This thread is my thread

this thread is my thread.

this thread is your thread.

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I'm drinking a little rum and just chilling.

Why haven't you done that yet anyways?
It's like you're dream.
Arizona is full of retirees.

This is just gay as fuck.
And I'm taller and in comparable shape to you.


from California
to the New York thread land

Speaking of fio

Do you have her new skin?

Wet pool noodle waving around lmao

the fx are amazing though

Well I'm about to head off to get Ramen, free spot for food AND drink with me

anyone else read that as cum?

they can't hmm like tracer can. no one can.

project ashe when...

feels like it's been ages.


^ ^;

only you, sloot

chug chug chug

They made a Spanish Iron Maiden album?

I'm way bigger and stronger than you.

you're like a little baby .


So I can, and so it is.




ban drinks like any underage person.

way too much.

Well I got a cock meat sammich for you. you won't be hungry for good long while.


That is a great 90s song... im disappointed in you


I already had strawberries.
But thanks anyway, MFF

You wanted hugs I assume?

Your heart will never be complete.

The description is on that upload.
The album is entire English.
There's a song called El Dorado but it's still English.
But the first song is all about getting lost in space and realizing there's no coming back from the mission.

Sure you are.


Good things?

You drink until you pass out nightly.
Shut up.

just you

I don't club
not after that florida incident

leave the kid alone

I think MF wears the theme better personally

I got a second TV to use as a third monitor today

sure... let's stick with that ♥


the coconuts man

I love popping someone with a crit q and they just fucking die

my musical tastes are firmly rooted in the 70's with only the best from other eras managing to make the cut.

well we were making jokes before but now you're just hitting where it hurts.

not nightly.

only passed out drinking once in recent memory.

that was only a couple days ago...but still.




Iron Maden copied a song from David Bowie's Space Oddity?




fuck off

come to newport and I'll gladly put your smug ass on the floor.




Hey, could have been only you

Don't do that

same same

I can imagine ban just swinging his old skateboard at tsuchis face


You know.
It'd be helpful for listening if I plugged the cable into my headset after I plug the jack into the headphones port.

Not bad, at the least.

Well, drat.

Sure, sure.
Enjoy your problem.


s a m e

k brb

Ban come to Thousand Oaks you fuck

I'll teach you how to skate





I'm not gay

I think adcs aren't much my kind of fun
Also bot lane is terrible.

Never heard of many songs written by science fiction writers of the 50's and 60's.


me either



I subject myself to bot lane

didn't even say anything

>colbs always going bottom

thats like an hour and 40 minutes away.

Literally Star Child.

World star!

also me

you transported it with your mind

Honestly it just takes time for you to learn to get the vibe from your support and the enemy, and then just play off of that

I just kept doing it until I got it

you end up getting games like this


It was far too big to be called a skateboard...

he was made to supp honestly
matches his personality perfectly

Come on, has to be better than that


I really like these mashups way more than I like any of the individual songs.

too true


He's probably drunker than you.

I hope he makes up for it in the next ep

I am a healslut, I accept this.

no probably there.

Space Oddity was made before Star Child.

you after 2 games

You two are destroying your families.

I won't know how good it is until the future.

I have certification as a healslut.



hng thats good

you never had one



I am a member of the healslut union

me irl

I hide it from my family

pretty impossible

That's because it actually takes talent to be able to sew them together in a way that actually sounds decent

It looks like that new healer makes mercy useless now

How good is the friend?

You are the WORST!



It's not like I ever expected it to happen, the main heroine is really defined from the start. But even so, it was sort of blueballing.

I am so glad you've never tried coming onto me

me irl

Mmm EH.
Kennen is pretty cool.


fuck emilia
not cuz of this
but because shes a stuck up bitch

2001 was written and directed before Space Oddity.

They know, Cuppers.
They know.
They just don't know how to help you and get you into treatment.

his ult is fucking insane
combine that with a protobelt

ana is good
but mercy still good for 6-8k + sustained healing


not a chance. I hid that I was gay for years, I can hide excessive drinking on weekends.

Also, take a shot, Cuppers.


I just legitimately don't like guys who aren't white


wait what why


n u h


The bridge. ♥

No, I mean, like.
I literally have a card.
In my wallet.
That marks me as an emergency healslut.

