Unofficial Scootalooo thread

Unofficial Scootalooo thread

I didn't order this edition

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im a milf



milk is like incest

You may be a MILF, but you're not a M I LF.


That italicized I is just a forward slash. Great.

You're incest

dont break my heart

Skippy, Damn Skippy



tfw you just want a qt girl to femdom you rn

why live

Your tits are way too perky. Come back when you have a little bit of womanly sag. Have a little self-respect.


This is the price you pay for being milk.


if you pull on my nipple rings they are sure to swell up


If it's not the swell of life-giving milk, it's not a swell I'm interested in.


But like a good one will have smaller ridges and a bad one has more.. It's like quality of 3d models in computers.

im crushed

you know what to do

ridges are ridges


I'm not surprised. I imagine you spend the better part of your days getting crushed.

I don't know, I'm pretty sure that I'm right.

Hey, James! Have a nightmare clam.

That is terrible. Kaybe, did you see my playground?

But toast is still bread but people still call it toast.

fucking gross

prefer the term smashed

I honestly wasn't planning to sleep tonight anyway.

I did not see your playground. I'm not allowed near those.


Check your discord. I was hoping you'd be on to see it while it was still going, but now it's gone.

I'd prefer it if you were getting smashed instead, too. Alas.

I thought you were going on about fixing your schedule a bit ago. What happened to that?

youare just achualying me right noww

youre getting abusive

Thats pretty rude.


I see. I wouldn't have been able to post anyway, unfortunately. Did you have fun with your garbage posting?

Milfs love the abuse. Real ones, anyway.

I had a lot of fun. It was apparently fun for a few others too.

reminds them of their father


I don't think that is a word.

High praise from the people.


Garbage usually is. Everybody loves to hate it. That's why we make so much of it.

And their sons.

I'n like a dumb dog....I don't really know what I want...

mansplaining thennn

They loved to love it.


I appear to have failed.


That's a nice way to love something.

Thus a new cycle begins anew. I am here to witness its inception.

Also why would any sane person ask for boobs of butts?

*the cycle begins anew

over butts*



Very nice way. You should get your ban lifted so you can have fun next time too.

I really do need to write that appeal. It would probably be ignored anyway, after this long. I'd need to buy a VPN or something.

now ur just trying ur luck

Well I would suggest that if you're putting the word 'man' in front of some description of what I'm doing, you're making a sexist implication about how I'm conducting my role as a poster.

Maybe, only one way to find out.

I need some nudes buddy
pretty badly

I'm letting it ride

I'm trying to get back into the mindset to start working on Tom: A Love Story again.

AmI the only one who thinks Harambe deserved it?

To procrastinate?

Nice. Did you ask that doctorman how to cough up extra blood yet?

Men are the privileged sex, so it is impossible to oppress them with sexism. nudes

i dont have any pics of that sry

my harddrive died yesterday s oi have nothing

No am I glad that he was an endangered species as well.

Exactly. I haven't been to see a doctorman. I heard there are doctorladies now, and I cannot approve of that.

good meme

test this is a very poor display of friendship


im not memeing

my harddrive literally fucking died yesterday

i lost everything

You should go see the doctorman and refer to him as a doctorlady the whole time. And if they get mad, threaten a lawsuit. Who are they to stifle you from projecting gender identities on to them?

What a terrible fate.

Why the hell would him sending pics of his dick be a sign of friendship?

i guess youve never had a real friend


yeah i dont know what to do

im pretty upset



Don't misgender my preconceived notions, cis scum. That is what I will say.

If your friend won't show you his dick then hes not a real friend.

You have some weird real friends.

You just spend some time and get all your pictures back.

you see that, test?
i guess we're not real friends...

Yeah, because that's what friends totally do.
Just send dick pics to each other.
No homo, bro.

i am a weird person

And you will not stop saying it until you are coughing up as much blood as you want to be.

Or maybe you've just never had a real friend in your whole life.

I know that face. I know the dumbass uses the word mansplaining and the guy whoops her ass for being sexist, but I refuse to subject myself to watching it actually happen for fear of cringing so hard I pull something.


