H-hello Anonymous!

H-hello Anonymous!
Do you n-need anything tonight?
A shoulder to cry on? A hug?
S-someone to tell you its okay?
Help with your medication?

I'm here for you Anonymous. Don't s-suffer in silence!

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Shuddup >///<

Are you talking to them too or something??


Post more cute stuff about it.

you could hunt him down yourself I would think.


but I don't do that.

I was just lurking and thought it was cute how subby you were being, so I had to say something.

how you doin after that sick tootsie roll burn?

Rin, pls. not you too x//x

I hate you guys sometimes :(

you love us.

I didn't really care
I'm perfectly fine with the status of my penis

You're doing it nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

the one on the right has a nice smile :)

God bless Texas.

not sure what you're talking about, ma'am.

Hehe, like you too, Welms.

me on the left





Anyway, I'm gonna head back to what I was doing.

Enjoy your teasing~

those ribbons are made of flesh

are you alright there sabrina? you look a little grumpy. I'd post something cute to cheer you up but I don't have a single cute to post.




flesh ribbons best ribbons


except for ribbons tying you up amirite elma?

If you were dead or still alive, I don't care, I don't care

calm down sabrina. you're going crazy here.

shut up shut up shut UPPPPPPPPPPPPPP >///


just go and leave this all behind
'Cause I swear
I don't care

I would, but you don't want me to.

oh, that's better!

It's like he cares or something~


If it's rape then I have no say in the matter~

I doubt I'd be able to rape you. since you'd love every second of it.

...nothing. u_u
brb going out for a bit.

I don't think they're TP old yet.

Hee hee, 'cause I'm ol' lady.

pls stop the dudes trying to be lesbians thing

you have a lot of nerve telling me off for cuteposting when you're posting karen, by the way.


threads weren't updating

so I was just putting in emo lyrics until I got a response

literal shivers

You're the one who claims not to post cute, not I.



because I'm the one who isn't posting cute between the two of us.

Sometimes I wonder if I am actually human

you're not human

you're dumpster


Hey! Wait!

That sounds like a big, fat lie!


big and fat you say?





that toho reminds me of a child too much

Kinda want to be a cumdumpster.

wat do?

Oh. Ok!

We already knew this about you~!


I think it is supposed to?


You don't say

uhhhh rude ?

fat shaming piece of shit.


I'll look.

I love the utter disbelief on Jeb's face. B-but...mah dynasty!

Obese, even!


become one
but its bad for your health

or so Ive heard

too many (You)s in one post



healthy at every size, sabrina.

but no cute

do you miss it a lot?

Nani ?

get fucked, shitlord.

There are only like 2 people posting right now. Sad!

Uhhh truth!

Bad how?


anal leakage


Nani !?


theres a heli right above my house


you couldn't afford it.

No one would pay you.
You'd have to pay me and I'm not that financially desperate to even consider saying yes.

Me on the left!

by that comment I of course meant that you couldn't afford all the fluids lost to your body from the amount you would throw up.

Start up the game now.

Me on the right

pff you already have anal leakage

They're not home yet.

Being young? Only all the time.
How's your game?

I'm starting to think you don't realize you're lying. Like, you have a disease.

You're not holding back tonight are you

I've had too much icecream to "hold back"

all y'alls r plebs

What's up baby? It's been a while
You been good? I've been around
Different girls, different towns
To keep it real, you missing out
I’m on board, next city
Random call, text with me
Like I miss you so much, have sex with me
Not right now, look you know I got the ex with me

if I did I'd never admit it.


Elma, please don't get behind the wheel tonight!

But how will you get help?

Wow that really crossed the fucking line Desu. Only one thing left to do now

I wouldn't be able to get it, because any time you'd ask I'd tell you I don't need it.

in this hypothetical situation where I'm actually a liar, that is.

Just do a couple warm up missions so you don't look like an idiot.
There is friendly fire by the way.

i dont want to live past 60
i cant imagine watching myself slowly start to die
i never started playing i just went to go watch things
thanks for asking


It does allow controller input for a flying game, right?
The keyboard on the laptop I'm on currently is awful to use for a game.

