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Other urls found in this thread:


I'm ok with anything other than that bliss whore
The blissfag got way too annoying lately

Since when did Holla Forums have over 300 users?

since it stands at over 750 right now

Good, Maisiefags are the most fucking obnoxious waifu-fags.

Rigged voting, fake, ugly, unrelated "winner". This shit happens all the time. Screw you and your voting bot!

Big talk from a heathen.

Attached: I say M11.jpg (600x334, 31.77K)

Little bit peeved your waifu didn't win user?

really makes you think

Only Emmaposter and Maisieposter have been here long enough to actually have a say. Everyone other waifufag is a turbo newfag. Taylor and Bliss are not Holla Forums.

Did we get raided? It was at 50 something just a few months ago. No wonder this place is fucking cancer now.

Worthless words from a loser.

newfag who doesn't actually know what the numbers on the frontpage mean detected

No, because they suck ass. And the waifu-fags that love them suck even more ass than that.

Thank you. Though Bliss is featured in a sporting event, that is on television.

Hey bro, you are not on halfchan anymore. You don't have to act like that.

Attached: New Zealand Maize.jpg (750x750, 73.58K)


Reality show?

Attached: dont look at me how should I know.jpg (242x249, 17.69K)

since the creator of the poll learned how to switch IPs

I know it's not 1:1 with users, but a 1450% increase on a dead board is still a lot. This place doesn't even feel more alive most days, just shittier.

it's been at least around 400-500 for more than a year now

It's pretty obvious that the rejects from other boards and chans are migrating here, because you can start threads about basically any kind of shit as long as you cover it up with some Holla Forums meme. Or you don't even need to do that

Tell me user, how does it feel to have your beloved scrunchface lose to Bliss and Taylor "not even a fucking actress" Swift?

I don't care, because the previous voting has already established order, the "winner" is not Holla Forums related, and it was an obviously manipulated voting.

Maisie wins my heart every day.

Attached: dreamy princess2.jpg (1080x1196, 102.86K)

This. Queen Bliss Princess Maisie is just too perfect. No matter how jelly others get.

Maisiefags are just avatarfags pretending to be waifufags.

If you've added "I think", that would sound way more plausible. But in this case, I'm telling you that you are wrong.

Attached: Maisie wall3.jpg (4256x2832, 1.83M)

blame the russians they hacked it


Maisie is Holla Forums royalty by natural law. Her right to rule is ordained by a higher spiritual power and thus cannot be overthrown by the polls of common folk. She is a physical manifestation of the divine femininity of Sophia herself.

Attached: naughty-skirt-4.jpg (728x1110, 135.08K)

For some reason your post isn't all that convincing.

Other than that, I complety agree. Who is Sophia?

Why would I collect over 7000 pictures of a girl if I don't like her? I saw every available movies and series and short films of hers.

Attached: what did he mean by this.jpg (298x254, 13.98K)

op is (((dataminer)))

I don't know? So you could bug the shit out of other Holla Forums Anons by posting her scrunchface in almost every thread that gets made?

About 50 or 100 is enough for that

Attached: HÁHÁHÁ.jpg (267x237, 12.22K)


Attached: TaylorSwiftFiftyShadesDarker-1200x520.jpg (1200x520, 201.49K)

holy fucking pathetic!!!!

If you remove the fake Bliss votes, Maise is the clear winner.


feels good for some reason

of course it does
Holla Forums has a human female looking waifu for once

You people have actual autism.
Get a girlfriend.

Same here (I think I was actually the third vote)
Can you imagine how much better to browse Holla Forums would be if all pictures of Maisie, the Emmas and Bliss were replaced with cute pics of Taylor?

Attached: Taylor-Swift.jpg (500x600, 86.34K)

>implying any of us would be here if we could get a gf

Waifufags aside, wasn't Jennifer Lawrence the only one to end with zero votes?


Maybe you should fuck off now, because it sounds like you don't even want to be here, arguing with strangers over the internet.

what other place could a fat nerd sociopath get attention?


Attached: big time.jpg (540x786, 216.31K)

Attached: Emma Watson Harvey Weinstein Emma Watson Pre DOJ7JbqtUpYl (1).jpg (396x594, 71.72K)

Your opinion doesn't count then

W-what about the fake Maisie votes?

