Stormy Daniels

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Who is he? And why would you fuck him?

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its /ourguy/ anthony rosano

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I guess not burning coal is the trick to staying young.

Nice try… no ome here believes your bullshit.

god gave us paper bags for a reason

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I think you mean Andy Samberg

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a face only a an oven can love

is that Tom Hardy

wtf I hate Trump now

Is this woman actually part potato? Like, did one of her grandparents fuck a literal root vegetable potato?


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didnt she refuse to fuck niggers and then some jew went after her trying to shame her into getting blacked?


american pornstars are so ugly wtf.

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Whoah where did you get that rare Alexis????


Every chick that does interracial is prettier than her.

That's a pig-faced goblin that you just posted.

she's a 10/10.

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