This is an official boo attention thread

this is an official boo attention thread

please recognize that your boo is a fragile, passive creature that requires constant gratification and flirting


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Oh boy

die boo

after all the mada mada


*Licks lips*

My Chara one? f*ck*ng

you go and pull this shit


just how gay are you anyway, testsa?

wow what a LAME OP

I guess I'm on my own, I'll get her nudes by the end of the night

it's p good

mine was so fucking good, too.

your threads blow bern

yours the best bae

you blow.


only sometimes

I'm rubber, you're glue.

Not as gay as you, fam.

You played the game, man?

Time for ninis

can i nini?

at least someone understands.

i'd totally blow test


so fucking gay

more like you're a slut and you like cock.

goodnight scoots.

we're all here can we play?

we fucking playing again or what?


nighty night scotaloo

you guys fags or somethin?

You're better than this.

guero let's fucking go

Oh boy she saw my message in the last minute

Let's go

You don't know me. You don't know my life.



got all endings and shit
has my favorite soundtrack since Bastion


She just called me babe

I win

Colbs, shut the fuck up
Nobody gives a shit

What a fucking bully

Good man.

do i even want to ask who you are

you love it

I'm your gf silly

It's Harambe.

r u fuckin cheatin on ,me

Shut the fuck up Neko

You're a fucking failure of a sub and a fucking failure as a black person

KIll yourself

Someone sounds mad

Someone sounds mad

Why are you being a bully


someone sounds mad

hey boo1!!!!!!!!!!!!!




This ain't nothing new


bully b nise

i didnt know this picture existed









It's just their foreplay.
Colbs is into cuckhold shit.

I am the meme king.

Cuckhold is disgusting


hey luke



youre both an ugly ass guy and a girl

hey boo


I don't have anything nice to say


soto pls go and stay go


wanna play OW with us luke

im drinking and playing my first game of league in 12 days boi




ty for spoiling your SLUT SMUT
thats some sxc shit
pic relatedd me +her



Ahh so much better


I swear to God I'm going to just start teamkilling them every time I see one

nice golden brown lolo




I could fit kyouko on here but that would take forever

the tomato loli?


No my beloved redhead


i'm goonna squish you

I forgot you used to post her

I'd like to see you try, nerd.

who are you again?

oh yeah she's just great
her hair smells like chocolate


and who is neko.

don't call me nerd, nerd. Your memes may be fresh, juicy, some may even call them scrumptious. but anyone who has tasted my memes knows that there are just some things you can't learn just from doing them. I was born into this world knowing how to meme while I sleep, while I dream, and while I play violent video games on the best system, the Nintendo DSi. That's something they can't teach in school. Speaking of school, I have masters degrees in Chemistry, Anthropology, Music Theory, and Spanish. Como estas, bitch. all of my studies were devoted to the formation and history of memes (spoken and written) in the Americas. I was awarded my Doctorate in 3rd Degree Memeology this past year, so you know I'm on my game. step off, "nerd."

like I'm reading all that.

The one who makes god tier folders like this one

Back off my waifus hair nigga

but you are not the one who made this folder.

I think he's like the rest of the ponies you don't know: mostly from the side -chans.

I've never met a real bully before...

ah. thank you.

man there is a lot of lewd in here. who the hell made this.

No my kyouko folder is over 6gb and the only one who has that version other than me is smile

gonna bully you real good, kid.

damn. that's pretty huge.


holy mother of large folders catman

How big is the one you're using?

it's been quite a blast.

My yui folder is 4gb

860 mb or something. someone else made it, and I actually don't remember who.

I'm gnoing to gcuck You

in the words of the leader of the board before this

Either freklz or discord

oh that's right. yeah probably freklz, but I'm sure I got it from someone else.

I can't even access it right now and I don't have it uploaded because it's not finished

You can't have sex with Cuppers because you'll just throw his back out.

I can have sex just fine.

Are you ok from your accident?


It could have been me but I don't remember kyouko ever being that small

no. I just know from experience that I can still have sex. it doesn't hurt my back very much.


No need to try and impress the youngins, gramps.
You're just gonna hurt yourself trying.


no no, it was definitely freklz who made it, but then someone else who knew I liked her gave me the folder. I don't think I even know you.

God I love k-on so much I can't even decide who I like best

I've done it plenty of times since the accident. just because you aren't getting any doesn't mean you need to be petty.

very yes.



Types tsuchi, falling back into his wheelchair with palpable exhaustion as he relaxes the movable part of his body.