You niggers are on the wrong board

Attached: awww thats a weak argument dear.jpg (231x244, 17.08K)

what the fuck is this shit
where is Mags the Bags(shitter)?
I will not stand for this aggression


Attached: Knuckles.png (600x528, 385.65K)

also that

God damn you really are just avatarfags pretending to be waifufags.

You actually have a point tbh

Attached: taylorswift-hero-510837066.jpg (1986x1100, 156.41K)

I am just 1 person who admires Maisie much.

Attached: I had a revelation.jpg (285x248, 20.39K)

Does every single post you make on Holla Forums always include a pic of Maisie?

Nope. I'm just using her when she is the topic.

Attached: shut up.gif (245x245, 621.68K)

You really think somewhat would do that? Without at least having a small appreciating of said actresses filmography.

Attached: emma-stone-at-good-morning-america-in-1607_1.jpg (1200x1803, 252.88K)

B-but I am a real person

Attached: hurrrrr3.png (918x467, 674.07K)

clumsy fingers today, I got lots of shopping to do. toodles princess

Attached: emma-stone-2015-academy-awards-nominee-luncheon-in-beverly-hills_1.jpg (1280x1721, 264.39K)

What is Maisie even in aside from GoT and that new Aardman stop motion that's coming out?

she did some motion capture/modeling work in the nineties

Attached: maisie first role.jpg (1808x1080, 242.38K)

Attached: 1517666391978.jpg (6000x2500, 1.5M)

That'll be kino

Attached: Early-Man-Teaser-Trailer-2.jpg (1024x580 67.35 KB, 79.88K)

Underrated, really good British horror mini-series.
Nice, not very long movie about muh millenials being idiots, dangers of doxxing, etc. Basically 1 hour of Maisie, and she is also barefoot during the whole movie.:1
Really cool movie, has lots of interesting imagery, complex story and meaning, and it's all about sex. Contains first ever Maisie sex scene.
Looks dumb from a distance, but it's actually not bad at all. Interesting little "superhero" flick.

The rest of her filmography are not very good, I can recommend the videoclip of Oceans by Seafret beside of those above.

Attached: Seafret (30).jpg (1920x818, 223.03K)

She's got a lot on the docket as far as I can tell, she's in some new Marvel capeshit too.
Will probably keep getting a lot of roles and become a respected character actress due to her "unconventional" looks.

Attached: kiuyt56sh87s653g.png (435x440, 264.9K)


I haven't seen this.

Attached: Early Man Official Trailer!.mp4 (640x360, 11.03M)

Oh, and her first Doctor Who episode, The Girl Who Died is also great. Her second one is a bit gloomy, the third and fourth are sadly full with "muh niggers"

Maisie is the blonde chick who teaches the tribe how to play football.

Attached: Dr. Maisie happy.jpg (599x337, 18.91K)

Cyberbully is on Netflix. Watched it last week. It was good.

Attached: okay green hair.jpg (600x400, 54.65K)

What the hell is going on with that bunny? Is it a mutation?

Been bred for long ears.
There's some weird bunnies out there.

Attached: haircut-rabbit-angora-wally-32.gif (640x640 97.88 KB, 101.44K)

That's kinda scary

Sort of like a living gremlin

Attached: haircut-rabbit-angora-wally-8.jpg (605x605, 158.3K)

That bunner looks like his mom had sex with a yorkie.

She managed to be more pathetic than Emma Watson, that's an achivevement

My god.

It's the cutest thing I've ever seen.

I unironically want one.

Its like an Ewok mixed with Gizmo the gremlin.

Attached: woah (1).gif (350x191, 5.95M)

Speaking in real terms, there are lots of fake waifus on this site who are way more pathetic than Emma Watson. At least she has nice nipples

Attached: 5aa2528ab8906ae85e4ae35b63293740c8e5e8ed6f7aade20e22a3f812822b9e.jpg (810x1215, 89.68K)

This deserves its own thread tbh.

No that doesn't look anything like Emma.


