Spider man

Toby McGuire Spider-Man is unironically the best Spider-Man. It was so bad at times it was good. Fight me you inbred sister fucking dangle toothed savages

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No one here disagrees with that conclusion

Well I'm glad you all have such good tastes

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As opposed to the Amazing Numale and Homocoming Out? Obviously. Why do you think there would be any controversy about it, unless you want to bring porn parodies into the discussion, I guess.

I wasn't aware anyone disliked it, though I never saw 3.

The board just didnt have any good threads going so I figured I would try and start a conversation about something

I just bought the bluray set with all three movies plus alternate cuts of 2 and 3

you bet your ass I'm excited as fuck to watch them again

I like emo spiderman

he's lost though.

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I agree with you. I really wish they'd gotten Toby to come back so he could be in the MCU.

Can't argue with that.


porn parodies?
Interesting who plays Kirsten?

Why not?

Can't disagree with that statement.

Capri Anderson plays Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man XXX and reprises the role in Superman vs. Spider-Man XXX.

Damn, muh nostalgia.
I'm gonna rewatch the trilogy, now.

wait, there are other spidermen? i'm really not familiar with cinema or movies at all, but i thought there were just the three movies with toby mcguire

he's shit and cringe. no joke. works for one flick but thats it. fuck off back to you know where.

not bad

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Superheros are dumb.

Raimi resurrected big time capeshit that had been dormant since the Batman days, Toby will remain an icon from a less jewish time. Compared to Bane, this spiderman became who he was when he took off the mask.

Interesting =^_^=

What is she up to these days?

The Sam Raimi moviesare the only ones worth watching and feel like movies unlike the other three nu-nale crap.


Do those small children have eye piercings?

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Daily reminder that there is literally nothing wrong with this scene and hating it is just a reddit meme

Yeah, the whole point was that he was cringy. Raimi is really funny when he makes fun of what a tool the main character acts like.

Why is that boy wearing makeup? Going to make him a faggot.

third pic looks like spideys struggling with nofap

Isnt she really old? And she was charlie sheen's gf so she is probably pozzed.

How did Raimi get away with this anime series?

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this post was more cringey than the dance scene

You want to know how I know this is bait?



How did he go to this from this?

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It would have been so, so easy to ruin this retarded idea…
… what saves it imho is that everybody avoids him in the street.
JJJ's line is good too.

Best part of the picture is James Franco eating pie though.

Is that even a controversial statement?

You wanna know how I know you're from cuckchan?

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Okay. There hasn't been a good Spider-Man, because Spider-Man is a boring character.

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