He's a good friend, I don't mind him knowing I drink.
He's a bit of an alcoholic though.



Grim it's a joke

I just don't try to sex people who are't into it


You've already got someone~?

Not a song.

I have a certificate framed, bitch


Pokemon Go

Omg.. I might actually play

she just said she's not into girls
learn to take the hint
no e-lesbian shit for you tonight

I'm on team Valor

oh shit

better grab the whiskey

Luka I'm a girl in real life

Please have lesbian sex with me

So mercy heal does outdo ana constantly shooting someone?

I haven't looked at the math

Yeah, her

Hiding is what the worst would do

The good times alcoholic or the 'this is negatively affecting my life' alcoholic?


I never use that
I like nashor's tooth and then rylais
I also like DFT because it's annoying and he has a decent amount of single target damage.

She's just as generic as main heroines come. I don't like or dislike her, she's just a copy paste.

I was expecting you to say "i dont care" just to spite me into drinking.
But I'm gonna go finish watching this episode so I can chat with someone.

Stream it I wanna see your attempts ^^
Try Death's Hard or Sekai's Insane

You can say smiles

have fun with smiles

Hey Ban u faget are you gonna play Ark
I was told you would shovel shit for us and do general slave labor


I've never played him but I feel like RAW ap is way better than something tooth would provide

I thought the same about rem and ram at first
boy was I wrong

I can't tell if you're missing what I'm implying or not.


Seems like somewhere between the two sometimes.

This episode was so good because emilia's character didn't actually play into it

You got me from dark moody jazz to happy pop songs and overall make me feel really happy quickly.

*comes out*

I was asked to but I don't really wanna do slave labor



ana is a 3 tick per shot
mercy is a full hp bar in 2-3 seconds

mercy reliable
ana for utility

Much better!


I'll pay you 300 berries an hour

Are we bros now? are we bros!?

are you really on blue team?

Berries are money, right?

Oh please, he could've meant Alexis.

That's because I love you.
You aren't allowed to be upset when I'm around.

oh god I'm actually so bad though


not likely, and you know it.

brojob when

Only talks about conversing with you here.

Logical to assume it'll be with you as well.

Also could literally be anyone else on the planet.

aticuno is ice
the leader is a pretty and smart lady
and they have a smart catch phrase!

but yea i like Ice

even tho i think zapdos looks kewl.

Why isn't it online already

Probably but I like to duel and it makes w procs easier because higher attack speed and more damage. so yeah

I have a boyfriend.

No brojobs from me.


yes master I'm sorry


Don't you dare dump your cripple man on me.

When did he become a cripple?

wow we aren't on the same team......i'll destroy you

I bet you feel so loved

So Ana is a similar spot to music guy

eh, then it really is a 'wait and see' situation.


I can only be really really thankful

It's a little silly how irrelevant Ram is. She is so irrelevant she's not even in the OP anymore.

Well she's gonna have to be in the rest of the season after this, I can't imagine Rem taking up too much of the remaining time now.

I knew that would catch your attention.
Do you two want to play a game?

Hey Bloodchan

Oh well.



I don't know.
Let's just play a game of something.
Do both of you guys have world of tanks or something?

I'm going to make it my life's work to learn this song and to sing it while grinding a staff.

You betcha.

As I said.

That's enough.

I'll grind ur staff

congratulations! u did it!

My name is Ikarous

Always has been

People call me Blood-chan because Erio told them to

Good TokiToki

Exactly, they will actually flesh the character out. This has been one of the few anime romances that has made sense, why would he go with rem when the whole motivation behind everything he has done up to this point been his love for emilia?


I've War Thunder, And World of Warships. Out of the five games you play.

You were right all along

Well Captain you only ever want to play those military simulator games.


Did what?

As I often am.

It's a good change in the usual twin girl meme

We could play LFD2.

Shame she doesn't have Overwatch.



I've called you Bloodchan 5 times in the past month.
The first time you said "How did you know it was me?!"


Hello Cato

We can play either. Or LFD2.
Whichever Lexi Rather.

Whatever you want.



Worst case you'll have to use your birthday wish for Overwatch. We'll see.

These lips weren't made for kissing.
So that's not what they'll do.

I'm sorry I underestimated you

Ever considered overwatch?

I hate that name...