Sounds like Zach should have watched it if he hated Best Emma too much to watch Nerve. He would be in a much less sorry situation.

Maisie's voice is so lovely

Voted 10 times for TayTay just because i wanted Maisie to lose

Attached: swift_portrait_by_gatouke-dbynvuh.jpg (800x800, 125.88K)

Have some more

Attached: webMaisie - questions2.webm (640x640 1.74 MB, 1.68M)


Attached: thank you.gif (250x194, 1.52M)

Blissfag was endearing for a while, but now it and and Goblinposter have some cliquefaggotry organised and ruin threads.

Damn, that's some pretty TayTay artwork.

Yeah, there are many waifus that are way shittier than EW
She gets so much shit only because of Zach's relentless autism

As of now we have more users than Holla Forums. Holla Forums's userbase skyrocketed after TLJ released.

Attached: Spider 1488.jpg (960x540, 165.26K)

Name one thread that was good and we, in the sense of me and Blissposter Nr.1 together ruined it! Because tehre were none like that. Every trhead is either about some boring shit (name a movie or a director that nobody cares about) or ecelebs (which I avoid like fire) or USA politics (which I avoid as well):

But go on, name one!

Attached: listen here.jpg (338x349, 35.02K)

Who is this boy and why do people keep posting pictures of him on here?
He needs to be posted in the /cuteboys thread.
Especially nudes showing his penis and asshole.


Attached: bliss cry.gif (540x300, 1.8M)

That's not an answer. Show me a genuinely good thread that we have ruined!

Attached: side Maisie in the night.jpg (675x1200, 104.68K)

Clicked for the 1488, stayed for the boots.

He can't, because you guys are based

Attached: f9f7fcb5f9.jpg (500x500, 29.22K)

Thank ye.

Attached: kissy okay.jpg (600x800, 84.42K)

Attached: bliss blows a kiss.jpg (640x640, 73.05K)

Nice fake numbers. Proxyfags need to fuck off. Whoever the faggot is who keeps trying to stir shit with his fake country singer, friendly reminder, we already had the vote and Bliss won. There are no new votes, there is no argument. If you want to be the new Margfag, that's on you. Zach was hoping to have the honor, but if you want it, you got it. Congrats. Bliss is still Holla Forums's Official Queen of 2018. Your bullshit changes nothing.

Attached: check em1.jpg (774x884, 126.09K)


I always think Bliss is pretending to be a bunny from this thumbnail lol

My pleasure

Attached: 1457445715077.jpg (1994x3000, 727.91K)

I'm not sure how I feel about this

Attached: easter bunny.jpg (1280x720, 194.82K)

She is beating up a fictional bunny?

Attached: wat.jpg (181x225, 14.42K)


Kinda looks like Sweet Dee there.

times up

Attached: 1518629161620.jpg (1968x832, 146.12K)

there actually was a bunny character in WWE a few years ago. it was hugely popular for a while, then just kinda disappeared without explanation

Attached: bunny-rose.0[1].jpg (1200x800, 75.2K)

Take your own advice, man

Attached: IMG_9748.jpg (1137x640, 50.62K)

Attached: vlcsnap-10514.png (672x272, 152.82K)

you have to go back >>>/cuckchan/


Crashing this house, with no survivors!

taylor swift fan detected

Attached: 1449895765662.png (470x455, 218.11K)

times up

Attached: just.png (1028x675, 158.31K)

When is Taytay going to work on kinema?

Attached: TaylorSwift-617309460.jpg (2400x1800, 571.36K)

Never. So fuck off!

It's called having working eyes

Attached: Taylor_Swift.png (455x553, 260.32K)

How is "she" different from any other girls posted here?


Attached: raw bliss.jpg (736x736, 81.8K)

Attached: hahhahahhaha5.jpg (322x253, 23.06K)

kys faggot long live queen TayTay

Attached: 5B3D0F0E-67BD-41F0-B185-66B3ECD68907.jpeg (640x630, 108.03K)

Every Maisie posted strengthens us. You strengthen us. I've voted only once for Maisie, proof is in the voting thread, you can look for it. Also we refuse to recognize somone dragged in here overnight. We refused margaret, now we refuse that other whore too.