No, no. You know exactly what you're up to.

I didn't want to live past 28. Life is strange.
Watchin' anything nice? I'm being nosy.

Cupcake hook up with Grim at AX next year

It does, yes.

But, it sucks harder than a mid thirty housewife getting a hold of George Clooney.

@*gay dolphin noises*

tonight might be the night

My car's blocked in even if I wanted to have myself a joyride :p

that you show him your dick?

I haven't the faintest idea and you refuse to tell me.

I would but he's not gay :((((((((

or me.

N-no frowning!!!


who me?


Yeah, you!


that happened months ago

very well.

Cuppy, you're a fibber 'cause you say you don't post cute but you clearly post cute.

Good. You're ice cream drunk!

why am i wholly not surprised

What he needs in his life is a power bottom

You need to become the power bottom Cupcake

nothing I post is ever cute though sabrina. come on, now.

I doubt the poor guy could handle me as his first one.

I even have the hiccups now. This is embarrassing.

You and I are cursed to do this for the rest of our lives.



It was ironic though.


as far as curses go it could be worse.

Holy shit and he's back to blog more.

So i i went to turkey for a week, didn't even have isis or anything.
It was one of those white as fuck all-inclusive sort of deals so i barely left the hotel. Since i went with mom i didnt go full Soto except for one night where i did headbutt, hotelhallway meditation, barefootwalking in the street with random pokemon dude who bought me cigarettes and also pissed some sportsball fan off more then i should have.
Reminded me why i do drugs and don't drink, sober4lyf amirite?

barely saw any sights, but i went to a chill river place called Dimçayi with a restaurant that had like 50 individual booths suspended over the river, it was neat and whatnot.

Some hotelstaff was crazy young, like looked 13 but probobly 16? Pretty hot tbh, i'd give some tip namasayyyin?
dick tip
Also shaft

Hotel inspectory was actually called isis tho so the hotel had isis diplomas wich was pretty luls.

Brother Reccep had blocked alot of good sites like 8ch, imagefap, imgur and whateverthefuck was haram, so i couldnt shitpost. Also i had to use reddit to masturbate, never felt so dirty in my life.

I also met alot of cool extremely well fed "homeless" cats, only one dirty bum cat.

And the local baked goods were OUT OF THIS WORLD, brought some home with me, pic related.

All and all 10/10 wont go again

How does Holla Forums dress? Honestly curious

First time I've seen someone cock-blocked from beyond the grave.

t shirt all day every day. jeans.


'Fraid so.


Dresses at home, work clothes at work^^

Wasn't about you, actually.

I'm a goofy goober yeah, you're a goofy goober yeah. we're all goofy goobers yeah...

I don't believe you~

I wear a dress at home because it means NO PANTS, BABY.

I dont mind you being nosey
why 28, sabs?
and some american dad
i think its really funny

are you sure you're not just afraid of your feelings

Oh shit son
Sounds like fun
Shoulda took a pic of that hotelstaff

I wear all black and I paint my nails black.

No, Soto.


hole filled shirts from six or more years ago
basketball shorts
dirty converse

The party only had Modelos (cans) and Budweiser (bottles)

I think I honestly made the right choice

Budweiser is gross

Regular or v neck?


Are your pants the correct length?

Is that traditional garb?



I wanna rock.

I'm not a liar like Cuppy.

I kinda went through a massively depressed bitch phase in high school and settled on 28. If I'm honest, I kinda just keep going for my mom right now. I don't have much more motivation. But I try to stay positive despite it.
That one's fun. Roger's really grown on me. Do you like Bob's Burgers?

People always talk about me behind my back, it's why they invented internet

The underage grill hotelstaff was pretty guarded by hairy turkstaff tho, i didn't dare

Like this always

How is that lewd?

Yeah dude, I don't sag my jeans like those spic cholos
I actually wear a belt and everything

Crazy shit, huh?


that movie was so good. seriously.

