What are some good movies about white trash?

What are some good movies about white trash?

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Joe Dirt

Just go outside, that's the only kind of white left.

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smh the man is wearing the same kind of shoes as the woman squatting

Stop this.

I have the same shoes.

What is the pay per post to force an anti-american meme, anyway? I get that it doesn't take much money to keep the religious police from throwing your faggot ass off a roof, but still, have some kind of self-respect.

wrong, the man's shoes don't have the stripe down the side.

Anybody else legit scared around cumskins?

Post proof.

all of them lmao

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Is the guy on the left white but has a black cock?

It's poop, dum-dum.

Pawnshop Chronicles.

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You'd think they're doing this for pay, but they're actually taking black dick for free.

I'm not posting pictures of my shoes, you creep.

Show those shoe clad feet, you slut.

A girl marries a Muslim man who will kill her daughters after assaulting them sexually.


Look up Poor White Trash by John Waters.

I'd say Joe Dirt but that's not a movie that's a kino.

I'd gummo in your mummo

Doesn't it have gay niggers in it?

What kind of person forces a meme so fucking hard FFS

what's eating gilbert grape

Why is it okay for girls to pose like this with their BFFs but not guys? Double standard much?


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
Winter's Bone


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Kids is better. At least it covered a demographic Harmony actually knew.

I love how it's always "white" trash and never "black" trash. Probably because you have to really look for white trash, whereas black trash is found just about everywhere.


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kek. The truth is out!

exactly. all blacks are trash, so there's no need to specify.

It hurts

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gr8 imageboard post bud

He said white trash. Kids features a lot of latinos and negras.

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