Meet the man who just trademarked liberalistism and owns the movement

Meet the man who just trademarked liberalistism and owns the movement.

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Warski sounds like Jesse Pinkman.

lol I love how much Bloodsports threads we've been getting lately. Glad to see many Holla Forums anons share my favorite internet pastime.

Andy “six million moreski” warski

i kind of like it, but it’s just too drawn out to keep up with. they need to structure their ‘debates’ better, they always turn into circlejerks after a few easy questions stray afar from the original topic.

How do you even keep up with this stuff? Like I see Krons clips but it always feels like i'm a week behind the action. I don't use twitter so i have no idea, and these streamers don't have the names of the people in the video titles.

nigger they're not debates, we're not doing that autistic fart huffing shit anymore, that's the whole point of bloodsports

Yeah, i've been keeping up until january by following the threads on /cow/, but then i've stopped looking for a week and now i constantly feel out of the loop
For example, i heard there were recent new leaks on the Kraut situation, does anybody know about those?

Yes they are. Andy himself calls them debates.
All debate means is to argue about a subject. They can be formal or informal. Andy hosts informal debates.

I fucking knew you niggers were bloodsports fags. It fits with all the other autistic shit ruining this board.

Why the fuck do you need a friendship simulator when you have films anyway?

go back to cuckchan, kraut

I don't view bloodsports as a friend simulator because i hate almost everybody involved.

Except JF, Jim and maybe Andy, right? You're a typical 4/pol/ autist. You're no different. You're a thousand times worse than RLMfags, at least their friendship simulator is film related.

Shut the fuck up retard.

You don't even deny it because you know I'm right. You feel like JF, Andy and Jim are your friends. You're so fucking pathetic user it's depressing.

Shut the fuck up retard.

Take your armchair psychology back to cuckchan

No Andy is a moron and JF is just smug and kind of annoying. Jim is alright when he's there to bully people. I like Tonka because he's like the older brother of the group who doesn't really know what's going on is and entertaining in that he's sort of a fish out of water. Enoch is probably the most entertaining though he comes off as a douche in this format.

Halsey is /ourguy/

Isn't that the guy who was on stream with a hat and sunglasses trying to be a badass while talking about being a jew? worse than sargon

hes a BASED magapede who defends israel all the time

he comes off like the boomer version of TJ Kirk

It's not psychology user, it's knowing for a fact this guy is a loner and feels like he's part of a group of friends by following people on the internet.

Dude, people are lonely and use media to cope with it. There’s nothing new or deep about your realization, it’s just unpleasant and edgy to shame people for their weaknesses.
Do you think as many people would watch sitcoms or read fiction if they weren’t lonely sometimes? As tough as you might think you, maybe you’ll end up drinking your sadness away alone at every night in a decade or two, or at least when you’re a senior and your family leaves to rot away in some institution.
Have more empathy.

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don't care, take it back to cuckchan

What part of shut the fuck up retard do you not understand, retard?

wait did he really?

yes he actually did

why are you all such heavy virtue signaling fags?

because we’re not retarded teenagers who think they’re the second coming

He's right Holla Forums and youtube tier shit is all mental retards loving trash

Shut the fuck up retard.

Seriously, you have destroyed imageboards with your Holla Forums and youtube tier shit.

Shut the fuck up retard.

Underrated post.

why do you just regurgitate words you've heard and post nonsensical emotional tirades on my imageboard?


I'm not judging you for being lonely, friendless, a virgin or a NEET, I'm judging you for using this as your replacement for social interaction. You're not going to read a book, you're not going to head out to the cinema, you'll sit here and talk about the e-celebs you follow as if you're their friend. It's fucking pathetic and you're sitting here withering away in a fantasy world filled with real people who, if they knew you in real life, would desperately want to dissociate with you.