Hmm. I have one from a while ago, but no flipflops

I wear a chainmail vest pretty much everywhere and also capris

It is half gross and half ok. I can dig it

Isn't there a smash player that does that?

Druggie core!

I assumed the dresses were lewd


Yeah, that is really odd. Does your spic self have a job again?

That is too hot to wear when junking around
This is my junkie outfit

Ive had a job for quite sometime dude
Even bought a shitty Honda Accord and junked my old Celica

sup casper

You keep going for your mom? you mean like thats the only reason you keep going on?
shit sabs im sorry ;_;

yeah i think the shows amazing, havent seen bobs burgers though
didnt seem to appeal to me that much

Did you bust out the saw and cab it?

Didn't you get fired for a quick second?

Yo this TP or Boo?
Only TP or Boo would post a black guy

Why would dresses be lewd? They're just comfy^^

wouldn't know I don't keep up with the community.

prolly got the idea from me tho


Yeah, enjoied the NEET like for about 4 - 5 weeks

best weeks of my life tbh
I can't afford to be a NEET for longer than a month though cause I sorta have responsibilities

Naww just got it towed and said bye to it as they left

Gonna miss that car man

I had a cumstain in the backseat that I never cleaned off so one can say a little bit of me died along with that car

I didn't see the second one though.

I just realized how depressing that seemed. Sorry. She's just my motivation to not give up on myself.

I love BB. It started off a little weak, but once it found its groove, it just got better and better. In fact, I feel the same way about American Dad.


flip flops are pretty comfy

Take a new one

yo, i just came home at like 04whateverthefuck minutes, i'm pretty tired, but i haven't used proper internet in a while so i cant sleep yet

I left cumstains in the fucking bus transfer from the airport yo, we commuter up in here

I didn't even notice the OP until just now.
Holy shit.

Yeah cartoons started to get really good post 2010 IMO
they all started to be really funny

also im sorry youre so depressed honestly
but im not sure theres much i can do to help :/

where'd you go mate?


me either. it looks like garbage and the show hasn't been good since season three ended.

I got that from the actual alice thread on Holla Forums right now. might be dead now.

They are! I found out earlier that I missed that old navy $1 flip flop sale by a whole month lol

Was kinda bummed out about it cause I wanted more colors :/

Or you can just take the old one.

Read my blogpost, like two licks on the scrollwheel upwards
It was a really really good blogpost

My boxes are now organized by number, with 4 dupe boxes, a box for non-english pokes, a box for legendaries that are duplicate, and a box for breeding.

Am I autistic?

seems like you already know the answer.


I just want someone to pat my head and tell me I'm not autistic, okay?

you aren't. at least not any more than any of us who aren't, but are. if that makes sense.

The fact they're still even a thing baffles me.
Or that they were ever a thing to begin with.

My head pats :(

Yay me.

agreed and agreed.

Plenty of things baffle you.

Would you like a cookie~?

I guess that'll have to do.



I made it sound like I'm just completely miserable, which isn't the case. Maybe I'm just a little bleh tonight. Don't worry about it. I have to get going for now. I hope you have a nice night!

I actually never watched the show. I got dragged to the movie by friends when I was in high school and was pleasantly surprised. But the show's been on forever, right? yeesh.

I have to go for now. Good night, dear!

Good night, Elma.

Did you learn how to do that from some thread on Reddit?

Nope. I need all of the head pats^^

You have Tokai.

pretty feminine feet for a boy

sounds like a lot of fun dude
damn shame you didnt get to nail any female roaches

nini sabs
i hope we talk again soon

you'll have to watch seasons 1-3 sometime. they are truly amazing.

goodnight sabrina.


How do you mean?

Each box can only hold 30 pokemon, so it isn't hard to figure out which slot belongs to which pokemon.

Pedicures are a thing^^

Ask Sushi.

I'm still drunk on ice cream, cut me some slack.

But Tokai goes to bed way before me...

oh I'll do somethin' alright.