Snapchat is for dicks and nothing else

I'll need a blood transfusion to make sure I cough up even more blood.

It doesn't make you cringe, just smh fam.

My snapchat is lit

i had tons of autistic folders

i had 600mb of rare gondolas

tons of rare pepes, help helpers, spurods

so many anime folders of stuff

idk im sad and i dont want to start over

Oh you too? tbh fam smh *dabs*

Maybe someone can cough blood right down your throat while you're breathing in real deep.


all you need is one butt pic idiot.


My snapchat is the best. Just pictures of asphalt over and over.

Kaybe, that's something that only married people should do.

water sports isnt as great as it looks guys trust me

Pee is fucking gross

i dont have any though


It wasn't even sexual which is the best part about it haha

I was implying that you fix that

man you;re not very smart

Well then you'd better hurry up and put a ring on it.

I don't trust you.


im laying in bed waiting to go to the er

i cant really get up sry


But could any lady love a hideous beast like me? I can't even cough up gallons of blood.

was it just a prank

no srsly you think like wow it'd be fun to get pissed on but then it gets in your mouth

We were drunk on the beach and so I was peeing and spinning around for maximum spray lol

I guess that could be considered a prank.

She would love you for what blood you could cough up. For every hideous beast, there's a beauty. And after you marry her, you'll turn into a handsome prince and she'll cough blood down your throat in the grand ballroom.

Oh no, the taste of off-salt. Whatever will one do?

that sounds hilarious.

hello darkness my old friend

No. You shouldn't think this.

In retrospect, that was very unladylike on my part.

A wonderful fantasy.

its like the second worse thing ive tasted tho.

i guess you and i could give it a shot

we've all had that thought lets not take any moral high grounds here

you were a human sprinkler.

Thankfully, nobody thinks this.

Fantasies are nothing but the realities that we're too afraid to strive for.

Yeah, you just have to get used to the taste. I'll mail you some practice samples if you'd like.

lol yes. I love the matter-of-factness of that.

I must have just been overexcited for being at a legit beach house party.

I've genuinely not.

Don't you wish?

You are all gross and disgusting

knee nee

Bye period man

Let's purge the world, Test.

Later, Lexi.

Gross and disgusting~?

kinda miss lexi tbh



I liked when Lexi bought me a pizza and a giant cookie

They're fishing for neenees in heaven now.

itis almost impossible to get keys suddenly what I have like 6 boxes and no keys ;;


* a single manly tear was shed

Did you invite a manly guy over to your house for that?

since my harddrive died and i lost everything

should i reinstall my OS?

stupid internet


it sounds pretty hype.

this is a safe space. you can express yourself honestly chris


Great. I'll start peeing in an envelope posthaste.

How're the teefers?


lick the stamp real good.

its like a cant win if i answer it yes or no...

if i washed my dick 1000 times would you suck it?

My face hurts and I can't talk.
One tooth turned into like 5.
I no longer have wisdom teeth.


If there's too much I'll have to get a flat rate box. I hope U Pee S won't mind.

No. I don't think you phrased that exactly right.

If that's not an improvement, I don't know what is. They give you any good meds? Think you'll get dry sockets?

...dirty cock sucker

Also, pictures of your mouth abortion, please.

I got Norco.
The numbing shit started to wear off half way into the last few teeth and I was clenching the seat too hard to signal so that side hurts a lot more.

a box would be fancy

like boxed wine.

you have an antibiotic you should probably take now

I thought it was supposed to be something insulting.

How long had it been since you'd seen a dentist? And do you have dental through a parent's plan or your employer?


if you were stuck on a bus full of faggots would you get off?

I don't remember waht one is the antibiotic


Yes, you can always count on the boxed wine to impress your dinner guests.

That seems like quite a bit of time. Did they say anything else that struck you as interesting?



I need a lot of work done.

there's the one labeled generic norco and one which says to take it three times a day


As punishment, the yama will castrate you with her bare feet. Who else couldn't possibly think of a more wonderful way to die?