Shoo, shoo!

Attached: Im gonna kill you first.jpg (319x247, 21.46K)


So swift-fans are filthy jewish whores? That explains how come she never gets posted here, but on the day someone starts a thread about her, a poll surfaces, which features her name, despite she never gets posted here, and she wins. Just like with the margaret situation.


That's the place where you can't deny the facts?

You still feel in charge. Kek.

Attached: 8EAA1E2C-024D-4140-B39E-3F9D01495539.jpeg (710x473, 357.6K)

The world doesn't work like this. I've been through this on another board, where we let refugees dictate the rules, and it went into the dumpster. At least I, personally will fight you and your ilk back.

Attached: I challange you 2017.png (400x400 85.65 KB, 337.23K)

And Maisie and Emma got quads while Tay Tays thread got anchored.

Fake news.

She has gotten shit way before Zach for no reason at all

really makes you think

Attached: hair up bliss.jpg (600x400, 68.64K)

Sensing a pattern?

Attached: 690W.jpg (480x360, 40.08K)

Every waifufag on this board should be put to death.


You’re much too retarded to fight me let alone any other user here, example: including someone who triggers you ON YOUR OWN FUCKING POLL. Seriously who does that? Then you try to fix the election, fail at that too, then get surprised when the most popular girl on the most popular board here winds up winning? THEN you express BUTTHURT about it WITH your avatar? And call others new?
Wew lad. Just….wew.

Attached: 93B49315-48D0-4F95-9A01-5250CFFB4D83.jpeg (1035x772, 105.87K)

t. jennyfag

Anyone who waifus a 3DPD is not only guaranteed to be cucking themselves, but they also deserve either an ovening or a one-way trip to a gas chamber.

You should be put to death

this tbh

Attached: champ vs champ.jpg (1738x975, 321.42K)

How does it feel when you think about how the girl you obsess over fucks other guys on the regular?

You don't feel like a stranger, user.

Attached: Gal Gohan.png (787x884, 623.67K)

How does it feel watching cartoons

Gee, it's almost like being spammed with pictures of someone might sour you on them instead of making you like them.

Feels good. It's a lot closer to the platonic ideal world than this realm of fat and flesh.

nu-Who as well.

I sense a pattern, because the other bord went to the dumpster AFTER I'VE LEFT IT. That means if I give up, this board will be utterly unbearable.
Also nice trips.

It was not my poll. It was a fake poll, because
Why would any Blissfag want a new poll? But the OP contains her pic. False flag.
What for? She got discussed heavily in the last 2 weeks tough. Suspicious.
That's another false flag.
If this doesn't scream rigged voting, then nothing will.
That's the point. You guys did it, not us. Obviously the people and bots voting for the false queen where from another place.
Holla Forums is the most popular board.

Clichés, clichés everywhere.

Double wristwatch action!


Attached: doubt.png (200x303, 133.99K)

fuck off Zach


Attached: BB1869E4-4D3E-4FE1-A7EE-D6363D6EB7E3.jpeg (600x676, 134.04K)


Well, you have to be something
Did I miss anything?

Attached: hurrrrr17.jpg (359x233, 13.81K)

To be fair, Zach is all of those except for dyke and mod

t. Robertsdyke

Cuck and fag, retard.


It's a sin to tell lies user.

Attached: 1423021720273.png (876x1496, 507.08K)

Who's this ugly hag next to tay?

Attached: taylor-swift-920x584.png (920x584, 632.53K)

Attached: but why.gif (581x327, 3.72M)

To see if anyone would vote for her [spoiler] Apparently not :'^) */spoiler]

what an ugly looking shallow whore

Nobody even cares about Swift, Bliss or Maisie irl

I stand with swift

Attached: mpv-shot0040.jpg (1920x1080 186.07 KB, 224.78K)

Maisie got a train run done on her by those guys didn't she? There are way too many black dudes in what looks like a hotel room for this to be much of anything else.

Attached: 706283eb9710d9d43818cba5ae73647b31b786dac9b95c9e570114331e491b28.png (635x457, 185.3K)

looks more like a house party tbh



Attached: Thanks-guys.webm (202x360, 1.93M)


reported for terrorism. also cringe


Whats a mestizo doing here?