You should pick them out better then~


Awwwww. Just kidding. Gomen gomen

me irl

I will accept this.
For the price of one head pat.

its not just the paint they managed to stay feminine
theyre really cute

you slut.

You're just jealous I'm not asking you right now.

How hideous your face is baffles me more.


Hey, there's nothing wrong with pedicures if you get in growns.



Not too shabby for being a skateboarder I suppose.

But I bake them from scratch!

You should relax before you say something hurtful.

Nice 6s.

There's nothing wrong with pedicures in general, baka.

shh. I never say anything hurtful.

You almost did just then...

impossible. I would never.

And I thought you were sorry...

Welmies never apologizes!!!!!


I hope the soles arent all callusey then
Not bad either way welms
i wish you didnt have all these cute parts on you

Nope, that's what pumice stones are for, silly!

I'm not cute! >///

Well I was gonna ask if you wanted to chat.
You can just go fuck yourself now.

That is a really good sad gif


my belly button is getting raped right now and I don't know what to do

Enjoy it.

You can blow me.
Also, I signed in and have this terrible game installed.

Are those the scratchy rocks that you find in showers?
I think thats what theyre for yeah
youll have to show me how good they work later

also i said you have cute parts, not that you're cute
there's not much of a difference

Okay with that, actually.

Yus! They feel nice after a long day and you just put lotion on your feet before bed^^

Don't be mean. We were doing so well just then:/

i wasnt tryna be mean welms
i was saying that there wasnt much of a difference from calling you cute
since you're adorable

i have no idea what a pedicure is like but i bet its great

.//. mmkay~

um um Well, I've never gotten a legit one, I just do it myself. Reminds me that I have to do my cuticles on my handsies too. Some girl at work said I have nice nails ^~^

dont you think its a little weird that you ended up with so much feminine traits? cute ones too

also the thread died besides us ;_;
whats a cuticle?

What do you mean?

A cuticle is like that one pesky skin layer on your fingernails that you push back to make them look better. I dunno how to explain it.

well you ended up with a lot of feminine features that couldnt be caused by the HRT, didnt you? like cute girly feet, hands, etc

that sounds complicated to do
but if it gives you nice nails why not


Oh. I've tried my best in secret to maintain whatever girliness I could since I was little. Keeping my hair short was heartbreaking for me but I couldn't ever tell my pops why I wanted to have it long or why I quit sports or tried to avoid yardwork/manual labor like the plague.


the fuck

you crazy, woman.


everybody drink




Make it four.

gonna kill me tonight I see. finally making good.

Pls no die tho


not up to me. if he keeps making me drink.

at least you were able to keep yourself feminine?
i wonder how much that had to do with it though

yard work was literally my least favorite thing as a kid for some reason

Cupcake won't die.

He has some very important friends that would be too upset if he did.

So he won't.

you ok dude

always gotta hold that shit over me.


I'm fine. mada mada




i dont get whats going on fam




I never do either, boo.

Jokes about the poster drinking game.

kinda want pizza and peaches now

oh shit I still have pizza

no peaches

I read once that the older a woman gets and the more children she has, the more feminine the next one will be until a girl is born.

Thanks, mom.

Wish I could find that study/article again for citation purposes.


Brandy peaches are the best.

whoa now.


are those peaches soaked in brandy? because I have a new thing I want now.

I thought I was going to puke.

Feminization I think is the term for that.
The more males a woman has, the progressively more likely they are to be gay.

well i dunno how that would make scientific sense welms

but were you the youngest?

if so it might make sense how you wound up into such a doll

Homemade canned peaches with brandy added.

I really miss ID's

gonna need you to share.


Cupcake is gonna ded?

Fuck you, grandpa.
Make your own.

I googled that and it looks disgusting.

He's dead to me.

already am. on the inside.


Outside too.

[laughing toothless lesbian.jpg]

if only.

My mom had 2 boys in her first marriage, then had me with my dad at age 36, then 2 years after that my sister was born.

So iunno. As anecdotal evidence, it makes sense.

It tasted like fermented lighter fluid.

What a bastard!


Nigger, you're older than me.

