Tfw you actually bought an infowars water filter and the water is still dirty

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At least frogs in your area will be heterosexual fam

If you scrape out whatever's in the filter, that;'s what the patented Alex Jones Erection Pills are made of.


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What do you mean dirty?

dude just move lmao

if you want to stay in a shitty town where the water is poisonous, that's your choice. just don't act like it's the rest of the country's responsibility to bankroll your stupidity.

dude just let your government fuck you in the ass and go somewhere else if you don't like it lmao

The weak should fear the strong, dude. You are thinking like a dumb indian.

The government actually fixed all of the public water pipes that were contaminated in 2016. The issue now is that people aren't replacing/can't replace the old plumbing in their house.

no, I'm saying DON'T let the government fuck you in the ass by staying in a place where the government is retarded enough to have poisoned the water supply

>The (((government))) actually fixed all of the public water pipes that were contaminated in 2016
Enjoy your fluoride.

dude just leave instead of standing up for your home and state lmao

What don't you people understand? THE GOVERNMENT ALREADY FIXED THE ISSUES ON THEIR SIDE. Any issues people in Flint have with water is because of their pipes in the houses they rent or own.

you can make some other place your new home. you know, some place that isn't awful.

dude just give up lmao

So real talk, what's a filter that works? What business sells filters that keep the garbage out?


fuckin normans make me sick

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Reverse Osmosis is the king of water filtration. It is the only thing that can remove Flouride. Accept no substitutes.

Saltwater aquarium keeping is what redpilled me on my water supply.

Peons have no idea that no one in the west drinks tap water unless it comes straight out of mineral water digs. What you're drinking is something reserved for cleaning and agriculture, not human consumption for long periods.