How can I be a faggot if I'm hetero? You're not making any sense, man. Are you sure you didn't get doped up by a dentist too?

You can say that again.

I just took the pink one.
I had 2 Norco already.
I might sleep more.


thats like a tamer version of that one hannibal lecter scene

Remember to finish your full round of antibiotics. Maybe get some extra black market antibiotics just in case.


I'd like to think that all our lives are tamer versions of hannibal lecter scenes.


antibiotic because biotic like bio

Even the one where I have sex with Mickey Mouse while he gives eurethral birth onto Grimace?

Just be extra diligent.
Inject bleach straight into your vein.
It'll kill all them bad infections in a jiffy.

hello little boy

Man, now I want some peanut butter.

That is the only dream worth actualizing.


getting off a bussload of faggots is pretty gay

The best dream.

It was never my intention to become a shitposter. It kind of just happened over a period of time. I thought my life would eventually take meaning after posting so much. Like, I might discover purpose in my life someday.

Still waiting for that day guys.

I said that I would get off, not that I'd get them off. I have no qualms about whacking it to all American straight porn while surrounded with fairies.

Maybe even... the BEST dream.

You can easily just stop

FREE man? When did this happen?

I am best dreamer. I should be called Bestman.

this feel

this has been a ruse

It's like a drug. You just feel that impulse and you can't disobey it.

Maybe even... BEST dreamer BESTman.

I don't support ruses without consent.

Desu being a unwanted shitter as usual

it's not like a drug

Shitposting or not shitposting, life still moves on, and none of it affects or influences my purpose in life.

My crippling depression, shitposting, or me dressed as ika masume?


Is too fag

I'd be like a superhero. I'd dream the best dreams about stopping crime.

Being free.

brink back the quality freefree

You may just have poor self control.


When I started playing fighting games.

I can barely get up in the morning, I can't work miracles....

i need this

Why don't you just cheer up?

You must not be talking to me, I don't know anybody like that.

And you will do it inside of the criminals' dreams. When they wake up, they'll be in jail.

You have my consent. Thank you for asking. Proceed with the ruse cruise.

Little Flan face lewd-y lewd lewd~

What fighting games?



Me? Tch. I'm the role model of trigger discipline.

You don't know any aliens, so therefor, aliens don't exist?

Big Flan pantsu munch-y munch munch~

You're being vague or ominous, either way I like your style tonight...

o rite

You name it I probably played it and sucked at it at some point in time.


I have been rused.

Yes, that's exactly how I correctly make sense of the world.

I'm going to bed by the way so I won't respond to you. You can still talk to me if you want though. I know that I'll continue talking to me.

You're welcome. I'm glad I could solve your trivial problem with my breathtaking ingenuity.

Big Flan gift hide-y hide hide~

vague poastan 31337

Ironic retardation is still retardation.

wew ir mastur tral

show me it

Pfff, bah, ha!, shaw, ugh
Take your pick.

What do you know? You're just a dog.

Little Flan carrot munch-a crunch crunch~

no no no !

John Waters presents Ronald McDonald's Ultimate Fist Fighting Club Sandwich a Spike Lee joint?

Good night, Kaybe.

The Hamburgler was seriously broken

fukken pussy

The Hamburgler wasn't even in it. You're a phony! I bet those glasses come right off too.

...its not easy being cheesy

its pretty easy

Yes he fucking was, albeit DLC, but DLC really killed the game anyway.

Who the fuck thought it would be a good idea for a 3-frame startup projectile grab which also builds super meter...?

fuck you


Not my fault


yes it is i hate you

It's a button mashing arcade game, you scrub. Everyone knows that. Have you even seen a video game before?

it is NOT fucking easy being cheesy


I bet you don't even eat garbage, loser.

Join the ever expanding club. You get your own membership cards.

Japanese console port bruh, or are you referring to vanilla build?

Homura did nothing wrong.

piece of shit

i hope you die


Go discover life instead

You won't have to wait that long probably


There's nothing life can offer me anymore. I've taken all I can.

good i hope its real soon and diarrhea related.

says the furbag

The bank denied my diarrhea loan, now how am I supposed to afford diarrhangus?Thanks for reminding me, Mugen.

