about ending conversations.
Tell you what, I'm going to go to the bathroom and powder my nose.
You sit here, and think of something to talk about.

More so than anyone else in this thread?

I've been watching them like movies just because. I don't have money for the actual game in the first place.

Because that is what you have done in the past.

I will give it a shot.

I only paid for the first one and the last one. worth it.

I suppose watching them will give a very similar experience. it is quite fun to be in the game though.


Just watch the Phoenix Wright anime. :^)

I can only imagine it was completely incidental.

What makes you say that?

I watched the first episode. seems pretty faithful. not like it's hard to make an animated show out of a visual novel game.

I made it...two? or so in.
It was painful.

So much for your honesty.

Oh definitely. I was so happy to see that it wasn't trying to be always wacky and goofy. Serious plots covered by a childish undertone. Just how I like my cartoons.

A lot of VNs have multiple routes which actually makes it difficult to adapt and VN adaptations very often suffer because of this.

I watched two episodes with Grim, I'd never played the games but as a show it really doesn't seem that good.

I was just messing around! Yes, I'm a filthy stinky implication whore.

OK great what do you got?

Get your ass in bed.

As in, go to sleep and fix your woeful sleep schedule.

this doesn't surprise me. you don't strike me as the type of person to be able to enjoy things.

phoenix wright does not have this problem.

yeah. it never takes itself too seriously, and the characters are just over the top enough to be good.

it's more fun to actually play them.

Good that you specify, we would've thought that it was an invitation otherwise.

You are being too harsh on yourself.

I do have something related to a previous post.

I can enjoy things that are decent.
You and the Ace Attorney anime do no qualify as decent.

Sleep is difficult.

Maybe so. That doesn't change the fact that the show itself is terrible.


Go on

everything is subjective.

maybe it is. I only watched one episode.

who are you?


Who killed big tits, test ;;


It's 6 and I probably need to set an alarm for like 9 or 10 so I'm a fucking hypocrite.

You are objectively bad.

Sleep is Complicated.

I hope to never find out.

Hi, 2012.


Who's using my shit

That can't be Chii.
There's ankles.

Oh nvm

no need to get short with me.
it was just a question.

seems like an opinion. albeit one I happen to agree with.

everything is.



Jesus, the outside world is a hellish dark orange color. Am I in Hell?

My dick is complicated

I still giggle at those

He went to bed just now. He said it was so you couldn't anticipate the conversation end, as stated.

It irks me a bit because there are VNs that I've read where the adaptation was pretty lackluster. And now that there is an adaptation for those, it's not that likely it'll get another one.


At least we can suffer together.


sounds like it's just sunrise.


always a shame when that happens. like with the attempt at a modern hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy movie. how they could have such a perfect cast for those characters and still have such a mediocre movie astounds me.

Interestingly, Let Go is the only Album from her on my computer right now.

And it's the only one I actually own.

♫♫Life's like this, you
♫♫You fall, and you crawl
♫♫And you break, and you take
♫♫What you get, and you turn it into Honest
♫♫You promised me I'm never gonna find you fakin'
♫♫No, no, no


Going for a jog, bbl

Just like I'm objectively the closest thing to being Christ in the last 2000 years.

I'll probably sleep through the alarm and have like a dozen missed calls, texts and emails again.


I prefer weird al's version.

there are cops on zebras outside

don't trip and die.

an opinion I believe you truly have, yes.

it isn't.

It's exclusively gay.

But it's like, REALLY unusually tinted yellow out there. As if this just became a movie.

I actually like her music.
But I'm basically a giant fucking faggot wanna-be woman, so what do my tastes matter.

prostate stimulation is as gay as g spot stimulation is sapphic.

Worship me, mortal.


Avril is a goddess

just don't go outside. that's the answer to most problems.

some of the songs are genuinely enjoyable, even if they aren't very good. lots of pop music is like that.

we tried that, didn't work out.


Fuck everything about that, I know that feeling.

I've had times where I'm certain I turned an alarm on and I wake up an hour after I'm supposed to have been out the door and I'm not sure if I didn't set an alarm or turned it off in a sleep drunk daze.


I'll heal the sick.

all you need is a finger and some practice to get prostate stimulation. any man who hasn't tried it at least once is missing out. the orgasms are so intense it's not even funny.