You definitely do
I have you on Skype and I haven't used that shit in years

crossdress for me


the hell. then who are you?

those days are done. sci has a picture of me in a one piece women's swimsuit. I lost all the crossdressing pics of me that I did have when my laptop died though, sorry.

I am in way better physical shape than you and run like 3-4 miles a day.

Like five or six months.

at last..

I've never really gone by any other name

oh my gosh im going to KILL myself

sci please give me this pic

stay strong. try tindr.

I found you on skype. it's really weird, I basically don't remember you at all. sorry about that.

he's probably not around.

he removed me on steam so i cant ask him

wait i think i have him on skype

That's k I don't think we talked much

i still cant believe its been so long and still almost nobody knows who neko is

is that how you got wheelchair bound?
running too much?

Tsuchi runs to hide from his gay thoughts
4 miles every day

good luck.

looks like we talked quite a bit for a while, then stopped. so pretty par for the course with me.

reading through old skype logs of mine make me want to shoot myself. they're so fucking cringe.

I'm not that desperate.

From athletic injuries throughout my life mostly.

last thing we ever talked about was you having a crush on smiles. that's pretty cute.

almost three years ago. how'd we even meet? so weird.

Oh man
I know what you mean


On Holla Forums

just so terrible.

my memory is so shit. you use steam now?

Yeah barely
I miss having a laptop so I could have everything in the background it's so shitty trying to do this on a phone

yeah, phone posting must be the worst.

actually that's the very very last thing you said before we didn't talk for a long time. something about your laptop dying on you. maybe that's why we lost touch. or it could have been me being reclusive like I get sometimes.

My laptop broke this year though

you didn't say it broke, just that it crashed or something. I dunno.

Good afternoon.

Must have been when I had to get the screen repaired

ello guvna'

tsuchi did you already remove me again on steam? this must be a new record.


yeah, who knows. I'm still weirded out that I don't remember ANY of that stuff.


wanna be my steam friend again

you're already on there.

probably one of the worst decisions youll ever make honestly

I removed all but like six people.
I was at 17 and that number seemed too high.

Hello Barf.

Hello Capcuke.

Hello Desu.

you know I talk to anyone.

just wondering.

how's it goin'

Desu if you do it i will spray you with a water bottle

oh I thought you were someone else

yeah kill yourself


oh I'll remove him then

i dont care what you do im just stating a fact

We've both changed a lot since then it seems so it doesn't really matter

very true.

I don't know anymore.
I think I need to do some things but eh..

You have my email to message me on if you really need to talk.

doing things is boring anyway.

yeah, I don't see that being a pressing concern anytime soon.

You should keep posting kyouko tho since I can't

Fair enough.

I guess I could get to know the folder better.

Want mine?

realize that might have come across a bit...something. I just mean I see you plenty here, and it's not like you do much other than insult me anyway.

yours sounds so intimidating. maybe some time in the future if I find I like posting her a lot.

any good shitposting going on?

anyone wanna have osme drama?


You and me fucker lets go

Boo likes wieners.

It's got every scene from the manga, animu, and movies and all the art from every booru site and pixiv.

fuck you too.


yeah that just sounds like way too much. even in my own folders I frequently post the same few dozen images that I like the most.

fuck u2. seriously. overrated as shit.

I think I'll leave it to after dinner so I can get some energy going.

bern, as my friend u have to defend me from tsuchi so our reputation doesnt drop

this seems like a good plan.

if I can handle his shit, you can.

I do not think anyone would rate me highly so I cannot be overrated.

I do that a lot too
I'm just ocd about it so I gotta have everything

yes but i dont want to
youre the 55% girl
you do it

I was talking about the band.

seems reasonable to me. going through some of my folders I've made I can't believe some of the stuff I saved with how mediocre it is.


and no. fight your own battles. mada mada.

it was 55%

Gotta have deez nuts

it was dead on 50. I remember.

They're like Coldplay but for even older people.


I try to make sure I save nothing but the cutest


But what to do until then

sounds like you save everything

kill time in any way you can, of course.


who the hell made these.

No there was a lot of shit I had to sift through to find the good ones
And all the fucking awful porn

fuck you were right
i went in checked
still extremely gay anyway

I could finish watching SAO
I could try updating cs go and playing that
I could play overwatch
I could buy and play Tokyo Warefare.

Some user from the pony threads, supposedly.

it's amazing how much bad porn there is of just about everything.

can't help who I am.

sounds like a whole bunch of options. you're sure to think of something.

they're killing me.

This is the last one, I think.

