He reviewed millions

He reviewed millions

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Reminder he used to shill himself here and wants bestiality to be legal.
He's a furry and he needs to be gassed.

To fuck billions (of dogs)

Didn't feminism ban bestiality and pedophilia?

Didn't Justin Castro make dog-fucking legal in Canada, now?

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WTF? I like Justin Castro now.

the Canadian govt codified or re-codified bestiality to be penetrative sex or something so dog blowjobs are A-OK its still probably animal abuse you just avoid bestiality charges. anyone who actually thinks they can stick their dick into animals is probably a fucking retard.

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This, it's just americans screeching about another country and not understanding reality as usual. Canada actually has really harsh penalties compared to almost any other country for animal abuse, meanwhile in the states psycho cops shoot your dog and make you saw its head off.

feels weird

Welcome to life

that's only because cops aren't subject to laws anymore. someone in VA got convicted of animal abuse because he couldn't afford the euthanasia procedure and had to old yeller his cat because it had terminal cancer or something. it was arguably faster and less stressful than a veterinary procedure.
then again there was that one dude in Colorado or something that shot his horse to send some cartel tier message to peta and he never got in trouble

I've started memes as well
The feeling will go away after awhile

What memes?

I don't know about that. I started the "gay community" meme, and I still feel a little tingle every time I see someone post it

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Who is the bald guy in the gay community picture?

This. I was the first and most prolific of the dunkposters back in '16, and every time I see it in the banners or someone else's post I just smile.

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bald guy?

I made this. Not sure why it caught on, honestly.

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I'm carrying the torch brother I always thought you were Truthseeker but I guess he just liked the meme too

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TruthSeeker was our greatest ally.

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I still miss him along with anime autist. They were too good for this board.

Still here, still autistic. Drinking much much less though. I am currently watching and making a post of every episode of Detective Conan except the first two. I am kind of curious how long the thread will last.

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Do you still think Indiana Jones isn't a trilogy/quadrilogy?

What did he mean by this?

i'm curious on why u havent off yurself yet sweetie, ur never getting a woman by watching pedobait cartoons from china

He was too pure