Do you like my angel avatar?


hmm maybe

Would that put me under your command?

What'd I do?

Like everyone always does.

Hm hm.

well now that's a shame

Lets just play overwatch.

I honestly didn;t notice.

You did IT

Don't I still have 350$ available from earlier?

I think it's a cute avatar, yeah.

I think it's a cool looking game. I'll never really play it though.

We're all just friends here.
Well I don't have it though.


why do you only post at night?

its ok
should I get drunk at the restaurant or just buy some alcohol on the way back and get drunk later tn

Old man will buy it for you

but don't you want a lil extra?


Hm hm.


Can't lump them both together.

I only post when I can get away with it.

I don't want him spending money on a game I'll only play like once a month at best.

I dunno i'm gonna go eat some food though.


Held on to my tentacle?

I already have you.

It's one of those games that you just play when you have other people to play with, though

That's how I see it, at least.

Do you work all day or something?

maybe the latter then

I work most days all day.

Seems like a game I'll never play.

I figured.
I don't even like that you're so adamant about it.


not a feet guy

Being blamed for things is my fetish.

sounds like you could be playing it right now.

Want to use my account to play with them?

Haven't brought it up in about a month.

Wouldn't call it adamant.

When do you sleep?

can't believe smiles used to cyber cato when he was 16


Pick one of those war games then


To be honest, I find Ram significantly more attractive.

But Rem is my spirit animal, and favourite.

my heeart..

You'll let me use your account?

Yeah yeah.
Looks like we're playing overwatch.

Touko is a goddess.

We might play overwatch actually.


Only when she's wearing the glasses, sure.

That's mine, can't use it.


I'm not going to be using it tonight

okay I'll download and install it.



how do I download this game?? client

I think you have to download first

Like starcraft or wow

Log into with an account that's purchased it

battle net you dumb

Do I download the battlenet client?

Whats the bnet on it?


It may be a shitty- game,
but the music's okay.

Yeah the client is small
Then from there you can actually DL all the games Blizzard has

Holy shit, this is what my father felt like when I taught him how to use a tablet a while back.

God damn it.


watch your language, this is a blue board

Do I need to log in before I download it?
I don't see a download link anywhere?

I just sent you the info, logging in will make it easier, if nothing else

friendly begging for the mosquito to stop sucking out my blood, I need that.



Don't worry about it, I'm being weird.

Doesn't matter

it was the first to came up

I like your weird


Am I cute?




Your anime girl version of you is

Back off faglord

Test, are you here?

Murder is disgusting

In every sense of the word

You're too evil to be cute...

make me


i guess?
ana's ult is a mix between music guy speed boost and mercys dmg boost built in.

how much money does this say you spent on League?

help me be good at osu master


So a mix of a the music guy and mercy. the utility leaning of whatshisname and the single-target healing of mercy.


Why you posting cute crayon dress girl?


This is acceptable

I am a cute evil though. At least I think so. Sort of like you~

I still think I have a better personality than like half of the gay furs


log in~

to see

how much you spent on lol


do you play pong

I think you are destined to be bad forever, gomenasai

That is not a very high bar.

that's a very good way to put it

Ahhhh I don't wanna be bad !

n-nani ?


Ana ult doesn't heal
it doesn't give invuln either... so don't go using it on a low HP ally
it only reduces the dmg the person you ulted takes.

Fite me

I'll play her when I don't actually need to be working

Neko x Tokai nig off.

Like beer pong or the old game?

It is a bar though.

thats not what i implied at all you retard. ghostbusters wouldve done bad with or without the female cast, so stop assuming this is about attacking the movie for it being a female protagonist movie because there are tons of those that do great, you just cant come to terms that the movie is shit and keep running back to you muh womens argument you incompetent little bitch


*does 1940's combat stance*


i win

I will hurt you.

And I will cut her into pieces.

You outnig a nig?


just be accurate.

heal freinds, escape enemy ults with her sleep dart, and ult rly good people on ur team.
and for tough situations her jar of healing will give you a short strong healing boost and make enemys not able to heal.

looks like you need bed

fuck I meant fite
i like to think im a bit more civil than that

*lesbo wink*

*lesbian butt*

You're exceptional

Any scene with her is so goddamn awkward.


I really hope people stop posting her soon.

a bit intimidating

I can't for the life of me see what anyone sees in rem. dull as fuck.