Right? It's supposed to get you off not make your dick fall off.

that user should be given a medal.

it really is suffering trying to jack off in the first world.

our little man(girl) test has grown a lot since that pic

Give me some nudes then



you don't want mine.

sure showed him

oh boy

Trust him on this.

what did boo mean earlier?
also yeah he is prob scared. i would be

trust tsuchi on this

there was some gender personality test that everyone was taking, so I took it as well. 22% male, 50% female. total bs. I'm the pinnacle of manliness.

I don't even have to jack off anymore


A shaved gorilla is a tutu would be a better option.


I'm super manly. just ask tsuchi how masculine my voice is.

It's a long story
But I can do it without touching myself

I don't know how I'm still alive after that festival...

We were literally fucking the life of the entire festival.

The only posters more manly than Cupcake are the types to give brojobs and say how not gay they are.

lenko san

jealous. just can't seem to get the anal orgasms to work for me. oh well.

glad you made it out okay. we would have been lost without you.

I mean colby got like 88% or something.

You missed the joke.
Thanks, Bard.

I don't have to put things In my ass either

I'm not gay

don't insult bard by calling me his name.

well now you're just being a little show off.

how then?

Only barely. We ended the night at some random college drom with some cute chinese girls.

Id give bern a brojob

only way it could have been better is if those girls were traps instead.

Explaining it is too embarrassing

that makes me want to know all the more.


Explain it anyway.

Maybe later at a place that's not here

Fuck you cuckwork
Don't talk to me

I will find out. I always find out.

He's talking about shoving things up his butt.


he literally said he doesn't do that.

It's been like three years, but outside of the beard I really don't look that different since I took that picture and all them gifs got made. He just really doctored the image up.

The guy was honestly a great artist, he did some actual drawings for me and other folk in the thread that I just don't have anymore.

Weren't you trying to talk to me a week or so ago?

I said I'd do it later

If you're a faggot maybe.

I got touched by way more guys/complimented by way more guys than girls. Korean guys mirin' hard.

Yeah and you were acting like a bitch so I'm good


It's the most penisy

Maybe he's one of those weirdos that hooks up electric cords to his dicks.
Or chokes himself with a rope.

I look forward to it.

of course. they love them some in shape white guys.

well then.

only time will tell.

Add me on steam /id/littleneko

You said hello to me while I was dealing with some things that just happened. I didn't mean to cold sholder your greetings.


Those horrors how broken far greater men.
His going to divulge his Eldritch knowledge to you as you slowly go insane trying to master the skills he teaches you.
Are you truly ready for that?

Mm I'll take your word for it


I mean, I'm just curious.



really bored guys

I was going to apologise personally on steam but you're not online so, my sincere apologies.

nice work

not sure what else to say about it.

I don't understand

really Bard tbh

Still telling you later tho

I can barely stand the wait.

It always starts as curiosity, a simple desire to learn how without even using their hands.
Next thing you know, you're siring abominations bent on ending the world.

hey bard
whats up dude

you're legit starting to scare me.

wanna be my bf
best friend

Sorry I got mad then

Mm so whatcha doing?

so like 2 or 3 years ago I went to an alternative learning school that was ran by the local college instead of the highschool because I didnt like the strict way they made you learn lessons so here I could work on my own time
At this school I became good friends with one of the most popular party dudes of the entire town
Across the past few years we've been keeping company on the daily, I've taught him how to play guitar and he has developed a passion for music
I've learned alot from him that has rubbed off on me as well

But in the past few months
He has became a fucking weeb
And frankly I think thats fucking crazy
what about you

sorry I don't wanna get squirted

I'm just saying there's some things you're best not knowing.

Also, I'm just tl;dr-ing Bloodborne or any Eldritch inspired piece of fiction.

watching wings and posting here.

you were doing great.

fantastic story
im just bored
nothing to say
ive been like crazy horny the past 3 days because of hormones or something but its dying down a bit
a little depressed too but i think thats the same reason

or maybe being here just upsets me

What's wings?

Why not go sex one of your countless trap sluts

whaddup now whiteboy

sitcom from the 90's about two brothers running a small airline together. it's pretty good.
mostly it's just easy to watch.

the only time i can get laid from now is in like 3 days

Oh I think I saw that at school once

Y-yours isnt the bottle i'm afraid of

what happens in 3 days?

an odd place to see it.

It was a film class
We watched all the good shit like sin city, pulp fiction, and I showed every body psycho.

dw subtle can share

my car will just be fixed so i can go see a girl
maybe a little more than 3

ah, that makes sense then. yeah it's kind of a classic. set in the same universe as cheers. they even had a crossover episode.

[when you're reading a doujinshi and suddenly it turns into NTR]

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sin city was the first titties i ever seen

I think we watched the movie though
You're talking about a TV show right?