Channel Zero Thread

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I havent watched SyFY since they changed their name to a venereal disease. Sorry no.

It's very well made, especially in the effects and costume departments, but the writing is often terrible and a chore to sit though. Much more watchable than most of what's on, but still a long way from being great.
The characters in s2 were especially terrible. John Carroll Lynch was the only ray of light. I also laughed pretty hard when they decided to make toxic masculinity the "real villain" in the season finale

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Agreed. The part where the Skin-taker lights it's hat on fire and the first few rooms in the No-End house were some of my favourite visuals.

No-End House dragged like a bitch, yeah. The one interesting dynamic was between the girl and her dad and they just rode it out for five episodes without really expounding on it.

I too had a chuckle. I was thinking for the whole series - why have this generic boring blank slate character that's just there to be the handsome boyfriend? Then the revelation - He was the memory Chad, eats your pussy then your mind

meant for

I want to hate Max Landis so bad, but he keeps making shit I like.

In this case, he's just the producer I think, so limited influence.

I liked season 1, thought it was quite original, strong atmosphere. Didn't watch season 2 past episode 3, couldn't care about any of the characters and the "lore" of the copypasta was trash anyway. So far season 3 is better, not as good as 1 but rutger hauer definitely helps.
Overall I'm as surprised as you are that there is quality to be found, I expected nothing but cheesy shlock going in.

I can't help but think if they handed this production team a good movie script they could actually pull off syfy kino.

Well it was more than generic edgy loner guy being bad the main girl's "father" literally has to commit suicide so she can "move on with her life"

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this honestly made me stop watching it because it seems so poorly created, does it get better in season 2 cause? I stopped watching after like a specific episode

Each season has a few cool moments but mostly sucks. It isn't too different from AHS. Season 1 was the best, but it was so boring, and seemed too inspired by True Detective.

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I don't get these American """horror""" shows at all tbh. What are you supposed to get out of it? There's pretty much no plot or drama, not even the characters are spooked… This and AHS is just a mystery to me. Maybe it's just a culture clash or something but I really don't understand what they are going for. What's up with the tone and content of these shows?

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Channel Zero has nothing to do with AHS, I don't know where you connected the dots there beyond them both being horror anthologies. And that can be said for the bulk of horror, it's not all piss your pants tier. This is just a decent mystery show with some gross-out and fucked up moments. You obviously can't string out pure horror for six hours, so it's mystery punctuated by some horror scenes.

Spics love that shit.

Stylistically and writing wise they're very similair. They also use the same format. Usually spooky stories, films and so on follow the same core formula.
The older horror anthology shows followed this format but their episodes were standalone. AHS and CZ from what I've seen is
There not grounded at all and the tone are like those in parody films of horror like the Scary Movie flicks except I think they're supposed to be serious. I just can't wrap my head around it.

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I don't know if you've ever seen Channel Zero but you seem to be describing AHS and conflating the two. CZ follows the former set-up except it jumps from normalcy to spooky shit real fucking fast and maintains it for the whole series, then the reveal at the end. For what it's worth i've seen Masters of Horror and Fear Itself and CZ is on par with some of the better episodes of those series. And there's no identity politics shit like I have heard AHS has.

Literally nothing you said applies to channel zero, are you retarded? Then again you don't know the difference between their and there so you probably actually are

I've just seen the second season of CZ. Now I admit I am generalising a bit but I think it applies to CZ even if not as much as AHS.

Why is SyFy so perfect bros?

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Are you butthurt over the minor villain? Anons are reading too much political shit into it, he's just a scumbag who's found a way to live in the house at the expense of others. He couldn't do it with men since he had to convince them to stay with him and let him feed. Hence initiating relationships with them.

I didn't even know about those other two, I don't touch SyFy generally as it has put out a lot of low-tier knockoff stuff in the past. I am assuming the SyFy Dune bit is bait but i'm still willing to give it a go after being wowed by Channel Zero.

Classic landis.

there is nothing to ruin