it's over MAGApedes

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No wonder British women go for Ahmed when this is the alternative.

heh heh heh
Britcucks amiright? abdul fucking der gf heh heh heh

Face it Geoff, no amount of ironic posting will undo the fact that Anglos are through. America is where the rebirth of the dominant white race is happening.

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ok "Jeff" I'm just glad that Europe will live on in our white American brothers though, right? Tell me about your pure European ancestry please. Your ancestors left Europe before Europeans became cucked, right? You got all the dominant alpha European genes. 100% white pride. MAGA!

I can assure you he got laid about 1000 times more than you ever did

I don't think he's straight

UK is full of mozlums innit I know because I been 't Paris.

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So this is what imkampfy looks like..

this actually isn't as dumb as it sounds if you think about it

I don't think an American can ever fundamentally understand just how retarded American nationalism is.

Could you all try to not think with your dicks for 5 minutes?


no I mean, with the immigration policies and EU… oh nevermind

Both France and the UK have committed demographical suicide, certainly there's many sandniggers but there's also plenty of niggers too. And you can keep sitting on those goon pics of amerimutts, I'm of European stock and my blood has been tied to this land as far as my family records go.

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I know nigger I don't want to see my country (the UK) devloving into what it is, the only thing I can do right now is to buy land and keep having kids, which I'm doing both.
The La Mutt pics are just a bit of fun.

this time line is just so fresh and organic

the 'alt-right' self immolates but for some reason even after everything we've been told the whole corrupt media ediface just keeps on rolling like.

The moon orbits the earth, but it's not a moon, it's not even a death star, it's a space hulk from the Warhammer 40k universe

the jew needs the nazi
the feminist needs the mysoginy
the gay needs the homophobia
the corporation needs the bullying
they all need the 'hate'

So what does Steve Bannon have ? What henious enemy of humanity does he have to point at, to say 'this is why I'm an insane cunt' ?!?


Pic related is average britkike

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Is he the (((datamining))) poster?