Why do movies from the 1950s suck so badly?

Why do movies from the 1950s suck so badly?

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you have to understand that they did not have old tv series and movies to adapt, reboot and readapt and rereboot. also they hadn't discovered yet that goldmine that is capeshit, which was still confined in paper.
but i'd say that the biggest flaw is the lack of diversity and the almost total absence of not-so-veiled messages for tolerance and inclusion.



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i'm a white ethnonationalist Trump voter and even the thought of a 1950s movie makes me either want to sleep or violently throw things at my tv

why do people have to make it about diversity? i hate diversity and jew bullshit. But that doesn't change the fact htat movies from the 50s (really the 40s to the early 60s) are almost universally fucking garbage

that's because you have adhd from consuming too much kike media, you're not redpilled in the slightest, just another larper.


Because you're picking the meme ones to watch. Stop being a soyboy and watch some westerns starring Clint Eastwood
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That depends, what movies do you consider good?

American cinema is a few westerns and detectives until the 70s, when jews injected a huge sum of money in New Hollywood and attracted foreign directors.
Up until then, you were literally considered retarded if you watched american movies over European cinema.

that's not a movie, goal shifting kike

What? They had some decent musicals and several great directors/actors( D.W. Griffith and Clarke Gable). If you want a country with no cinema look at Canada.


not based

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yes. From the very popular to the typical, it's all trash. It's not even 'charmingly bad', it's just boring and plum bad.

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The budgets were lower and cinematography was still a young art.
To someone who grew up watching more modern fiim/tv, the older stuff looks very "basic".

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Watch some good kino instead


The only worthwhile english speaking directors were brits, like Hitchcock. Hollywood wouldn't do art cinema, because movies were intended to be either 1. theatrical plays on tape, or 2. food for drive-ins.

people actually did things like going outside in the 50s

D.W. Griffith one of the most important directors of all time and he was born in Kentucky.

Clint Eastwood wasn't a star of Westerns until the Dollars trilogy in the 60s.

There's also John Ford who was a huge influence on everyone from Renoir to Kurosawa. Even Bergman called him the greatest director who ever lived before Bergman discovered Tarkovsky.

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name 3 john ford flicks worth watching

also as OP I implicitly mean American movies from the 50s. and i'm a white trump voter so i have no issue with the social arrangements and demographics of the era (quite the contrary), it's only the movies i can't stomach. european and otherwise non-american movies are frequently brilliant and interesting.

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The Searchers, The Quiet Man, and Rio Grande.