By that logic, couldn't you say the same about people who watch movies or tv series? hell, isn't this place also a substitute for friends? should we then abandon all activities except hanging out with irl friends?
But most importantly, why haven't you fucked off back to cuckchan/reddit where you belong already?

you could literally use this for any media interest you absolute sperg


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Most tv series is equally as bad. But even then I only sometimes hear people talking about characters like they're their friends. And it's even more pathetic when a NEET type does it, just by nature of who they are.
You're right, and with the state the board is in it's arguably the most pathetic friend simulator. I wish this place was less embarrassing than it is. I assume everyone here is pathetic enough to be a regular so there's just no point telling you to stop doing that, but I can tell you to stop following these ecelebs.
Not all media are equally bad. I'd argue going from binge-watching tv or using social media sites all day just to watching films would have a big impact on your mental health. Watching youtube and posting on 4chan/Holla Forums all day is fucking with your brain, I doubt you even have the capability of reading a book anymore from a fucked attention span.

then why don't you fuck off back to r/movies you waste of oxygen

Okay, i'll explain this too you because obviously you're too much of a sperg to understand. Most people who aren't insane retards like you have done streams and like listening to other people do streams. There's nothing special these people are doing. We talk about them as if they're peers because they are. Half the people who end up on these bigger streams are just random people who happen to know sragon or whomever. I was on a steam yesterday with a bunch of leftypol faggots. This is just what everyone is doing right now. You jump on Skype, or jewgle hangouts, or even discord VC. You're obviously the shut-in loser here and are doing nothing but projecting. I mean you're awkward to even know that this is what people are doing right now. Kill yourself

JF is a legitimately autistic fedora tipper, but at least he has a little more integrity than most.

He is what all fedora tippers aspire to be because he's actually intelligent and has a real accent.

Kek you act like being in a skype call is some achievement.
Yeah because this is what all the kids are doing these days, going on youtube livestreams. You have a bizarre way of talking or the logic center of your brain is abnormal because this is just a weird claim to make, even if you meant "most people on Holla Forums" and maybe even more so.
There are many NEETs here who are open about it, this describes the majority of people you talk to on Holla Forums. I happen to not be one of them but a denial of the obvious nature of this board is so ridiculous, especially when most of the people who might read your post here know for a fact you're wrong, and that normal people with jobs and a social life are in the tiny minority, because they themselves are fucked in some way.

That's if you're not an autist/NEET yourself. And God knows there's a lot of hyper-autistic people on discord who think that somehow makes them normal. My guess is you have no friends irl and are really proud of having a "social life" with people you met on 4chan.

But to address your main point, no, Jim, JF and Andy would want nothing to do with the aspergers people who make up their core audience.

literally the opposite of what i said you absolute sperg

Why are you telling that retard anything other than shut the fuck up?
Why are you fucking morons so easily baited?

Except it's not. Your whole argument was repeatdly saying "yeah, but I can voice chat people so I'm just like Jim". You think an autistic person can't go on skype. A literal retard could go on skype, it doesn't make him sociable.

you must be retarded son
then again, you're probably from reddit

Oh please, please post vocaroo I'm just desperate to hear some of that epic banter

Friendly reminder that the Nazbol gang is a bunch of faggots.
Long live the Horzbol Gang.

Hey. If ppl want to talk about Warski streams then you should let them instead of derailing the thread you know.

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You are pretty cool too, user.

Wasn't Warski shut down from streaming by YouTube for the next 3 months?

shut the fuck up faggot

dont tell me what to do

People like you pretending that e-celebs are something special is exactly why they try and act like they are something special. There's literally no barrier from being me and being Jim or Sargon or any of these idiots. It's so easy to create YT videos and do streams and be on twitter. There's nothing special about it, especially bloodsports. Tonka had like 200 subs before this shit.

i'll stream with you right now, name a time and a place and i'll do it

You faggots are sickening, but that's a great idea.

Is the steam anonymous?



No, make it public, I want to watch

Of course.

that's up to you, but anything besides jewgle hangouts, i'm not doing that shit again what an awful service

of course

here i just made a discord with my burner account, anyone who wants to come on come on

oh yeah user!
i bet while you're watching them two stream you'rr going to think they're your friend aren't you!
y-y-__you're going to imagine skipping rope with them! playing hopscotch, running through a field of dandelions while playing frisbee golf…..

-i-its n-not just right rright gguys? :^)

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if you have a better thing set it up nigger

You aren't invading this board with literal stream faggotry on my watch. If you want to chat do that cytube shit and put some kino on a playlist.

okay now how do you chat with this?


you're going to habe to choose a different name if you expect me to chat with you, faggot. :^)

name for what?

tv fagots isnt a good name!

it accurately describes whos going to be using it

Based Racewarski




Sargoy on suicide watch