This is the media standard stereotypical idea of an unattractive female

it's no wonder american girls are so fucked in the head and vain, jesus

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Nice try, Velmacuck

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shes a spaghetti nigger, of course she isn't attractive

Nice buttchin, stupid

What are you talking about? Velma was never considered unattractive. I bet there's more Velma porn then Daphne porn out there.

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you bought into the meme

they literally rewrote lines from the movie talking about how velma was chunky and shit

totally off-model

looks like a feminist cunt

take that back you faggot

Post the original lines.

That all started decades after. The real reason for the resurgence in Velma stuff is that she's cheap and easy to cosplay as even if you're fat*

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I don't know what they were, they mentioned them on the DVD commentary

The film was going to have velma be a lesbian originally that secretly lusts after Daphne, too

I've never seen any stores that carried orange turtlenecks

second hand shops, also not hard to find a cheap light colored one and dye it

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Looks hot tbqhwyf

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This is what an ugly female looks like.

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10/10 would impregnate

Even the chink behind her is disgusted.


But who knew she would turn into an 11/10.

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Why does she hide the chin

Went from Ugly Betty to Plain Jane

irish women are worthless

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You aren't worthy of her chin.

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4cuck crossposters need to go back and take their shit waifus with them tbqh

who the fuck is this and why should I care

thank you

Some cuckr9k girl that has seen its beta orbiters to our board

You will NEVER prep her bull.
Why live

Screw chin hider who's the one on the right?

what a shitty drawing

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BASED /crippletv/. I might stay here after all.

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also Emma Watson can't act

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why do people say that cripplechan's formatting is complicated?

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Stone can't act, nice projection

oh hai chinadunk
is that why she got this shiny trophy while Watson got a razzie nom?

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watsonfag is a hapa
robertsfag is a dyke
stonefag is a ????


go to /esg/ on and you will see how much of an autist the stonefag is

She was the cartoon equivalent of Janet Reno. It wasn't until the movie came out that she was attractive.

Filename matches as well.

I wonder if he's the only in that thread talking to himself.

I've seen another one of those threads and most of the posts were the same type of autismo babbling

Linda Cardellini is my waifu

Fuck you


Oh shit is that who this is? She was hot as fuck in Freaks and Geeks.

coming from a jew like u that's ironic chinadunk, we know >>>/cow/375302

How does it feel knowing absolutely nothing about the hollywood business? Emma Stone had to win an award and people still dont have any idea who she is. Battle of the sexes bombed. She is jennifer lawrence 2.0 thats why shes bffs with her, why dont you go watch some videos of those two untalented american whores together. lol

Is this a lol nerdy xD glasses thread?

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I'm Zach

We know.

Trips confirm

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Yes, but with girls.

nice projection!

lol triggered

4chan has id counts and that thread has 30 of them

The Zach /cow/ thread reeks of three people samefagging(stonefag and two robertsfags)

The Zach /cow/ is now a boogeyman, he shitposts hard occasionally but not as the people others say he is like sudocuck.

yeah that's why the mod is on him
i came here after his videos got posted on /esg/

wow, I - I mean, OP - starts a good thread, and then it degenerates into shitposting about this zach fellow? I dunno who this guy is, although he sounds very handsome and tasteful

you're pathetic chinadunk
worse than that tenda dude

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so what discord/irc do you hang out on?

Holla Forums

and i know that u r tempted to do it, but dont come to our thread in /hr/ to spam harveys fucktoy chinadunk

that's kinda what I was implying..

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nice meme
so what discord/irc do you hang out on?

Glad they didn't dykes are fucking disgusting

that does not compute


they should cast finnish women in the ugly roles

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She's cute

You made it worse.

lol that looks like ur mom lmao

if by worse you mean better then yea.

t. virgin.

I always wanted to be castrated by Velma. She would be talking about some nerd shit while giving me a blow job, and when I cum on her face is when she takes out a small knife and cuts off my balls. Then she lectures me how she always love keeping testicles in a jar. Which explains why Scobby is cut.

I dont know about that.. she acts like an uppity bitch

But you believed the memes about hot lesbian pornography, good goy

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99/100 times if you find yourself asking this, the answer is you shouldn't care.

I wish.

That's a new one

What I want to know is where's the caveman?

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american girls arent fucked in the head cause of the media

hell they arent even fucked in thte head

but losers like op sure are

btw im a girl

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That second one is probably the closest to what the cartoon Velma would look like irl

they also japped her at one point

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Your head, it's rent free


Is it wrong if i feel really sexually attracted to the girl on the right?
That's a 10/10 wife and impregnation material.

that meme is cool
so what discord/irc do you hang out on?

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Next you're going to tell me you've never watched the original series.

Is OP Zach?

was there ever a real ghost in the entirety of this (((show)))?

Scooby Doo on Zombie Island

Who is this soyboy?

In the original "Scooby Doo Where are you"? No never a real ghost.

But after Scrappy showed up, they started doing things like "The 13 ghosts of Scooby Doo" which did have actual ghosts and ghoulies, but more importantly had Vincent Price as a regular.

You cheeky cunt, thanks for the Velma lewds.

t. pedo

no, I just imagine that dykes are still better than sluts that hop on jamal's dick

that's disgusting

this is what makes girls so shallow

If ya like them hairy whatever man, but that defensiveness is unsightly.


Did I do it right?

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uh… yes?

There is no such thing as uglified. Only natural.

Did Daphne collapse into herself creating a black hole?

I take you think that movie zombies look like that IRL too


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Except there was nothing remotely ugly about her in the before picture

bobbi starr is best velma

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That’s a lot of fabric

fat people should be burned

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You fucking kids don't know how good you have it. Sex in the 80s and 90s sucked. Coughing up hairballs while smelling that amplified, soaked in minge was torture. Every time I see one of you pube fetishists, I want to shake you until your teeth rattle. You're going to take us back to the dark times.

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Waifu spammers should be burned

Anorexic cunts should be gassed.

Velma has always been the "choice" of betas. Daphne is best girl.

not anymore

at least I'm not fat

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How the hell is that body type even possible? wew. Also it looks like that just stitched some curtains together and said, "That'll do."

Based Blissfag
Mirin' those triple dubs

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pick one

I'm not though. in fact, I've hardly done any blissposting over the past few days because I've been busy building furniture

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That's what you think.

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God damn, I want to lick every inch of Mickie.

why eat Arby's when there's a 5 star restaurant right next door?

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I never said that I wouldn't do the same to Alexa. In fact I'd prefer Alexa but I wanted Milfie to get some much deserved love.


I know it's disgusting that I'll never get to do it :(

How exactly is she unattractive?
Pic related is unattractive.

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exactly, I'm no hunchback fetishist
I appreciate female beauty

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just because you hung out with disgusting unbathed whores doesn't mean anything

is there more of this?