47 minute long Jenny

Now this is kino.

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It is over ;_;

Semen daemon!


I've seen this film and it's as bad as Jenny says.

The user inside died and was starting to smell. That's why there's been no Jennyposting recently.

I really wish Jenny would have accepted her fate as the Holla Forums foot queen. She barely even posts shoes/socks these days, let alone those pretty bare feet. :/
Which, mind you, takes a concerted effort when you live in SoCal. Barefoot and sandals are almost required there.

hi GaHoole2

I'm getting secondhand shame the more I think about this cringefest.


Who's the bigger faggot, Jenny or Mike? Only person who could pull off deadpan was Bill Murray, anyone else just comes across like a quirky hipster faggot

At what frequency do you clean your Fleshlight?

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No-fap, mate, but I'm being serious. This is the closest we've gotten in a long time, look at what a damn tease this is!

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She's a slut and a trap.

She looks exactly like my sister.

7 Nov 2017
That's how long its been, see attached.

Back off my feet-waifu, friendo.

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one of the best things about this board is how completely everyone stopped posting about and caring about this dumb cunt


We'll never stop caring and she's smarter than you, incel.

It was interesting and I had never heard about it. Better than jumping on whatever wagon is popular at the moment.

She shit on Tomorrowland and Pirates of the Caribbean and she never discusses capeshit. She's just an obssessive fan.

She's entertaining and funny, whether she's hot or not is secondary to the entertainment value.

I used to be disgusted by footfags until I found out that it's not an acquired fetish but the product of miswiring in the brain. They literally look at feet the way we look a nice pair of tits or a great ass.

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We do, we do.

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so what you're saying is we need to gas all the footfags to prevent the gene from being passed on

It's a natural deviation due to the somatic layout of the brain. In other words, it is the most common fetish for a reason. You could kill us all off, sure, but the next generation will have a % of us again.

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This girl is obsessed with shitty flats. :/

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I did not know she was a brony, or that she's been tweeting since 2013.
I wonder what her middle name is?

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I'll minute her jenny with my 47 long if you know what I mean

You're a little late on this vid, OP. How the fuck is March almost over already, where has the time gone? It was a pretty good review, she tore into it pretty well and did a decent bit of homework to drive the point home on how the story behind the making of the movie was far creepier than the movie itself tried to be.

Maybe she's come to terms that Star Wars wasn't as great as she thought it was.

A memorial should be made in his honor.

Pure enough to not shit in a bag ;^))))))))))))))))))


What's wrong with flats? What do you want, high heels? She'll fuck up her ankles doing that.

No fucking clue.

Open-toed flats would be fine, as would be open-toed wedges, but considering her style and where she's from, a variety of sexy flip-flops would actually be my personal preference. No heels, God help her if she ever develops a bunion! :/

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