Daily Reminder

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Daily reminder that Zach did nothing wrong.

Oh look another cuckchan meme. How novel.

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do you honestly want to turn the last board into Holla Forums pol/ 2.0?

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At least their board logs are open, we don’t even have cancer transparency.

Zach, you're a parasitic blight 'pon your mother. Get your shit together, man.

Feels bad man

thats not saying much, they delete and ban everything they dont like

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Where was this posted?
So blissfag is a hotpocket confirmed?

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He’s the /wooo/ BO, zero’s IRC chum too.

Dubs confirm

Who is Zach? Not up to date on latest IRC goonery.

daily reminder la creatura anti-wafiufag is a jennyfag

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Are you the sudocuck? Please stay there

daily reminder I did that on purpose just to trigger you margcuck and it worked :'^)
t. gahoole2

Not user you’re replying to but that’s easily debunked bullshit. You were tweeting to jenny weeks before the election thread, can post proof if you want but funny feeling thread will magically disappear if I do.

no I am not. I found those post here and few are mine. You however feel free to fuck off to your jewish echo chamber, faggot

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Really pathetic attempt at damage control. Capped for future reference.

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Are you and imkikefy related? Serious question.