What's up with this semon demon

what's up with this semon demon

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I wonder if the dwindling patreon money will be visible as dwindling quality of his transition.

he shoudl have used the money on hormone treatment and become a trans porn start

Writting slash fiction about giving Drumpf a blumpkin while in drag.

is he still banned from twitter

I dunno, is his dog banned?

I'm still banned from twitter

No but he hasn't posted from it since 2016, is he kill? He has no purpose in life without twitter.

i just googled "spoony one twitter" and this came up result 3

is this his legit alt or some troll account? lol…
Destiny is still banned, on a related note

seems to be a troll account but him pulling the tranny card is pretty believable


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It's not

yeah April confirmed it's fake

whens the last time april commened about noah publicly

March 16, 2018 when she addresses the impersonator. It's funny it took so long to do it

What a scammer

Why are people still donating? Did they forget about it and just not notice?

Probably. You can set it to auto donate every month.

I watched his Ultima series again and thought I should give wrestle wrestle a go. I was wrong.

The only vids of his worth watching are Phantasmagoria 2, and his FMV hell series

most of his vids pre-2012 are alright. after that it's a gamble

LOL, whoever is doing that is donig very good work

It's a mystery :^)

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a lot of people donate to multiple people, especially the sort of sperg that follows tgwtg people. i.e. most of them probably give 50$ or more to patreon spread between 20 or more people. unless they have reason to change the amount or who it goes to, they likely forget about the bum or two who stopped making content.