It's okay if one of the parties is wearing a skirt.

seems like you do the opposite.

Didn't anyway because that's where the niggers sare hidiing

I didn't see the movie. Was there more than one? Well I had forgotten the fact that they made it actually. I remember reading the books when I was a kid.

Are you ending our conversation?

What if it's any other anal stimulation toy that isn't shaped like a penis? Is it less gay then?


they're always hiding.

there were many screen adaptations early on, but the modern one was back in the 2000's starting martin freeman.

not good my dude

I won't even be drunk and can sleep through Armageddon going on outside once I hit like a week of perpetual sleep deprivation.

I imagine cleaning under your fingernails is a rather disgusting experience, eh.

Being a homosexual deviant doesn't make you any better than dickgirls and other transtrenders, nor does it put you any less at odds with God and nature.

what the fuck


not like I care one way or the other, I am gay so no matter which side of this argument is right, I win.

if you constantly have shit just sitting that close to the exit I feel pretty sorry for you.

Een buitenlander.



Wanna hide together?

more or less.

that's what we're already doing, is it not?

I'm finding you and I listen to a lot of the same music.

Unless you're just being ironic in which case now I don't know how to feel.

some... songs...

Maybe it's just that I listened to a lot of her growing up.

♫♫Because I've never felt like this before
♫♫I'm naked
♫♫Around you
♫♫Does it show?
♫♫You see right through me
♫♫And I can't hide
♫♫I'm naked
♫♫Around you
♫♫And it feels so right

she is canadian. makes sense. I was busy listening to rush, and that filled my canada quota nicely.

I meant in a more physical, up close and personal sense.

There are so many movies that I didn't see. Well I guess you're that way too, you didn't see forrest gump. I remember seeing that movie in school at least twice.

What about beads and stuff? I could understand the argument behind someone claiming they're not gay yet they enjoy being stimulated that way. Like when a girl does it while going down on you.

wat le fuq

I don't care either way but it's just more baffling the mental hoops people jump through to rationalize it.

seems risky.

yes, I have missed many movies as well. it's hard to see everything. some things are bound to slip through the cracks.

I bet you were listening to Barenaked Ladies too.

I think it's baffling that anyone would consider personal stimulation to be gay.

I've really only heard the song "one week"

For me. You won't have to do anything. I'm willing to make the life threatening trip just for ONE hug.

lol oh yeah

well when you show up you can have one, then.

tis vakantie en het regent



whats going on??

Why sad

Im never ironic when it comes to canadian dishpots

you seem confused. typical tokai.


You're the best

I've been trying to make up for the fact recently. I've seen more movies so far in 2016 than I did in 2010-2015 easily.

And I say hey, hey, hey, hey hey
Hey, hey, hey
I said hey, what's goin' on

I found my emergency stash. I am legit happy af right now!


Luka gtfo

so some say.

I don't understand why I have trouble watching movies. I will watch a show with more than 100 episodes in a matter of days, but I can't seem to focus on an entire movie very often.

Well then.

I've been listening to Avril Lavigne since I woke up because of Cupcake.

I just got confused.


and weird al has a better version of that too.

Niet in Syrie.


git gud scrub

Masturbation isn't in some vacuum of stimuli other than the physical acts. There's still sexuality related to other aspects of it as much as the physical acts. You're literally fucking yourself in the ass at that moment. Kind of hard to say "I'm totally thinking of girls when I'm being fucked in the ass because I'm definitely not gay". Just weird levels of rationalizations for something that isn't black or white.


Have confidence, dear.

lonely :(

I don't like a lot of weird al, actually.


I just have issues getting started really. Once I'm watching something I can concentrate just fine, but I sometimes struggle to start up something. End up wasting days away not really doing much of anything.

Get out.

all on your ownly :/

This seems to be an important issue to you Tsuchi. Do you have something to tell us?

What floats your boat needn't float mine.

I wanna do fun holiday stuff but its raining and im cold

you big bully

mordin i swear ff

I used to listen sk8er boi all the time

extra airmiles in alleppo


Then you got a bad boat.