Not since I was in college to both of them

Because she is a rather lifeless character fans of her that make her a waifu can make her suit their needs.

I think she's nice thoughh

I'd let her intimidate me



my 14yo brother wants me to buy this for him


I know you would

Buy him a skirt and dildo so he can take after you.



how much it say about you

Disown him

So I am not cute then?!?


I started feeling sober as someone was sending me a picture of their butt

what have I done?

a steal!

Was it Desu?

he's no fag.



you ought to check out
but I can't recommend safety yet until in some days, I ordered to check if its good.


Hi Ban



sup dude

How'd you know ?


Didn't you used to say you were no fag either?

You still drunk?

A very small amount.

I can make a heart with my hands 4 u

You're gonna need a bigger "subway" for a size queen like him.

I have knowledge

still not a fag until proven otherwise

I guess that is cute

I like how you scream boi

I'll never stop.

Do tell

I do?

What if I fall asleep in your lap?

Improper use of that image, Colbs.

I keep thinking it's you until I check the name. it's horrible.



I don't.

Mordin please stop.

Make me welma

Mordin and Desu posting shitty twins is great.
Because they're basically the same, shitty cumdumpsters as each other.

It'll only get worse when they release an OVA covering the AU arc where he actually does run off with her.

secret knowledge

and I do too

I cannot allow that

You must tell me


I'll just talk to other people then.

I will bully you

Oh, when you put it that way...

Read me a bedtime story.


Sounds lonely.



oh well

no mean!

I need to think of some english one.

how do you want it?

Reveal your secrets !

lonely :(


very thirsty vlad chasing at very high speed

I illegally burn CD's


Is that even a thing people do anymore?

I got nostalgic for my cute little akai cd player and proceeded to put a ton of my music on cd

when they have no firewood :(

He didn't charge either of those E's...


No please... I don't swing that way

That sounds incredibly depressing.

Well played.

and he missed ult

yay validation

Y-yeah.. I just got done crying, actually :(

Something like this.


I don't know if you're joking or not.
Do I even want to know what that means?

No jokes.


he did not

it jsut procced faster than I have ever seen a vlad ult proc


Why this time?

Oh my God it's raining cats and dogs

Who turned thread IDs off?

Bebop did it for his boyfriend.

I asked Bebop to turn them off

nothing wrong with physical copies.

t-that's not a song, but I'll take it very much so


Well that's idiotic.

You are an idiot. Also hi.

I had a miserable day and all I wanted was somebody to just hold me irl but that doesn't really happen in my life so it's been really frustrating and depressing lately.


Sorry Tokai meant that for Ikarous. I'd never say hi to you.




Hey, love

This is the perfect time to work out to your Buns of Steel tape.


are you 8?

that's not my generation

Why would you ever want thread IDs off? It's stupid how useful they are.

I wish, chicks love 8 year olds.

You're 22, right?

I don't have a television. Or a VCR.

Limp Bizkit's version was better.

I wanted this place to feel like the ol' 4chan days

You're the one who asked.

I thought you'd only go after 8 feet dogmen.


i didn't like IDs but now that they're gone i kinda miss them

I just meant you could set the tape against a wall and work out in its general direction.

There was also a period where 4chan had thread IDs, and it was much, much better.

The kind of women I'm into you can't tell apart form 8 feet dogmen.

I do not own any tapes.

The heyday of Holla Forums posting for this community was when IDs were there.

You are the worst.

I know but this place should be pro-anonymity and pro freedom

Blue is talking to me, back up

I'm the same way about a lot of things.

No downside to IDs what so ever really. People always complain about attempted samefagging and people trying to create new identities and what not, ID's makes it somewhat harder to do that.

The only reason I could see for someone wanting IDs gone in a place like this would be so that they could remove their flag and try to pretend to be someone else.

that slut would probably like getting hit by those

I doubt it


Especially with how awful Holla Forums is at retaining names. The only reason for no thread IDs is for moronic self posting. Which you can still do once per thread or if you proxy. Or if Holla Forums has a sage option. Also if you're looking for a post and somebody changed their name in a thread you can just search their ID. IDs are just so much better.

Don't you want steel buns?

It is pro anonymity, it's a per-thread ID. It's just asinine at that point.

and you can filter ids