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Okay, I'll start us off since you keep putting up garbage.

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sage negated, reddit

Reported for offending my sensibilities you disgusting piece of SHIT.

Umm no sweetie, when you're rude to people you get told off.

I'll keep that in mind for when something on the level of man steps into the thread with me.

It's kino not garbage!

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the costume choice in JAVs is often top-tier.
Also sauce?

Holla Forums is dead

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Is he punishing her for hairy pits? Because that's a pretty good reason.

Three nights later, it happened again.

He's actually punishing her for being a roastie whore, no joke, the movie's weird as heck. Brendan even jerks off to her in a (cuck)shed when she's fucking another man. Movie is called 'The Passion of Darkly Noon'. It was fun to watch it with other anons on that /just/ stream 2 years ago.

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