*Asks for a quick rundown on jews*

*Asks for a quick rundown on jews*
what do?

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I can’t do it.


It would be too long

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Danke, Herr Hund.

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That's pretty much jews summed up in a nutshell.
The reason they are so successful is because it works and they are free to practice entryism and subversive agendafagging.

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Holla Forums, quick. Your best friend just asked you to redpill him on Jews in 2 sentences.
What do you say?

Since when are you interested in politics? Why am I speaking English to you?

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Hebrews are a noble race whose many accomplishments have brought them to prominence in all countries they settled in.

Jews love to go on about how frequently they've been persecuted in countries all over the world. If all these different nations have expressed contempt towards this specific group of people, there has to be a reason, right?

back to Mexico, beanboy

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I'm not Mexican, boss.You know, there are lots of countries beside the USA in the world

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The Jew screams out in pain as he strikes you

On one side they are tribe oriented (nothing wrong with that) but they preach other to be open.
Also circumcision and sucking baby dicks

Just give these simple reasons for a start.

The jews were smarter than us goyim but also jealous of the nords (goyim). so they corrupted us by manipulating our democracy and importing immigrants/slaves from the east since the beginning of Americas creation.

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I don't understand these maps. I don't see the New European Caliphate anywhere.

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I swear about 90% of these posts are made by Americans larping as Germans.

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Kill yourself (((german))).

It's not like the Slavs know what to do with it.

I think you mean Italian Dalmaty

Those dubs, give them to me.

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Trips, not dubs. Jesus Christ are this year's newfags so ignorant of our culture and history that they don't even know the proper terms for gets?

Kikes are literally just krauts but with more inbreeding.

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You were just pretending to be retarded? What does this have to do with the eternal germ man?

Always wanted a GF and make her wear my underwear instead.

Sry famalam, i though i saw hitler digits. Am a bit tired.

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Yes: envy.

Yes, jews are envious of people and their beauty.

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