Why would you drink that?

anything is possible.

He owns a cat too.
He doesn't know the awesomeness of dogs.

Thank you for explaining the joke for anyone who missed it, and ruining it for everyone who caught it.

its convincing but of course could be coincidental
im the youngest of my family and i guess technically im the gayest? but thats still not that much

im right at the point where i would have sex with a trap/cuteboy soooo
and maybe a footjob

A dare.

Not ded cupcakes

What a double bastard

cats are great though.

not yet anyway. everyone wants me to keep suffering.

Are they having sex?

Even attempting that position is incredibly uncomfortable for even the most fit of people.


Even in the study I was talking about originally and Tsuchi linked, it only worked out to apply to 1/7 of the group of homos.


As a top I'm assuming~?

Also, legit q, Boo: How come we can't always be this peaceful when chatting? This is nice.


I'm pretty sure, yeah

THat makes sense

啊,啊,foxes are good no?

Do you normally let people tell you what to do?

I wouldn't do that

I bet that big buff black dude could do that with me. But too scared.

Well, that seems very uncomfortable..

Well, it was that or wear a skirt.
I took the drink. Besides, never bet on the Cubs.

everyone is the worst.

foxes are wonderful.

Oh so it is just coincidental for me and you?
if thats what the 1/7 means, only 1/7 of people who were the youngest

yeah, as a top. i can explore kinky fetishes like being submissive when im REALLY aroused but for the most part its always top

i still prefer to be the guy

hmm. it works.

Is a cute image, though

Not really. It's more about a size difference than fitness I imagine. If you have a big fat guy holding a five foot nothing 95 pounds soaking wet girl, it seems totally doable.




it's so cute holy shit I want one.

You should of gone with the skirt.

Maybe, maybe not. I dunno. Just an interesting little study is all.

I think it's better than whatever it was we were doing before... But I guess I could try to be more flirty or something. I'm extremely out of practice so just be patient though :p

Maybe we can visit when I go to Cali~

you irl

Really, I want Holo to have as many children with him as possible.


No, it just means there's an increased percentage that's statistically relevant but applies to only 1/7 of the people surveyed.
A mother and fetus share an immune system so the mother's body builds up an increased ability to feminize the sons via increased estrogen during prenatal development and other mechanisms.


It's supported by upper body, not really your legs so being fat naturally gives your legs more muscle to move your fat ass but your upper body strength isn't affected.

I'm allergic to skirts. Also no furry porn.

get me one.

It's the only true ending to S&W.

Isn't being allergic to skirts the same thing as being gay?

wtf i hate women now
i guess im a #tsuchirookie

that sounds good to me tbh velms

also i would love for you to come and visit

Why would you ever want a bucket of nightmares like that?

It's a proportion thing. If you're a generally big guy you can lift more than a generally small guy. This is true most of the time. Have you ever picked up somebody who weighed about a hundred pounds? You could absolutely do that if sex was on the line. It doesn't take an olympian.

Nigger, you're trying to be a biology major.

No. Quite the opposite.


So if a girl sat on your lap with a skirt on would you go into anaphylactic shock?

doesnt mean i want to devote my time right now to trying to understand it
i am NOT sober tsu chi


ill get you this big fat average dick

i love all animals fam
im gonna be the new steve irwin

You would be fatigued before either of you finished if you weren't in incredibly good shape.
Porn has ruined people's perceptions of sex because 90% of it would either hurt or be too uncomfortable of a position for either of you to fucking enjoy.
Especially if it results in a girl being bent up like a goddamn pretzel.

immediately check for a dick and keep going either way

My penis would have rigor mortis. Very painful.


I think that is basically what happens in the novels

I want a fox though.

the fox is mine

The Steve Irwin of ladyboys. What a time to be alive.

You are allowed to get tired during sex, you know. It is a wide world, I'm sure there are people who enjoy the position without it being a porn thing.

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new thread

Don't tell me!
I still haven't gotten around to them yet!

You can buy fennec foxes legally in Arizona, I believe.

You should really get that checked out.