Netflix to Launch 300 LGBT TV Shows and Films in 2019 and 2020

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theres no way this cannot backfire

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clever girl

I sometimes wonder what life would be like if my Demiurgic lifestyle was propagated, glorified and subsidized by the entire media. It must be pretty sweet.


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Why can't we have shows that don't go into politics too much jfc.

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No clue. The mystery of our time for sure.

What a brave and progressive thing to do. Teaching kids that sodomy is healthy and normal and that chopping off your dick is just a lifestyle choice because you've been "born in the wrong body".

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Who's going to watch all those shows? What the fuck are they thinking

Shalom, fellow gentile.

literally millions of normalfags who can't wait to get another dose of progressiveness

you need to leave Holla Forums immediately if this applies to you

Where's the link?

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I think their plan is to just spam Netflix with content, aren't they making like a gazillion western anime as well?

Feels good.

you don't want to give jews money?

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So between this and them taking over anime does this mean a coming yuri wave?

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Can't be fixed, sorry

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or even better a gachiwave

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Didn't you hear one quarter of all people are gay, it's a fact you know. Just one more fact ok the fact tree outside, don't you have one in your backyard?

But where is the argument?

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Profitability is merely a means to an end and now that gunpowder is in place they've gone full accelerationist.

50% people have foot fetishes. Where are my foot fag tv dramas??

There's no argument for pornography, you should kill yourself

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Name the pillars, user.

All depiction of relationship is pornography.

in which dimension?

it's from a new study

Source? 1/4th seems edited.

made by a gender studies major I assume

ACDC, Wham and Cars.

it's because the number of transgender and "questioning" people has grown by 200 percent over a 5 year period


Baka anons.

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just look at how many people became trans on Tumblr

so how long until 100 percent of Netflix's content is LGBT?

I thought Netflix only had a couple dozen shows at most. How the are the supposed to launch 700??? This doesn't make sense. Does everyone get a t.v show now? What are people just going to be like. Yeah, Im a big time tv star. I got my own show on Netflix. I make Eighty Grand a year plus dental and eye coverage now! That community acting hobby on the side while teaching social studies really paid off when I got picked up by that netflix talent agent! Look at me now children of Westbrook Heights!

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Pure coincidence.


they're invest billions in new content because the other studios are pulling their licenses, they have no other choice

awesome news guys

what a crazy world we live in


I'm going to watch all 300 of these.

Netflix is pretty much with a bigger budget now. Just a waterfall of sewage.

try 0.2%

try 25%

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The 2-5% statistic was proported to help establish them as a minority that needs to be protected. The reality is 10-15% if you focus on hardline lesbians and gays and trans, but if you count casual/hidden faggotry (i.e. bisexuals and those who are primariy heterosexual but fetishize the same sex, etc), that's at least 30% of the US.

so the Netflix CEO is low-balling it? how un-progressive

proof only fags and sluts still use netflix

Never. You fucking moron.

apex kek

The fact that it's grown to 25 percent after a few years shows it should reach 50 percent by 2028.

these posts look trippy if you look at them side ways

That's impossible. Nature would've fixed it long before the defect got that far. Maybe 30% of young people are acting like faggots due to propaganda, but natural levels are much lower.

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it comes from something called the Kinsey Report

Homosexual orientation, being born a fag, is at most 2% of the population, this is a consistent worldwide statistic. Homosexual behavior, learning to be a fag, which includes bi-curious and other "straight" degenerates, can push this up to number up to 5% at most. However, some (((researchers))) will broaden the definition of "homosexual behavior" to include things like weird thoughts about friends or seeing a unspoilered trap pic to inflate their numbers to 20 or 30 or 90%. See goy, everyone is gay.

its because closet fags have children, and gays make gay kids.

It's been said many times, but it bears repeating: Homosexuals do not reproduce biologically, they reproduce culturally. They're not having children, they're having their way with children and their abuse creates a new generation of degenerates who repeat the cycle. It's a culture war and the sodomites fight on the side of the lord of the flies.

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True. Pic related. However, I also think that homosexuality is a hormone disorder, probably due to errors that occur during prenatal development. It possible that both are true too, and there may be more than one way to make a gay. It's also possible that these are not mutually exclusive either. For example, when a young child is molested the trauma could change their brain chemistry to the point where they no longer go through normal pubertal development.

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Nice tinfoil that has no basis is science.

not always the case but bears some truth.

could be. my uncle was feminine but his daughter was a bigger butch then most men. they're both queers btw.

*bares* some truth

First, it was just speculation. Second it does have a basis in science. Severe childhood trauma and PTSD can cause a host of neurological and psychiatric disorders later in life.

PTSD is not directly related to sexual activity. Kids end up doing sexual stuff on their own, even masturbation. You don't have a direct correlation.

Yeah, no.



Gee, you see Netflix claiming they're coming out with over 1200 shows in the next two years alone and it seems like they're offering quantity over quality. It's gonna be like Steam nowadays where you can't find a decent game worthwhile because it's drowned in literal garbage. Though I can't wait for Greeny Phatom to get a new season for Netflix, because this is what humanity has come to in 2018.

So glad I cancelled goyflix.


they should make a show about the everyday lives of Dalton Castle and his Boys

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It's not a defect, the Swedes were right, it isn't genetic.
It's socially impressed, hence the ultra prog swedes nongendering and feminizing everything so everyone "has an equal chance to turn varying shades of queer".
It's working, and we should treat it like it is, a social virus.

really gets those synapses snappin

There is not a single scientific study that has found any sample where over 5% of participants were not heterosexual. And most scientific studies sample from cities where major universities are, which are hotbeds of homosexuality. To say even 3% of the population is non-hetero is extremely generous.

Too triggering for me.

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I guess the statistics are just a coincidence and this is completely normal, and you're totally not a dick sucking faggot who will be cast into the fiery lakes of hell forever and ever amen.

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The explanation I've seen used before is that in the olden days the fags would need to stay in the closet, and still marry and produce a kid or two due to family pressure, and so the genes kept getting passed on.


There is literally NO source, you niggas dumb.


I forgot about that site.


Most gay people probably won't even watch it. Netflix cares about its profits, and nothing else. There is a good chance lots of liberals will gladly watch it, otherwise they wouldn't do it. It's just another step to commodify the LGBT movement, same with Coca-Cola sponsoring gay parades, etc.