Nigga. NIGGA. Ain't never been ported to no console. It was from the 80s. The Mid-80s. Maybe you've heard of it?

you want some too motherfucker?

i can take more than one man at a time

ill bet you can

you dont even have to oush a little when you poo huh?

it just slips right outta there... sometimes by accident

i bet i could my whole fist in there no problem

he just had to turn this gay

up to my damn elbow even

says the furbag.... again

talking about assholes and fisting and shit

jesus christ

this is going up your ass

What should I shove up my butt?

fags like you shouldve never slid out of the abortion bucket

it turns out god doesnt make mistakes. he makes jokes.

He tried to play it off like he was talking about something else but I think this is progress

that one guy who accidentally an entire cocacola bottle...


He meant you, silly












He tried to play it off like he was talking about our emotionally intimate hang out time but I'm pretty sure he meant either my body or my undying love

Sucks to be a bitch

I come here to shitpost about my life yo



suggesting things

Ah, fuccbois.

Body, definitely


speak for yourself

okay im done being a sperg

I certainly hope he was accidentally implying he wants my body

its because i left isnt it?


What if the afterlife was keeping up with current events, and when you die it affects your circle of hell?

What if we all end up being forced to shitpost for eternity when we die?

What if this was already our hell?

Called it

...this is my hell, im here forever

Cut my life into pieces


Sure sounds like it.

I always knew I was dead on the inside but never realized I was already in fact dead...


were already dead

give me movie recommendations

Nothing, I just make this "you're in hell" joke fairly often.

Flickering Lights

Bridge of Spies

It seems like every year more and more retards get attracted to Touhou. Or rather, get exposed to its music or a meme or something, and feel the need to spew their garbage about what sent them. It's like actual Touhou fans are dying out in the west.

snatch, the usual suspects, pi, requiem for a dream, apocalypse now

How tragic.

Is this a pasta?

No ?

It's annoying as heck


it just looks kinda pasta-y, mb.
such passion.


well consarnit frickity frack gee golly willickers

heck = fuck+hell

just use them

undermeme shitters and youtube comments in general trigger me

Don't oppress me baka gaijin

You brought this on yourself



cant find a good dl for it but it sounded good

seen it

snatch it is thanks fam

(expletive omitted)

np, yw user

razzle fraggin

A shame, it is really good. Adams Apples or The Green Butchers are good too if you need something late.

fuck hell bitch cock

Annnd the slightly more retarded version of Desu shows up.

Eeeeh? What the shit?


aaaaand off i fuck to bed

You did it. Great job.

Sleepy umbrella
Oyasumi Holla Forums

Good night.

I feel slightly fucking uncomfortable.

Language, young man.

What is that thing wrapping around her?

Should I stop fucking swearing?

You should post lewder pictures

The language bit was just to get your attention, you can swear as much as you like


Golly, it sure is nifty that you posted that image. I mean, jeepers! The foreground is just swell. Golly willikers! How could I like anything else?

Touhou lore shit that I do not know or care to find out.

I didn't know people even still cared about that game

whoa that image is kinda gnarly why do I have that

I have to run. Catch you later.

It keeps conveniently blocking the intimate parts of my pornography of them.

What the FUCK? Talk like normal fucking people. I feel like I can't come up with a lot of curse words

It's her third eye, both komeiji sisters have them and are shunned for them so koishi closed her which made her lose her conscious mind and loses her presence in the minds of people.

Have fun! Run like the wind.

I do not give a flying fuck about your garbage elucidation on ZUN's masturbatory fantasies or care for the brazenly ostentatious way in which you are using my post as a springboard for your meaningless knowledge about this BULLSHIT. KEEP YOUR STUPID COMMENTS IN YOUR POCKET MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do continue posting those images.

A-ha-hah what a story darwin!

I don't have a lot because I'm not a perv.

Not for that sort of material, perhaps.

Are you saying I'm a perv for a different kind of material?

What an astute, observant personage you are.


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