Kino. Even better if screencap related was you.
You need to do a Heath Ledger Joker impression, this video fully convinced me

Attached: 9918d3fa-4d03-4004-8810-d1f37ae9ba31.png (632x74, 7.14K)

100% soy

Off by one?

I never really cared about Heath Ledger, but you resemble him too much to not do it.
Jack Nicholson is best Joker tho.

hi zach

Attached: 1401427476107.jpg (400x396 427.77 KB, 217.75K)

The "I'm coming for you Zach" part reminds me of some movie but I can't tell which one it is.
Both the intonation and the face GaHoole2 makes seem familiar to me.

Well said user!

Attached: Here!.gif (512x288, 3.69M)

I hate his rat face and his dead eyes

Looks like a real life version of Bean Bunny.

Attached: Bean Bunny.png (768x807, 944.08K)

BO ?

Attached: CIA.jpg (716x768, 78.82K)

Not of this board though


Attached: 771FD6AC-5F9C-460D-B719-FC592C9D3333.jpeg (266x189, 20.36K)

Attached: 083.jpg (377x351, 18.45K)


Attached: ClipboardImage.png (958x1974, 989.46K)


You faggots failed at calling our awesome Queen a Jew so now you are forcing the huh?

Fuck off

Fag is so obvious, that's why I've missed it

That's one of the points:


I do care about Maisie in real life.

So far the evidence points towards the fact that she only likes white cock and a bit of white pussy. But her friends could be coalburners.

Maisie supports sticking with the pointy end

Attached: check em2.jpg (133x190, 9.32K)

I think it's inspirational that she's managed to go from barely alive skeleton to the perfect goddess that she is today

Attached: delhi bliss.jpeg (1241x1216, 150.85K)

It's not about living a perfect life, it's how you deal with an imperfect one

Wonderfully put.

Attached: look where your pirating of Game of Thrones led me.jpg (290x244, 13.66K)

Don't pirate maiseis

Attached: mpv-shot0069.jpg (1920x1080 208.24 KB, 319.81K)

Can I pirate Pirate Maisies?

Attached: pirate Maisie.png (379x495, 239.24K)

is that Maisie cosplaying as Chloe from Life Is Strange?

Attached: Chloe_Max_Photo1[1].jpg (885x675, 54.43K)

Nothing is true and everything is permitted

Attached: mpv-shot0043.jpg (1920x1080 168.97 KB, 183.81K)

Did she respect indian culture by shitting in the streets?

I don't know. It was like 3 years ago by an old friend of mine.

Maisie is real in my head

Attached: that Maisie right there.jpg (594x395, 38.85K)

I sure hope not

Attached: bliss sees a beta approaching her.jpg (1743x978, 292.08K)

Attached: mpv-shot0075.jpg (1920x1080 236.66 KB, 122.94K)

Attached: 2dd.jpg (300x300, 14.66K)


Still waiting on this to be added Zero.

Attached: 1439335484505.gif (300x100 1.81 MB, 21.49K)

This isn't Holla Forums



here's a better one tbh

Attached: bliss banner.png (300x100, 46.91K)

You are on Holla Forumschan you fucking JIDF shill.

Reminder this poll is still illegitimate.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1080x1081, 126.62K)

Reminder that you're permabanned

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (531x447, 43.06K)

I would scrub her stomatic hose in return for sex.

Attached: woman margaret don't forget.jpg (480x480, 28.5K)

I believe that's what's known as a "Lop."

Attached: bunnysmiles.gif (250x163, 688.03K)

No it's not. It's absolutely disgusting and it shows how much of an acquiescent catamite you are for spamming and shilling the same inbred cunt.

Attached: 306cca0a8f95c564faa9224900a6c72be88655edf5ad9e5bf5833334dfc290c6.jpg (400x460, 23.61K)

I've never been permabanned, dumbass.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (2048x2048, 966.05K)

Attached: american-psycho-e1452022413913.jpg (620x411, 40.36K)



Maisie a cute.

Attached: 705.png (630x345, 172.93K)

kek saved

But of course Maisiecuck is a BLACKEDposter…