Hey, it's blocking my depression and anxieties right now. Everyone's entitled to their drug of choice.

seems like you just have a lot of hang ups, and I'm pretty positive I know why. there is nothing inherently gay about anal stimulation, regardless of your gender. it's just another way to get off. if you are being stimulated by another man's cock, that's gay, sure. if you're playing just with yourself, it's as straight as you are. so it all depends on the person.

the only people I've ever seen with arguments like yours are people in the closet.

Celebrate indoors



I'm going to see him in concert soon. pretty excited.

yeah, same here. to your whole post, really.

you're the bully.

This is what I like Erin
this is what I read


what are you anxious over

That's some ESPN level shit, or something.

That's what just came on.

Must be better than yours if I'm alright with people having different tastes.

Sounds fun, I hope you enjoy it.


Thanks for still being there, 1990s punchlines.


it seems likely that I will, which is a nice change for once.

you know as well as I do that I do not think this way.

I'm just messing around.

sticking something up your asshole that isn't a dildo and saying it's not gay is like sucking on a banana and saying it's not gay
it's pretty fucking gay

masturbation seems decidedly not an lgbt issue. or an issue at all really.

So wait shoving a dildo up your ass isn't gay

this is a strange post.

Stop picking on Steve Buscemi just because he has a fucked up face Erin.
Or I will bring you over to his parent's house and make you apologize to that poor nice boy and you will be grounded for two days with no pretty princess points

That guy is gross
Women who moist for him and fangasm for this man are disgusting trash.

damage control

pda isn't my thing anymore.



yeah dude so that means youre straight

the answer to your question is no

didn't think so, but would have been amusing.


You've changed for the worse...


Could you hear it in your head?

Just lack of motivation I suppose. Sometimes it's good to try to get things started anyway.

You always seemed to get a kick out of my erotic jokes about cummies and daddies.

Is eating bananas gay?

I saw this one in the star trek movie!

Cupcake, gimme huffs.

Ironic shitposting is still just shitposting.

agree to disagree I suppose.

it's just I'm so lazy.



only when you do it :^)

I can't say I feel any regrets.



its better now, i got comfy

what'd I do?!

I know exactly what you do

zonnig en geen last van muggen


Hugs, sorry.
I typo'd.

No job, no money, no car, my first doctor's appointment for my depression since my insurance switch, filling out medical forms, getting a new ssn card, applying to a program to find jobs with disabilities, my old job begging me to do some things for them because I'm a cheap and quick buck, parents who won't respect my boundaries

I think I've said enough tho


See ?

you know what you did, and do.

should ask them for help if it is overwhelming

give me military movies so i can cry pls


Never thought it would end like this...not with you...not my oooooold, oold friend...



you're supposed to see synecdoche new york


I just watched we were soldiers the other day

Seriously, are you Gamenerd?


I've never really listened to this band. I'm not hating it.

I'm plenty affectionate in private.

always needs to be an exception to the rules.

get me my nos from the fridge?
I'm dying.

I need to constantly make sure people understand that I'm more important.

Everyone is until they stop to be. Probably.

I don't think I eat them any differently from most people!



True, but....you just seem to have gotten cold over the years, and it worries me.


Are you comfy?

nuhuh I don't


My parents or my old job?

the fridge
my nos

Let it continue forever.

yes, I know.

that makes sense.

yeah, people change.

don't lie to me, tokai.

I thought about responding and then thought I had.

What am I doing right now then?

Yes but I am a little cold

24 hours sure seems to be a loose term on this site.

making a list and checking it twice

Oh God

Oh God

Their songs are really fun to play with in a band.

Oh. Well you're probably all good then.

I almost wish I could play an instrument, and then I remember that I'm too lazy to do anything anyway.

If Uncle Ray was real, you'd give him a hug.

whichever works really. i figure the family would be more likely to help out with dumb paperwork

I wasn't so sure myself. I think it's one of those things where you'd see a positive trend once you start doing things and get past the "hump".

24 hours is more of a suggestion, really.

I eagerly await the day she can come to terms with her internal struggles.

You should be happy with a magikarp 'cause you get a ton of candy and you're much closer to that gyarados..

I want to teach Neko how to catch his first pokemon.

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Hi Bebop. I know we don't talk at all, but I wanted to say thank you now that I know you are admin of this board. I honestly had no clue.

That is all.

It's pretty good
Made my brother cry


almost did