Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi™ webm thread



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Is the "laser sword™" tug of war part real?
It looks like shit.

Yes, all of it is real.

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Reminder that Amerimutt audiences were so retarded they thought the silence when Admiral Snowflake kamikazes her ship into the Empire was a technical error.

Wasn't just in America, in latin american countries they had the same signs

Give how shitty the movie was the reaction was warranted.

Yea, Black Panther was much better

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Finn was unironically bringing some kino with his sacrifice and she ruined it.

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They tease his death because they know people want the nigger gone its "a Fuck you" also they justify it as reparations for past movies that always "killed off" nigger characters.

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I'd rather have Finn around instead of Rey tbh

Honestly I hate all the new characters equally, bravo "egalitarian" bolsheviks.

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She is supposedly not dead and will be killed off in IX likely by JJ for good

I wonder if they’ll keep Rian doing the new trilogy.

I believe they are retarded enough to do this, probably won't even bother to explain it properly either…..I'd make this thing a genetically altered clone trooper.

Mustache twirling silent movie villain but with less substance or interest.

Oh boy, I can't fucking wait. Looking forward to that webm reveal thread. TLJ one was so comfy.

I cannot understand why this was such an issue for so many people, idiotic attempt at kino or not.

Imagine if this movie was all about the nigger and Poe bro'ing it out to survive the Empire's return. As is, tbh, I have no issue with the concept of Rey or Emokid. If they would've toned down the mary sue aspects then their dynamic could've meant something.

Apparently it's still a go

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No the vile sjw marxist shit is just the outer wrapping, designed to deflect criticism to the politics rather than the films were poorly written story, dialogue, characterizations,etc.
Disney Starwars films all feel half assed like they shot everything (dialogue/actors) in a week and dumped in CGI.

I feel you on that, I'm just saying. I would've been down with a female Jedi lead role. Maybe have her, Poe, and Nigger trekking down leads like former students of Luke or something. Anything other than the hours of pure nothing that the movies are.

I still see no reason to watch it as both those characters are morons.

In this alternate version, they would be written as functioning sentient beings.

They’ll keep the trilogy going, but I wonder if they’ll have Benioff and Weiss step in and take over, maybe send Rian off to do an Ant Man film or something and claim it’s a ‘passion’ project.

That would break continuity.

I think those two are getting their own trilogy and rian his own

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Sure, they could have had their stronk woman MC and still made an enjoyable movie for everyone by making compelling characters, situations, competent and likeable male characters,etc. they did not.

Is that edited?

Yes by Rian Johnson and his editor

The entire thing should have been silent. There's not sound in space, Spoony told me so.

Jews have no concept of honor

Did he also tell you that dinosaurs have feathers?

Dinosaurs never existed.

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Certain dinosaurs did have feathers user.

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cat lady/fag porn.

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Rey's job is outsourced to robots

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Wow, I guess they're both retarded.

this is the only thing I've liked so far

Why ?
And why do the blasters sound like toys ?

Is anyone still pretending this was good ?

Why does this scene look like a garbage AAA video game? I guess Disney wanted brand unity within Star Wars but somehow didn't foresee the failure that was EA Battlefront II. It's also below Rian Johnson-tier.

I don't think the audience ever thought that. Disney released a letter to projectionists regarding that scene on day one before any public feedback could have been received. The sign from that AMC in particular
is almost verbatim from the projectionist letter. The audience isn't stupid, Disney just thinks they are. That theater agreed.

This is like the CGI pear scene from Attack of the Clones. Rian was right about taking cues from the prequels.

Already knew it was an iron before the reveal. Should've had a real ship landing, then cut to the shot with the clothes being ironed. That'll be a more intelligent match cut.

She really was a worthless character, wasn't she?

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The only purpose of the character was being merch bait, what do you expect? They wanted another Boba Fett, except Boba built up a cult following over the years more or less organically.

I don't get Boba Fett tho.
Why was he considered so relevant to the oldfags before the prequels ? He was barely notable in the movie.

I liked his gruff voice before Lucas replaced it with the PT abo's voice.

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